Tuesday's Healing Word Openness

Openness is being honest, clear and sincere, sharing who we are and what we feel without pretense.  It is the willingness to consider new ideas, and listen to others with an open mind.

Tuesday's Healing Word Is Openness

There’s just some magic in truth

and honesty and openness.

~Frank  Ocean

Tuesday's Healing Word Openness

Compassionate action emerges

from the sense of openness, connectedness,

and discernment you have created.

~Joan Halifax

 Tuesday's Healing Word Openness


Reflexology/EO's Aid Processing Toxins

We can all take a little time practicing some simple reflexology to help aid the gallbladder process and eliminate toxins.  The following directions are taken from Skye Alexander’s Reflexology Card Deck:

Reflexology/EO's Aid Processing ToxinsLocation:  The sole of the right foot where the arch joins the heel, almost in line with the fourth toe.

Conditions Aided:  Processing & elimination of toxins, digestion, gallstones, irritability.

Treatment: Use the heel of your hand to massage the right arch, begin in the center and work toward the outside of the foot.  Next, rub the spot with your thumb, gradually increasing the pressure you apply.  If sensitivity persists, finish by firmly pressing two knuckles to the area and hold for 30 seconds or until sensitivity decreases.

Beneficial Essential Oils: Use essential oil or lotion that contains peppermint or rosemary essential oil to aid purification and digestion.

Animal Spirit Guide-Dolphin

The dolphin animal spirit guide is the symbol of breath, life, love, balance and community.

If DOLPHIN shows up it means:

  • Meditate today – listen more and talk less.
  • Think and behave more loving and positive toward a person you are having difficulty with.
  • Try Dolphin breathing by taking three slow, deep breaths, each time exhaling with an audible “Puh!” sound.  Observe how you feel.

Call on DOLPHIN when:

  • You need to breathe some fresh air into your life.Animal Spirit Guide Dolphin
  • There is a conflict with someone close to you and you want to clear things up.
  • You are being prompted to move into some deeper spiritual work.

If DOLPHIN is your Power Animal:

  • You are a master communicator.
  • You’re sensitive and aware of people’s feelings
  • You are intuitive, playful and turn everything into a game.

Animal Spirit Guide-Dolphin


Dynamind Technique for Healing

It was such an honor to train with Dr. Serge Kahili King for a week in Hawaii.  One of the simplest healing gifts I brought back was his Dynamind® Technique referred to as DMT.  This effective method of healing is based on using a special hand position, forming three specific statements, tapping or rubbing four points on the body and completing the round with breath work.

 Dynamind® Technique:

Dynamind Technique for Healing

We begin by bringing both hands together touching only the fingertips, as if holding a globe.  This serves as a signal to the sub-conscious that the healing process is about to begin.  It also helps the body to relax.  Maintain hand position throughout the process of Dynamind® except during the tapping segment.

Dynamind Technique for Healing

The Dynamind® Statement is composed of three parts, and is neither an affirmation nor request. First acknowledge the problem. ”I have a painful earache in my right ear.” Second, acknowledge the problem (earache) can change.  Third, state that you want this problem (earache) to go away.

3. The Touch

Dynamind Technique for HealingDynamind Technique for HealingDynamind Technique for Healing





Dynamind® uses four specific areas of the body for tapping or touching at a count of seven on each location.  1. Start tapping the thymus 7 times which helps relieve anxiety, relax the chest and lung muscles and stimulate the immune system. 2 & 3. Tap the Hoku points on each hand.  These points are often stimulated for headache relief and are considered by some to have a revitalizing effect on the whole body.  This is the web area between the thumb and pointer finger.  4. Tap the 7th cervical vertebra (the bony hump at the top of the spine/base of neck).  Stimulation of this area revitalizes and relaxes the upper body, spine and pelvic area.

Dnyamind Technique for HealingYou will complete the ROUND with Hawaiian breathing called piko-piko.  This breathing consists of inhaling with the attention on the crown of the head and exhaling with the attention on the naval or the toes.  The concept is that this produces a wave of energy between the two points which is both relaxing and vitalizing.

Determine how many ROUNDS of the sequence of Statement, Tapping and Breath your symptoms need.  If the nature of location of the symptom changes then adjust your statement.

I hope you give this a try, it works! Mahalo.


Tuesday's Healing Word Adventure
The definition of an Adventure is an exciting or unusual experience that might sometimes involve risks.  We also can enjoy the experience of an adventure through our senses of smelling, tasting, feeling, seeing and hearing.

“I doubt whether the world holds for any one

a more soul-stirring surprise than the first adventure with ice-cream.”

~Heywood Broun

Tuesday's Healing Word Adventure

 Going on a journey uncharted through a forest is an example of an adventure.  While studying Hawaiian Huna/Shamanism last week, I got to face possible fear on two healing adventures: One was a pitch black 1/4 mile walk on a road through the rain forest at 4:30 a.m.  The second was crawling through a long and very dark lava tube.  Both tested my depending on higher self, awareness, and trust.

