Tuesday's Healing Word Reflection

The definition of  the word Reflect is to think of something very carefully.  The definition of Reflection is a thought, idea, or opinion formed or a remark made as a result of meditation  consideration of some subject matter, idea, or purpose.  I have reflected for the last few days surrounding my birthday.  What was so interesting …I realized ‘every day is a birth of a different day and I have chosen to reflect on the following’: 

Tuesday's Healing Word Reflection

What is the good of experience if you do not reflect?

~ Frederick the Great

Tuesday's Healing Word Reflection

“Reflect upon your present blessings –of which every man has many –not on your past misfortunes,

of which all men have some.”~ Charles Dickens

Tuesday's Healing Word Reflecrtion

The decisions you make are a choice of values that reflect your life in every way.  ~ Alice Waters

Tuesday's Heailng Word Reflection

Reflexology for Adrenal Glands

The Adrenal Glands sits like a tiny pyramid on top of a kidney and are about the size of walnut.  These powerful little hormone producing glands manufacture and secrete almost 50 different hormones.    They are what helps keep your body’s reactions to stress in balance.

Reflexology for Adrenal GlandsLocation:  The reflexology point for the adrenals is a small circle located above the Kidney point. You have one on the sole of each foot, at the center of the arch (see illustration).

Conditions Aided by Massaging This Point:  Adrenal function, stress, anxiety, anger, & vitality.

Treatment:  Begin by kneading the center of the arch with the heel of your hand.  Then make a fist and roll the knuckles from the arch toward the heel, gradually increasing the amount of pressure.  Press one knuckle into the Adrenal Point, massaging in a circular motion.  Finish by holding your thumb firmly on this spot for about 30 seconds.  Repeat reflexology treatment on the other foot.

Beneficial Essential Oils:  To enhance results, you can use massage oil or lotion that contains essential oil of lavender, orange or rose 100% therapeutic essential oil to reduce stress.

Tuesday's Healing Words Nurture Talents

Definition of talent - natural aptitude or skill. 

Tuesday's Healing Words Nurtur Talent

Excerpts from the book, Touchstones:

~author Charlene Costanzo

“The gift of talent includes many special abilities…

We discover them as we grow and develop. 

A tree is an apt symbol of talent. 

The trunk represents the overall gift of talent. 

The branches represent our many growing special abilities. 

A tree in bloom symbolizes that our special abilities are being used.”Tuesday's Healing Words Nurture Talent

 “Hide not your talents, they for use were made,

               What’s a sun-dial in the shade?”

                          ~ Benjamin Franklin

       ”True happiness involves the full use of

                       one’s  power and talents.”

                              ~John W. Gardner

Tuesday's Healing Words Nurture Talent

Balancing Chakras with Essential Oils

January 19th, 2015 | Posted by Velda in CHAKRAS | OILS

 Refer to this chart when considering essential oils for balancing your Chakras and their Rights.

Balancing Chakras With Essential Oils

When purchasing essential oils for healing energies, I always recommend using 100% therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils.  Check with the manufacturer on the proper guidelines to follow for each essential oil.  FYI, the bottom of your feet is one of the safest locations to apply essential oils topically if worried about sensitive skin.

Fairy Dusting The Immune System

January 13th, 2015 | Posted by Velda in ENERGY HEALING

Fairy Dusting The Immune System

Today is all about going to the most imaginative place you can.  It might be a great time to let your inner child out to play with this experience.  I got excited when reading Barbara Hoberman Levine’s, Self-Help Experience #45, in her book, Your Body Believes Every Word You Say. 

This exercise encourages the readers to send symbolic warrior-helper symbols to stimulate their immune system and aid the white blood cells in ridding the body of any intruding organisms.  She suggests our immune-enhancing agents might be warfare weapons like tanks, lasers or Pacmen.  I preferred her second suggestion of selecting weapons of love, such as a laser beam of golden light.   Below are the simple instructions for Self-Help #47.  Feel free to use my immune strengthening healing symbols, the White Cell Fairies.

Fairy Dusting The Immune System1.  Relax into the helpful alpha state—awake though relaxed. Practice this with eyes closed, seated or lying down.  When you get good at this you most likely will be able to do it with your eyes open.

2.  Choose your helper symbols and imagine them traveling throughout your entire body.  Imagine them removing any unwanted organism.

3.  When you are finished, thank your helpers for the work they did.  Tell yourself, “This process strengthened my immune system.”

