Tuesday's Healing Word TruthThe following message is from the song:

‘The Truth Will Make Me Free’ written by Fred Rogers

I’m learning to sing a sad song when I’m sad.
I’m learning to say I’m angry when I’m very mad.
I’m learning to shout,
I’m getting it out,
I’m happy, learning
Exactly how I feel inside of me
I’m learning to know the truth
I’m learning to tell the truth
Discovering truth will make me free.

There is a special gem of a book called The World According to Mister Rogers, Important things to Remember. It is a collection of stories, anecdotes, and insights written by Fred Rogers.  The first chapter is entitled The Courage to Be Yourself.  Why can’t we accept our truths: our talents, our passions, our virtues?  According to Mr. Rogers “Discovering the truth about ourselves is a lifetime’s work, but it’s worth the effort.”

Tuesday's healing word - truth

I speak my truths.

I am content to be my true self.

I know the healing power of my truths.