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Your Birth Animal Totem

Do you know the animal totem or Birth Totem associated with your Moon Sign?  According to Native American beliefs, we are given totems by Mother Earth according to which of the Moons we were born under. Totems of distinct animals also include plants, minerals, colors, elements (fire, water, air, earth), and wind directions.  Following are the twelve animal totems and their meanings associated with each Moon:

Your Birth Animal Totem

Goose Birth Totem - December 22 to January 19, sets goals for accomplishment, and always obtains them. The Goose is determined to succeed at all costs not for the approval of others. Driven is Goose Totem’s dominating personality trait. This Moon Sign also includes - Moon: Earth Renewal Plant: Birch Tree or Bramble Mineral: Quartz or Peridot Color: White Spirit Keeper: White Buffalo Power Direction: North Element: Earth Elemental Clan: Turtle.

Otter Birth Totem – January 20 to February 18, is a hard one to figure sometimes and not always chosen to get the job done. This is a big mistake.  Otter’s methods are usually quite effective because of their brilliant imagination and intelligence.   This Moon Sign also includes - Moon: Rest/Cleansing Plant: Quaking Aspen or Fern Mineral: Silver or Turquoise Color: Silver Spirit Keeper: White Buffalo Power Direction: North Element: Air Elemental Clan: Butterfly.

Wolf Birth Totem - February 19 to March 20is the forerunner of new ideas, to teach and share with others what they have learned. Wolves have an enormous sense of family.  Baying at moon is Wolf’s desire to connect with new ideas just below the surface of consciousness, for the moon is a symbol for psychic energy. This Moon Sign also includes Moon: Big Winds - Plant: Plantain Mineral: Turquoise or Jade Color: Blue-Green Spirit Keeper: White Buffalo Direction: North Element: Water Elemental Clan: Frog.

Your Birth Animal Totem

Falcon Birth Totem - March 21 to April 19, is always looked upon for clear judgment in sticky situations. Falcon never wastes time and take action in what must be done. Falcon is honored and respected for its keen eyesight, speed of flight, and precision of movement. This Moon Sign also includes Moon: Budding Trees or Awakening Plant: Dandelion Mineral: Fire Opal Color: Yellow or Yellow-Green Spirit Keeper: Golden Eagle Power Direction: East Element: Fire Elemental Clan: Thunderbird or Hawk.

Beaver Birth Totem - April 20 to May 20, is the builder and in building its home, you will find several entrances and exits.  Beaver’s lesson is ‘Not to paint ourselves in a corner’.  The Beaver is well equipped to protect its creation. This Moon Sign includes Moon: Dream Builder,  Plant: Wild Clover Mineral: Jasper – Bloodstone Color: Blue or Yellow Spirit Keeper: Golden Eagle Power Direction: East Element: Earth Elemental Clan: Turtle.

Deer Birth Totem – May 21 to June 20, is lively, quick-witted and always aware of her surroundings. Ever alert for the subtlest of movements and the slightest sounds that warn her of impending danger. Yet, her own flightiness often leads her straight into the sights of the hunter. This Moon Sign also includes Moon: Flower Plant: Yarrow Mineral: Moss Agate Color: White and green Spirit Keeper: Golden Eagle Power Direction: North Element: Air Elemental Clan: Butterfly.

Your Birth Animal Totem

Woodpecker Birth Totem - June 21 to July 21, is totally empathetic and understanding. The Woodpecker’s drumming symbolizes to us, that we need to gain emotional perspective, to learn detachment, and to use our head instead of recklessly following our heart.   This Moon Sign also includes  Moon: Strong Sun Plant: Wild Rose Mineral: Carnelian Agate Color: pink or rose Spirit Keeper: Coyote Power Direction: South Element: Water Elemental Clan: Frog.

Salmon Birth Totem – July 22 to Aug 21, tells us to trust our gut feelings and inner-knowing. Salmon teaches us to see every bend in the river as a new adventure, with a lesson we need to learn to grow.   Even when the flow of life seems to push us back, we can tap the hidden resources of our human spirit.  This Moon Sign includes: Moon:  Ripe Berries or Ripening Plant: Raspberry Mineral: Garnet Color: Red Spirit Keeper: Coyote Power Direction: South Element: Fire Elemental Clan: Thunderbird or Hawk.

Brown Bear Birth Totem - August 22 to September 21, teaches us that to accomplish the goals and dreams we carry, we need to honor our silence within. If we choose to believe that there are many questions to life, we must also believe that the answers to these questions resides within us. This Moon Sign also includes Moon:  Harvest Plant: Violets Mineral: Amethyst Color: Purple Spirit Keeper: Coyote Power Direction: South Element: Earth Elemental Clan: Turtle.

Your Birth Animal Totem

Raven Birth Totem – September 22 to October 22, knows the Unknowable Mysteries of Creation and is Keeper of All Sacred Law. Raven sees the physical and spiritual world and merges the light and darkness, seeing both inner and outer reality. This Moon Sign also includes Moon: Ducks Fly or Falling Leaves Plant: Mullein Mineral: Jasper Color: Brown or Blue Spirit Keeper: Grizzly Bear Power Direction: West  Element: Air Elemental Clan: Butterfly.

Snake Birth Totem - October 23 to November 22, is compelled toward evolution and transformation, driven to discard the past and emerge with new ‘flesh’. It is the energy of wholeness, cosmic consciousness and the ability to experience anything willingly and without resistance. This Moon Sign also includes Moon: Freeze Up or Frost Plant: Thistle Mineral: Copper Color: Orange or Violet Spirit Keeper: Grizzly Bear Power Direction: West Element: Water Elemental Clan: Frog.

Owl Birth Totem - November 23 to December 21, can see in the dark.  It can also accurately locate and recognize any sound.  Owl is a symbol for wisdom, because Owl can see what others cannot. No one can deceive the Owl about what they are doing, no matter how hard they try to disguise or hide it from the Owl. This Moon Sign also includes Moon: Long Snows  Plant: Black Spruce Mineral: Obsidian Color: Black or Gold Spirit Keeper: Grizzly Bear Power Direction: West Element: Fire.


Your Birt Animal Totem