dseer's healing giftLast week my husband was fortunate to have an uninvited visit from a beautiful buck deer that he captured on video as the animal lunched on daisy and hosta salad. When watching this video, there appears to be an amazing animal to human connection.

In Victoria Hunt’s book Animal Omens, she writes: ”Deer teaches about gentleness and caring.  It is one of the animals most often used as a helper and guide in shamanic work because its energy-force matches a human’s.

Deer is about listening from the heart with patience and love, being who you innately are and not putting on airs or letting the ego get out of hand, and not forcing your views and opinions on others who might see things differently.

If a Deer has come to you, look for the gentle, nurturing part of your spirit that needs to be shared.  By sending out kindness and love, that kindness and love will come back to you threefold.”

I pray for the safety of these magnificent animals that somehow have found their way to the suburbs.




Celebrating Women's Strength

Daily women are showing independence in their strengths and determinations to act on their beliefs and goals.

Strengths -Women have It!

celebrating women's strength

celebrating women's strengthcelebrating women's strength

celebrating military women & wives

Carnelian Energy Net For Healing Etheric Body

carnelian healing net for Etheric Body

The Etheric Body gives vitality, health, life and organization to the Physical Body.  Simon Lilly & Susan Lilly in their book Using Crystals for Healing, illustrates The Carnelian Energy Net for Healing the Etheric Body.  They recommend using this gemstone treatment at any time to help release trauma from deep in the body.  The authors point out that this may sometimes bring old symptoms or pain to the surface before they can be completely removed.

Directions for Carnelian Energy Healing Net:

carnelian healing net for etheric body1.  You will need six tumbled Carnelians and an orange cloth to lie on.

2.  Place one Carnelian above the top of your head, place one stone at either side of the body at the level of the sacral chakra. These two stones will rest outside your arms when you are lying down on the orange cloth. (Refer to illustration above showing placement of stones.)

3.  Place another stone between the legs at mid-calf level and another below it near the ankles.  The last stone is placed at the base of your throat and near the thymus.

4.  Use net exercise for five minutes at a time. It can be revisited regularly.

tuesday's healing word smile

The positive definition of a smile is an upward curving of the corners of the mouth that indicates pleasure, friendliness, or amusement.  The Vietnamese Buddhist Monk and poet, Thich Nhat Hanh, writes in Being Peace: “If we turn a smile on, we really are the smile…Even the tiniest bud of a smile on our lips has the healing power to relax all the muscles in our face, banish worries and fatigue, nourish awareness, calm us, and return us to the peace we thought we had lost.”

tuesday's healing word smile

“A smile is a curve that sets

everything straight.”

~ Phyllis Diller


tuesday's healing word smile


Are You Drawn To Carnelian Energy?

July 1st, 2013 | Posted by Velda in GEMSTONES

are you drawn to carnilain energyCarnelian may attract you when it is necessary to look below the surface of things in order to understand and accept what is going on.  Are you having a hard time focusing on making decisions?  This might be a time you are about to give birth to a new project or tune-up an existing one. Carnelian to the rescue.  It helps you be grounded in the present and to realize your current needs. 

Because Carnelian is a warming stone that links well to the creative energy of the sacral chakra, I invite you to watch for my future post on a Carnelian stones energy net practice for healing the etheric body.  It is worth repeating “CARNELIAN TO THE RESCUE”.


July's Gratitude Embrace nature

“July is a month in which to embrace nature, to observe its principles and integrate them into our lives” as stated in Angeles Arrien’s book Living with Gratitude A Journey That Will Change Your Life. This month gives us many opportunities to be grateful for sharing time in nature with family and friends.  It is also a time to show gratitude in helping care for our planet.

July Graretitude - embracing natu

Love the world as your self; then you can care for all things.”


july embrace nature

Earth Teach Me

Earth teach me stillness as the grasses are stilled with light.

Earth teach me suffering as old stones suffer with memory.

Earth teach me humility as blossoms are humble with beginning.

Earth teach me caring as the mother who secures her young.

Earth teach me courage as the tree which stands alone.

Earth teach me limitation as the ant which crawls on the ground.

Earth teach me freedom as the eagle which soars in the sky.

Earth teach me resignation as the leaves which die in the fall.

Earth teach me regeneration as the seed which rises in the spring.

Earth teach me to forget myself as melted snow forgets its life.

Earth teach me to remember kindness as dry fields weep with rain.

~ A prayer from the Ute Indians

July embrace nature