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Process To Enhance Healthy Emotions #1

Process to Enhance Healthy Emotions

Inna Segal throughout her book, The Secret Language of Your Body, uses the words ”Divine Healing Intelligence”.  She teaches that we are all spiritual beings with a higher intelligence.   This intelligence can work through our subconscious mind as well as our conscious mind.  When using her healing processes, we are asked to always follow with the word ”CLEAR”, as a reminder to clear all density, pain, stress, and limitation out of our mind, body, emotions, and vibration.  When you repeat the word “CLEAR”, imagine a broom or a vacuum cleaner freeing a pathway for you to experience wonderful things in your life.

The following exercises are found in the author’s book (pages 197-207).  Focus on these positive emotions and make a conscious decision to replace any dense feelings that you may be holding.  Find a quiet comfortable location and body position.  Before starting, take the time to breathe deeply for several moments.  Keep a notepad and pen nearby to write down insights that may come to you in the process.

Process to Enhance Healthy EmotionsHere is Series #1 of the author’s exercises to enhance healthy emotions from the list shown above.

Process to Enhance Healthy Emotions

1.  Say:  “Divine Healing Intelligence, infuse me with your radiant beam of clarity.  Uncover any gray areas of confusion, conflict or worry I may be feeling and dissolve these by shining your light upon them.  Help me become focused  and clear on my life’s direction, the decisions I make, and the opportunities I need to embrace.  Illuminate my path with your brilliant wisdom so that I feel confident to ask questions and am open to receive the most empowering answers.  Help me to live each day purposefully, confidently, and joyfully.  Thank you.”

2.  Repeat the word “CLEAR” several times until you feel lighter.

3.  Clarity is a state where your mind is free from worry and uncertainty.  It requires a level of knowing yourself.  When you need clarity, focus on asking yourself empowering questions, such as: If I were making this decision from my heart and soul, for the greatest good of all, what choice would I make?


1.  Say:  “Divine Healing Intelligence, please pour your pink light of compassion into every cell of my body that carries the burdens of hatred, resentment, and fear.  Wash away all density from my mind, body, and affairs.  Help find freedom from hatred, hurt, fear, resentment, and transform these into compassion, kindness, affection, and connection.  Thank you.”

2.  Repeat the word “CLEAR” several times until you feel lighter.

3.  In order to find authentic Compassion, imagine walking in other people’s shoes.  What pain must they be experiencing to be hurtful or cruel to others?  Rather than react negatively toward them, which will only perpetuate the situation, find ways to heal your own hatred and fear, and transform it into compassion. Your compassion allows others to free themselves, and change how they see themselves and the situations they have created.

Process to Enhance Healthy Emotions

1.  Say:  “Divine Healing Intelligence, I call on the gold ray of wisdom to awaken my inner strength, confidence and self-worth.  Help me open my heart to love, joy, and enthusiasm for life.  Fill me with your light, wisdom, and faith.  Strengthen my belief in myself, and support me in making my dreams a reality.  Thank you.”

2.  Repeat the word “CLEAR” several times until you feel lighter.

3.  Focus on your strengths.  What are you good at?  What do you enjoy?  What makes your heart sing?  Write those things down, and begin following your dreams.  Every time you have a success, celebrate your Confidence.

Peocess to Enhance Healthy Emotions