 ”Adventure is not outside man; it is within.”
― George Eliot

Tuesday's Healing Word Adventure

“I’m still a kid inside, and adventure is adventure wherever you find it.”

~Jim Dale Tuesday's Healing Word Adventure

Tuesday's Healing Word Adventure

Pele-Goddess of Fire Magic

July 21st, 2014 | Posted by Velda in GODDESS WISDOM


My last week past very quickly while studying Hawaiian Huna & Shamanism from Dr. Serge Kahili King.  His course shared the following: “In the Hawaiian language, the word “goddess” would translate as akua, which actually means an idea, concept or archetype.  Shamans often personify these in order to work with them as sources of inspiration, or channels to the High Self…”

Pele-Goddess of Fire MagicI was staying in Volcano Village near the Kilauea Volcano.  According to Hawaiian legends, this is the home of the fire goddess Pele.  Pele is also known as the goddess of energy, creativity, passionate love and at times jealous wrath.   Her element is fire and she can be invoked to increase emotional or biological energy, motivation and focus.

Pele represents Shamanism Principle MAKIA:  Energy flows where attention goes, and attention goes where energy flows.  Change your experience by changing your focus.  I got to experience Pele on my last morning of classes.  Several classmates, myself and one of our instructors met at the volcano for sunrise chanting.  The goal was to get there while it was dark so we could see Pele’s red flames.  The instructor and I arrived a little late and didn’t get to experience seeing Pele.  However, the five of us did the sunrise chant, honored Pele and when we completed Pele decided to share her glow for me in the day light which I was told is very rare.  MAHALO, Pele for showing your fire magic!

Pele Goddess of Fire Magic


Tuesday's Healing Word - Mahalo

Mahalo” is a Hawaiian word meaning thanks, gratitude, admiration, praise, esteem, regards, or respects.   Mahalo – expresses gratitude and is used to say thank you.

Tuesday's Healing Word - Mahalo

It is as important as Aloha in the Hawaiian language and conveys much sacred and spiritual meaning

Tuesday's Healing Word - Mahalo

The root words are Ma which means in, Ha which is breath or life energy and Alo which is in the presence of.  Mahalo means In the presence of the Divine.

Tuesday' Healing Word Mohalo

Aloha everyone. During this week while I am on the Big Island taking classes, my blog will be sharing Hawaiian mythology, beauty, and healing energy. ENJOY!

Nature's Healing - Appreciate The Beauty

A Hawaiian love story

All around Big Island we see a somewhat unattractive plant with beautiful red flowers on it. It is the red Pua Lehua or Ohi’a Blossom, which is the official island flower. The story of the plant and flower is the tragic love story of the handsome young man Ohi’a and his beautiful young wife Lehua.

According to Hawaiian mythology the goddess of fire, Pele, wanted Ohi’a for herself, but when she saw that Ohi’a only had eyes for Lehua, she became furious and turned him into an ugly tree. Lehua cried and begged her to turn her into a tree also, so she could be with her husband. But Pele refused.

However, the other gods took pity on Lehua and turned her into a beautiful red flower and placed it on the tree. From that day on the Ohi’a tree has blossomed with red Lehua flowers. The story goes that if you pluck a flower from the tree, it will rain like the tears of Lehua, who can still not bear to be apart from her husband.

Nature's Healing Gift-Appreciate the Beauty

Expressive Meditation: Shaking

This is a meditation which is shared in Pragito Dove’s book Laughter, Tears, Silence.  The meditation is done in four stages of fifteen minutes each.  If this sounds like something you want to try, please set aside an hour and complete all four stages.

Expressive Meditation: Shaking


1.  Standing comfortably, with eyes closed, just let your whole body shake, feeling the energies moving up from your feet.

2.  Let go.  Feel yourself become the shaking.

3.   Shaking is the warm-up process.  Try not to force the shaking, just allow it to happen.

4.  The best time to do this is at the end of the day.

5.  This is a great way to shake off all built up tensions, leaving you refreshed to enjoy your evening.

Expressive Meditation: ShakingSTAGE TWO:  DANCE (FIFTEEN MINUTES)

1.  Dance.

2.  Let your body move any way it wishes.

3.  The body is getting in tune “with itself” so when you sit the tensions are dissolved.

4.  At the end of the fifteen minutes of dancing the space for meditation begins to descend on you.



1.  Now either sitting or standing, be still.

2.  Relax deeply within yourself.

3.  Be aware of your breathing and witness any thoughts or emotions, with no judgment.

4.  Don’t cling or reject, simply accept what is.

5.  Allow the silence of meditation to be with you.



Expressive Meditation: Shaking




Tuesday's Healing Word - Mystery

Mystery defined as something that is a secret, where there is no clear explanation.

“The Mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve,

but a reality to experience.”

~Frank Herbert

Tuesday's Healing Word - Mystery

“The Ultimate Mystery

is one’s own self.”

~Sammy Davis, Jr.

Tuesday's Healing Word - Mystery

“The greatest Mystery is in unsheathed reality itself.”

~Eudora Welty

Tuesday's Healing Word-Mystery