Animal Spirit Guide Eagle

In the book Animal Messages, Susie Green writes “A message from an EAGLE gives vision that unveils the past, encompasses the present, and reveals the future.  Events will move swiftly.  It is wise to use the power of the EAGLE to develop your spirituality and consciously create your dream or your vision of the future.”

Call on EAGLE when you have to face some major challenges or when an opportunity presents itself and you’re not sure whether to act on it or not.

If EAGLE is your POWER ANIMAL: You are very spiritually evolved, a born leader, and willing to endure challenges.  It is important to pay attention to the sensations in your backbone as an instinctual trigger to be more alert to what’s going on around you.

Animal Spirit Guide EagleAffirmations:

 I receive my visions and inspirations as creative guidance.

I honor and express my passion.

I conserve my energy and focus on what is important.

Opening the Root Chakra Exercise

September 12th, 2013 | Posted by Velda in CHAKRAS

Movements for opening the Root Chakra involves the feet, legs, and hips.  I have combined two simple exercises from the book Healing with The Energy of the Chakras by Ambika Wauters. It is more fun and enjoyable doing the Root Chakra movements to music.  It helps take away any sense of exercising.

Opening Root Chakra Exercise1. Spread your feet about a foot apart.

2. Take a deep breath through the nose, rise up on your toes, bend the knees, then come down on heels. At the same time release your breath and let out a sound. I like to visualize my heels as roots going into the ground.

3. Repeat several times.  Emphasis on the downward movements of the heels.

4. Next walk on your toes with your arms raised in the air.  Shake your hips from side to side. Feel free to sway your arms with the music.

5. This exercise is grounding and allows energy to flow through you freely.  ”Your soul is on the bottoms of your feet”, a quote by Gabrielle Roth, a modern American Shaman, dancer, and teacher.

Nature's Healing Gift Misty Morning Magic

I have been blessed with Misty Morning Magic for the last several days. Walking on the foggy path through the tall fir trees is like entering into another world. The quietness is so peaceful. It appeared this morning that even the crows were showing reverence to the silence.

Nature's Healing Gift Morning Misty Magice

Hopefully you can find time to enjoy your own Nature’s Healing Gift of Misty Morning Magic or steal a few moments of Misty Evening Enchantment.

Nature's Healing Gift Misty Morning Magic

tuesday's healing word perseverance

Perseverance: steady persistence in adhering to a course of action, a belief, or a purpose.

tuesday's healing word perseveranceHow to practice perseverance in a healthy way.

1. Choose commitments wisely.

2. Pace yourself taking one step at a time.

3. Don’t let doubts take you off course.

4. Patiently pursue your goals.

5. Be determined to succeed.

tuesday's healing word perseverance


I am thankful for the gift of Perseverance. It keeps me going.

Chinese Proverb:

The man(woman) who removes a mountain begins by

carrying away small stones.



Finger Walk Labyrinth for Stress & More

September 9th, 2013 | Posted by Velda in ENERGY HEALING

Finger Labyrinth Exercise

Drawing a labyrinth explores one’s creativity while reducing stress.  Mazes are not just for children.  Are you ready to draw your own labyrinth and take your finger for a stroll?  People use finger walks for meditation, healing, preparing for events, writer’s block, insomnia, depression, and for many other reasons. Here are instructions for drawing the simple three path labyrinth:

Labyrinth Finger ExerciseFinger Labyrinth Exercise

Labyrinth Finger Exercise

Labyrinth Finger Exercise

Labyrinth Finger Exercise





1. Before you start any finger labyrinth “walk,” take time to breathe and relax.

2. If you journal, have it ready for recording any insights after your walk.

4. Set an intention or question for the walk. If you like, ask for support, healing, and guidance.

5. Place a finger from your non-dominant hand at the entrance to the labyrinth. (Research shows that often our non-dominant hand has easier access to our intuition.) As you trace the circuit, stay open to whatever presents itself. Relax into the labyrinth. At the center of the labyrinth, feel its connection to your own center.

6. When you are ready, trace your way out, staying open to whatever comes up for you. When your walk is done, place both hands on the labyrinth and give thanks for whatever you’ve learned and experienced.

