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WHITE SPIRIT ANIMAL’S MESSAGEWhite Spirit Animal's Message

What does it mean if one has a vision visit from a White Spirit Animal?  This question lead me to finding an amazing article published in Watkins Mind Body Spirit Magazine,  Spring 2018 edition, by J. Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus, D.H.L.  She is an award-winning radio broadcaster, author, animal activist, and  well known telepath that communicates with animals.  She writes about having a waking day vision in 2013, when numerous White Spirit Animals arrived as a large group before her to ask that she tell their story.  Her book, White Spirit Animals Prophets of Change, is that story.

White Spirit Animal's Message

During four years of communicating with these White Spirit Animals using “shamanic dreaming”, each animal shared with the author what they thought important.  Here are examples;  1. Lion maintains that closing the ozone hole and closing the hole in our hearts keeps us from seeing the love we are connected to, as both are  essential. 2.  Bear urges us to heal with what grows from the earth, to bear children, to bear witness and to prepare for long periods of self-sufficiency.  3.  Elephant teaches us about compassionate action and resolution without violence.  4.  Wolf, guardian of the threshold,  protects the dead as well as the newborn, helping us to see life and death as a continuum.  5. Buffalo invigorates the soil and spirit. Sacred to the Lakota, Buffalo teaches prayer and peace.

White Spirit Animal's Message

How intriguing that the examples discussed above (Bear, Wolf, Elephant, Buffalo, Lion) and their species are all matriarchal societies.  Does this mean as a women, we may be called on?  White Spirit Animals implore us to “Improve life around us.”  They are attempting to awaken in us a great love and reverence for the EARTH we share with them, thus bringing us into telepathic rapport.  If you are visited by a Sacred White Spirit Animal (species from this planet or from other worlds), ask what is their story and how can you help!

White Spirit Animal's Message

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