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Big Island Sacred Time

I was fortunate to spend a week on the Big Island with an intimate group of 13 individuals and Kahuna Kalei’iliaha to connect with our personal sacred time.  This is something we need to do for ourselves daily, but we fail to put ourselves first.  Taking personal sacred time doesn’t require one to fly off to an island or to go on a vision quest.  However, it does require to get in touch with what brings us joy, fulfillment, and love.  This can be nature, yoga, meditation, art, writing or anything that brings passion to your heart.    How often do we go to a park or our backyard and stretch out on a blanket and feel the energy coming up from the ground, or wake up early for a morning walk before the noise of the day begins?  How many times do we take the opportunity to smell the flowers?  This is giving ourselves sacred time.

Big Island Sacred Time

Big Island is home of the largest volcano in the world, Mauna Loa, which has not been active since 1984.  It is also home of Kilauea volcano that has been continuously active since 1983 and the most active on the planet.  This makes this island one of the most magnetic sacred energy locations to visit.  I was grateful that the news media did not keep me from attending this special event.  The current fissure lava flow and eruptions only effects 2% of the Big Island.  My greatest gift to myself was not being in fear.  Fear robs us from so much pleasure.  I would not have been able to experience the beautiful Akaka Falls shown above, or be part of a ceremony honoring the ancient ancestors on one of the largest lava fields shown below.

Big Island Sacred Time 5-2

I found that one of my most personal sacred time awareness moments was climbing the steps up to the Akaka Falls and then back down. Taking time for myself and continuing to take this sacred journey is not always an easy climb, but then once I take the time needed, going forward is so rewarding.

Big Island Sacred Time

The lovely Kahuna gave us this message on our last night together and I share it with you.   Please repeat to yourself “I am Magnificent” when spending sacred time for yourself. 

Big Island Sacred Time

ALOHA’, which means ‘Love’ to all; and ‘MAHALO’, which means Thanks and Gratitude to everyone.


Big Island Scared Time