“There is no journey to healing.  Healing is the journey.”~ Greg Anderson

Healing Properties of Red Garnets

January 10th, 2015 | Posted by Velda in CHAKRAS | GEMSTONES

Healing Properties of Red Garnets

The red varieties of Garnets are the most useful in crystal healing work.   Red Garnet is known as one of the Root (1st) Chakra stones. It is also used with the Heart Chakra and can help heal the blood, heart and lungs. Perhaps the strongest virtue of the Garnet, is its ability to help one overcome depression. It aids in letting go of useless or old ideas. Healing Properties of Red Garnets

Simon and Susan Lilly in their book, Using Crystals for Healing, share that the Red Garnet can be placed wherever a lack of energy exists. It is the finest energizing stone for the body and can help amplify and energize the properties of other stones.  As shown above, you can place a Red Garnet surrounded by 4 Clear Quartz Points facing outwards to help increase energy and distribute it.  This will also rebalance a ‘cool’ spot in the aura.  Very often this Garnet Grid needs to be in place for a short while to do its work.

Healing Properties of the Red GarnetsI want to thank a reader for requesting information on the Red Garnet.  I hope this helps.  Since this is also my birthstone, I want to include that it is also considered a stone of commitment (which represents my commitment to my blog).  Red Garnet represents love (which I feel for my family, friends, clients, readers, and teachers).  It revitalizes feelings and enhances sexuality, bringing warmth, devotion, understanding, trust, sincerity and honesty to a relationship (which is what I wish for all women on their journey of healing).

Animal Spirit Guide White Horse

The White Horse is the teacher of spiritual progress. It represents an avatar or master of knowledge and faith. They are adept in the fields of intellectualism and reason. They have command of their emotions, manifest unblemished justness. They signify the coming of spiritual lesson or teacher into your life.

Animal Spirit Guide White Horse The White Horse Totem: 

Is a symbol for developing awareness of your instincts and intuition. It is associated with elevating your mood or spiritual aspirations. This  totem represents light, sun, day, vitality, illumination, resurrection, and messenger of birth.

 If  White Horse shows up, it means:

•  You feel responsibility very heavily, and you must guard against carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

•   You’re very well protected from any negative or harsh psychic attacks.

•  You’re called to investigate other spiritual realms and dimensions through vision quest, meditation, or shamanic journeying.White Horse Animal Spirit Guide

Tuesday's Healing Word - Inner Growth

“The art of living lies less in eliminating our trouble than

in growing with them.”

~Bernard M. Baruch

Tuesday's Healing Words - Inner Growth

“Life is growth.  If we stop growing, technically and

spiritually, we are as good as dead.”

~Morihei Ueshiba

One cannot grow higher than oneself.

~Russian Proverb

Tuesday's Healin Words - Inner Growth

Music Can Help Harmonize Chakras

In the book and CD,  Ease Chronic Pain, by composer Howard Richman and Music Therapist Judy Nelson, we our introduced to the healing of sound and music.  They share that certain types of music can stimulate specific chakras due to the lyrics, style, or intent of the composer.  Below are some of the examples shown in their book.  As with all vibrational sound healing, if these suggestions don’t resonate with you, go with what does.

Music Can Help Harmonize Chakras

Winter Cellophane Color Sunbath

January 2nd, 2015 | Posted by Velda in COLORS

Winter Cellophane Color SunbathI love the color sunbath technique described in Color Energy How Color Can Transform Your Life, by Cristina Bornstein & Anthony Gill.  One can receive healing energy by sitting in front of a sunny colored glass window.

1.  We all can have the luxury, during the cold winter months, to purchase colored cellophane at our local art store and instantly create a colored glass window for an energy sunbath.  All we need to do is tape cellophane on the lower half of a window.  A 36 inch square sheet of your selected color is ideal, but a smaller size will work.

2.  This exercise requires a sunny day.  Determine what color you want to use. (Please refer below  to the Color Energy Healing Chart. It tells which colors are useful in helping heal various conditions).

 3.  Next sit in front of the window so that the sun is streaming through the cellophane onto your body.  Breathe deeply for 10 minutes or longer.

4.  This technique is used by color therapists to help heal physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual conditions.

Color Energy Healing Chart

Red – Strengthens physical energy, Helps alleviate colds, flu, and bronchitis.  Aids circulatory system.

Orange – Relieves muscle strain.  Helps gallstones, boosts immune system.  Helps detox body.

Yellow – Good for stomach, bladder, kidneys, liver, and spleen.  Also helps rheumatism.  Relieves alcohol poisoning.

Green – Influences thymus gland and immune system.  It is calming, helps anxiety, and exhaustion.  Influences heart, pulmonary, and circulatory systems.

Light Blue – Very healing for children.  Helps headaches, and inflammation.  Affects respiratory system, throat, teeth, and thyroid.

Indigo – Influences the pituitary, endocrine, and immune systems.  Affects throat, ears, and eyes.  Helps lung problems.

Violet – Affects nervous system, skeletal system, aids in building bone, and brain activity.  Helps rashes and wound healing.

Winter Cellophane Color Sunbath