Women Balancing With Amazonite

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Does this illustration feel familiar?  Are you walking on your own tightrope, trying to balance everything in your world?  Are you feeling emotionally unbalanced?   Is it possible your yin and yang needs balancing?   If you have answered yes to any of these questions, the gemstone Amazonite might be a very helpful balancing tool for you.



This lovely gemstone is a soothing stone that helps calm the brain and nervous system.  It alleviates stress & exhaustion.  It helps to balance the masculine and feminine energies.  Also Amazonite helps one deal with emotional issues and relationships.  Maybe you are ready to join other women balancing with Amazonite.





healingcrystalsbookbymichaelgiengerWhat I love about Michael Gienger’s book, Healing Crystals The A-Z guide to 430 gemstones, is first the size.  It fits in my purse because it is only 1/4 inch thick and measures 4 1/2 inches by 6 1/2 inches. This is so convenient when traveling or visiting gemstone stores.  The author lists the important healing effects and areas of activity of each crystal as follows:  (SP) refers to the ‘spirit or spiritual aspect’, including intentions, aims and focus on life;  (S) refers to the ‘soul or the subconscious’, including temperament, emotions, intuitive perceptions, dreams, psychological experiences, habits and unconscious reactions; (M) refers to’mindor mental aspects’, including ideas, values, convictions, views, manner of thinking, and conscious action; and (B)  refers to the ‘body or physical aspect’, the human organism as a whole with its senses, organs and functions.

This is one of my  favorite reference books.

Is Blue the Color Therapy for You?

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The healing properties of blue may help calm strong emotions, anger, aggression, hysteria, and soothe mind and nerves.  Blue color therapy can cool down inflammations, reduce fevers, and help with insomnia.  Because the color blue is associated with the Throat Chakra, blue color therapy can help with eyes, ears, nose, and throat problems.


Those with a preference for blue find the color cool and soothing.  It is a color that makes them feel at peace and restful.  People who prefer blue often keep their distance but will offer calm and practical help when needed.

A person with an aversion to blue may be very disciplined, strong career worker, and doesn’t care for commentary or restriction.  Also too much exposure to blue can create depression, feelings of gloom, fearfulness or melancholy.



quotebyjalalal-dinrumimeetinfieldBeyond ideas of wrong-doing

 and right-doing,

There’s a field.

I’ll meet you there.

≈Jalal al-Din Rumi –

                                                             13th Century Persian Poet & Mystic



Throat Chakra – Speak Up

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throat chakra


The Throat Chakra is our communication center.  The location is found at the bottom of the neck.  The purposes of a healthy Throat Chakra are: Learning to take responsibility for our needs, Becoming clear between what is right & wrong for ourselves, Finding our authentic truth, and then SPEAKING UP.  A balanced Throat Chakra also includes:  Expressive, Charismatic, Good Listener, Clear Thinking, Independent, and Assertive.  An imbalance Throat Chakra includes:  Shyness, Stuttering, Tension Headaches, Sore Throats, Tonsillitis, Toothaches, Neck Pain, Thyroid diseases, and Anxiety attacks.




The colors that vibrates with the Throat Chakra are the sky blues.  The gemstones are Chrysocolla, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine and or any of the blue gemstones that resonate with you.

All the tart and tangy fruits such as:  limes, lemons, grapefruit and kiwi are excellent for the Throat Chakra.









large intestine acupressure point 4


Acupressure used on the Large Intestine 4 helps benefit the following issues:  HEADACHES, SINUS INFECTIONS, TOOTHACHES, REDNESS – SWELLING OF THE EYES, or SWELLING – PUFFINESS IN THE FACES.  The Large Intestine 4 can be located on the mound of flesh in the web between the thumb and index finger.


largeintestineacupressurepoint4To start using acupressure on yourself, use the diagram shown above and apply moderate to deep pressure on the tender spot (Large Intestine 4) with the thumb from the opposite hand using tiny circles as you continue to apply pressure for 2 minutes.  Remember to complete this acupressure exercise on your other hand.

Contraindications: Strong pressure should be avoided on all points during pregnancy especially Large intestine 4.  It is recommended to just lightly touch with thumb.







1.  Select the essential oil you want to use for this meditation.  Take off the lid and place several drops onto a folded tissue. Wave tissue gently under nostrils ensuring both sides of the nose take in the oil vibrations.  Don’t let the oil touch the skin.

essentialoilmeditationtechnique2.  Focus on breathing in vapors with each breath, imagining that it travels up the nasal passages, and circulates round and through the brain.  With each breath the journey continues through the nervous system.  Visualize it flowing into the organs and glands of the body, through all the muscles, skeleton and every cell in your body.  Let it flow through the skin, hair,  face, feet and hands.

3.  Take the energy you are breathing in, let it surround your physical body, and fill all of the invisible energy fields that you know make up the aura.  Continue until you think or can imagine that your energy fields are almost ‘buzzing’ with the energy.  Remove the tissue from under the nose, and just relax, allowing the process to settle.

4.  If you think that you need another oil, you can repeat this process.  Generally you won’t need more than two oils.

 Meditation from Myra Sri’s book, Secrets Behind Energy Fields.


Smelling Oils Strengthen Energy Systems

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The following essential oils frequency vibration have an effect on the human energy systems that can create positive change:smelloilstostrengthenenergysystems

Carnation - Stimulates and cleanses the entire Auric Field, and strengthens the aura.

Gardenia - Prevents energy drains, strengthens the aura, helps stabilize the aura around disruptive people and situations.

Sandalwood – Purifying  & protective, strengthens aura, relieves nervous tension, stress and helps keep one grounded.

Eucalyptus - Assists breathing, relaxation, cleansing, and good for nightmares.smellingessentialoilsstrengthenenergysystems

Lemon - Cleansing, stimulates clarity of thought, used daily it helps eliminate stress from the mind and aura.

Rose - Gentle, strengthens the aura, good for shock, heartbreak, grief, depression, soothes anger, good all-rounder.

Sage - Powerful cleanser, grounding, calming, eases stress & tension, strengthens the aura and cleanses the environment.

You can decide which essential oil resonates with you by a sniff test to find the one that makes you feel better. More tomorrow on using essential oils meditation technique.  (Myra Sri’s book,  Secrets Behind Energy Fields –  Strengthen & Clear Your Entire Body Using Proven, Ancient Techniques, covers the use of essential oils for strengthening the energy systems of the body.)

Open Heart Chakra, Love, Kindness & Affection

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The Open Heart Chakra is about love, kindness, and affection.  However  many emotions, such as love, hatred, grief, joy, jealousy, fear of betrayal, feelings of isolation and loneliness and the ability to make ourselves feel better, are all centered in the Heart Chakra.  When it is open, we are compassionate and friendly, and work at harmonious relationships.  If our Heart Chakra is under-active, we can be cold and distant.  If this chakra is over-active, we are suffocating people with love and possibly for selfish reasons.


heartchakralovekindnessaffectionThe healing colors for the Heart Chakra are green and rose.

 The flowers for the Heart Chakra are roses.

Heart Chakra Affirmations are about Unconditional love.

The healthy Heart Chakra is all about Vegetables and Fruit.