Happy Finger Walking!



six healing sounds balance internal organs

The following Six Healing Sounds bring balance and healthy energy to the six main internal organs. Chant sounds seated or lying down. Visualize inhaling fresh energy through the nose and exhaling old energy out the mouth as directed below:

  1. Lungs: The lung sound transforms fear into courage. Inhale and with a long slow exhalation, make the sound “SSSSSSSSSSSS” (like the sound of steam from a radiator). Repeat two more times.
  2. Kidneys: The kidneys sound transforms the emotional energy into gentleness and generosity. Inhale and with a slow exhalation produce the sound “WOOOOOOO” as if blowing out a candle.  Repeat two more times.
  3. Liver: The liver sound transforms the emotional energy into kindnessInhale and with a slow exhalation produce the sound “SHHHHHHHHHH.” Repeat two more times.
  4. Heart: The heart sound transforms the emotional energy into love and joy. Inhale and with a slow exhalation produce the sound “HAWWWWWWWW.”  Repeat twice more.
  5. Spleen: The spleen sound transforms the emotional energy into openness. Inhale and with a slow exhalation produce the sound “WHOOOOOOOO” from the throat like the sound of an owl.  Repeat two more times.
  6. Triple Burner: This sound will balance all the energies activated by the other sounds and help relax the body fully. Inhale and exhale slowly as your produce the sound “HEEEEEEEE.”  Repeat two more times.



Peridot Crystal Balances Energy & More

September 5th, 2013 | Posted by Velda in GEMSTONES

Peridot for balancing tranquility & morePeridot’s healing properties are: Balances energy, emotional tranquility, insight, personal empowerment, vision, clarity of purpose, enhances digestion, stimulates tissue regeneration, and boosts confidence. Placed on the Heart Chakra, it can cleanse and heal it.

Peridot calms the nervous system, helping to dissolve emotional tensions and bringing balance to the system. It actually attracts love and calms raging anger from within. It alleviates jealousy, resentment, and spite, and reduces stress.

You might be missing an amazing treatment, if you haven’t been introduced to this marvelous crystal.


Early this morning I took my last walk to visit Haystack Rock before heading back home.  Fortunately it was low tide and was able to view the beautifully colored Starfish again.  I couldn’t help but compare these lovely creatures holding on to the rough stone surfaces to all the women determined and holding on to their dreams.

Animal Spirit Guide - SarfishStarfish represents hope, inspiration and teaches how to maneuver successfully in any situation. Starfish shows how emotions can help propel you forward by tenacity and determination with slow and steady movements.

According to Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D. if STARFISH shows up, it means: Keep your senses open to the new opportunities that are about to appear.  Trust your intuition.  Do things the way you want to even if it is different.

Call on STARFISH when: Not sure what direction to take your career. Not convinced to act on an excellent opportunity before you. There is some new information or a course of study that you’re trying to digest.


Animal Spirit Guide - Starfish


1. I am determined and trust my instincts.

 2.  I allow my personal power to come forth.

3. I am confident in knowing what is right for me.

Tuesday's Healing Words - Women's Strength

I want to reflect on the healing we gain from all the women of strength that came before us, all the strong women we have with us now, and those that will come in the future.

Tuesday's Healing Words Whomen's Strengt

“A strong woman is one who is able to smile in the morning

like she wasn’t crying last night.”

~ Unknown Author

Tuesday's Healing Word Women's Strength


-I have the strength & courage to confront any challenge that comes across my path today.

-I have the courage to stand my ground and am capable of making my own decisions.

-I am a strong independent soul capable of achieving great things.  


Nature's Healing Gift - Haystack Rock

I invite you to imagine strolling into these scenic photos and feel the surrounding healing energy while nearing one of nature’s awesome wonders.  Haystack Rock is a 235-foot sea stack monolithic rock adjacent to the beach and accessible by foot at low tide. The Haystack Rock tide pools are home to many intertidal animals, including starfish, sea anemone, crabs, limpets, and sea slugs. The rock is also a nesting site for many sea birds, including cormorants and puffins.

Nature's Healing Gift-Haystack Rock

Today I am here in Cannon Beach, Oregon, and never tire of this nature’s gift of beauty that was created from lava flows 10-17 million years ago. There is an amazing grounding connection to Earth Energy when being in the presence of this magnificent specimen.  Fortunately Haystack Rock has been designated as a Marine & Bird Sanctuary where visitors can enjoy receiving abundant energy gifts from all the various inhabitants.