2015 Celebrate Woman's Strength & Worth

celebrate you
A woman’s beauty is not only
In the glow of her skin
But the depth of her eyes
And the warmth of her heart
cdelebrate you
A woman’s strength is not only
In the bow of her back
But the magnitude of her tears
And the softness of her words
celebrate you
A woman’s wisdom is not only
In the value of her words
But the knowledge of when to hold them
And the journey she takes to learn them
celebrate you
A woman’s courage is not only
In her determination to fight
But her willingness to walk away
And confidence to say no
celebrate you
A woman’s grace is not only
In the way she dances through her day
But in the love notes she leaves
And the wonderful meals she prepares
celebrate you
A woman’s love is not only
In the kisses she gives
But in the sacrifices she makes
And the moments given to you alone
celebrate you
A woman’s worth is not only
In the things she does
But who she truly is
And who she helps you become
celebrate you
Celebrate Women

 ”A strong woman knows she has strength for the journey,

but a woman of strength

knows it is in the journey where she will become strong.”

2015 Celebrate Your Strength


celebrate you