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Foods for Color Energy Healing

Foods For Color Energy Healing

We all know a little about the color of food we eat is important.  Here is more information found in The Complete Book of Color Healing by Lilian Verner-Bonds.  Different-colored foods taken into the body can be used to heal, lift the mood, and stimulate our health.   There is an essential connection which exists between the vibration rate that a certain color has and the pattern of nutrients a particular food provides.  It is an important fact to know that the color energy of microwaved, processed, and junk food has been removed.

Following is the Author’s Beneficial Food Colors List:

Foods for Color Energy Healing

Red foods lift energy and dissipate lethargy and tiredness.  They also are known to quicken the blood flow and expand the arteries.

Foods for Color Energy Healing

Optimism and change are characteristic benefits of orange foods, which also help lift grief and disappointment.  Orange foods eliminate stagnant food from the gut and strengthen the immune system.

Foods for Color Energy Healing

Yellow encourages laughter, joy and fun, while depression is lifted.  The natural laxative-yellow foods eliminate all unwanted toxins and feed the central nervous system.

Foods for Color Energy Healing

Green chlorophyll foods improve physical stamina and alleviate apprehension, panic, fear, and nausea.  Herbs are a tonic for the entire system.

Foods for Color Energy Healing

Blue foods help concentration and heal anxiety.  Peace and relaxation are the gifts of blue foods.  They also strengthen capillaries and help lower blood pressure.

Foods for Color Energy Healing

Indigo foods of this color bring relief from insecurity.  They help to put structure back into one’s life.  They promote growth of new tissue and alleviate eczema and bruising.

Foods for Color Energy Healing

Purple foods promote leadership, and calm the emotionally erratic.  They are beneficial for mental disorders, the eyes, and the activation of spiritual awareness.

If we eat a Rainbow Diet, we will get our nutrients and the healing power of color.

Foods for Color Energy Healing(Post First Published July 4, 2016)


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