Que Sera-Immune Stimulator Grid

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Que Sera Immune-Stimulator Grid

This Brazilian Crystal is not named after the song, Que Sera, sang by Doris Day.  However, Que Sera does mean ‘what will be‘.  Judy Hall in her book, Life-Changing Crystals, reports this amazing healing stone is a combination of minerals with extremely high and earthy vibrations.   She writes Que Sera does it all;  it soothes, energizes, rebalances,  and restores.  It works on every cell in the body.

Que Sera Immune Stimulator Grid

 Que Sera Immune-Stimulator Grid

This grid (see illustration above) stimulates the lymphatic system to drain toxins out of the body.  If your immune system is overactive, it sedates; if it is underactive, it stimulates.  Follow directions below:

1.  First, hold the Que Sera Stone in your hand and connect to its power, feeling it radiating throughout your body.

2.  Next, to stimulate the immune system, lie down and place a Que Sera over your thymus gland (about a four inches down from your throat).

3.  Place a Clear Quartz (point downward) in the center of your forehead, and a Smoky Quartz (point down) at your feet.

4.  Place your hands in the groin crease, one on each side, and lie still for ten minutes.

BONUS —Rebalance Chakras with Que Sera

1. To rebalance the chakras it is great to have seven Que Sera stones one for each chakra.  Place a Que Sera on each chakra in turn for a minute or two, starting at the feet.

2.  You also can rebalance the chakras by using only one Que Sera stone also starting at the feet.  However, cleanse your stone between each chakra.

Emotional Ear Reflexology

The ears contain physical and emotional reflexology areas and points corresponding to major body parts and areas. Today lets concentrate on the emotional reflexology points. Rubbing your ears sends happy feelings into your body by triggering the release of brain endorphins.  The simple act of touch alone is very healing.  It boosts the immune cells in your body, reduces feelings of stress or anxiety and helps you relax.

Emotional Ear Reflexology for Stress & MoreSit somewhere quiet and comfortable. Keep your back straight. Start by following Step 1 & 2 described in the illustration above.

Step 3 use your thumb and index fingers to gently massage your ear lobes in small circles.   Your ear lobes are energetically linked to your brain.  When the right ear lobe is massaged it allows the left brain and pituitary gland to become stimulated.  When the left ear lobe is massaged it allows the right brain and pineal gland to become stimulated, giving you a whole brain experience.

This Emotional Ear Reflexology can be done for 1-2 minutes, 2-3 times a day.

Ear Emotional Reflexology for Stress & More

 Tuesday's Healing Word Simplify

Since simple things have less parts or complexity, when you simplify, you’re eliminating the clutter and reducing something to its essence.  What does it mean to simplify your life?  Welcome to the path and journey which is filled with order, harmony, joy, understanding, calm, peacefulness, fun, and a beautiful life.  Enjoy the following amazing quotes on simple, simplify, and simplicity:

Tuesday's Healing Word Simplify

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”Tuesday's Healing Word Simplify

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci

“Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.”
~ Henry David Thoreau, Walden and Other Writings

“There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth.”
~ Leo Tolstoy

“The greatest step towards a life of simplicity is to learn to let go.”
~ Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free


Tuesday's Healing Word Simplify

 “The Simplification of life is one of the steps to INNER PEACE.”~ Peace Pilgrim

Shower Yourself with Appreciation Stars

The author of The Mindful Woman, Sue Patton Thoele, gives us gentle practices for restoring calm, finding balance and opening our hearts.  She brings the child out in us with the practice of appreciating what we do and say, or refrain from doing or saying with the reward of a GOLD STAR.  Lets say your dealing with some depression or grief, you may GOLD STAR yourself for getting out of bed that day, or the boss or the kids or the husband is driving you crazy, you deserve at least one GOLD STAR for not raising your voice. GO FOR THE GOLD!   

Showering Yourself With Appreciation Stars

Shower Yourself With Appreciation Stars Buy yourself GOLD STAR stickers—the bigger, the better.

Have fun appreciating yourself and do so with over-the-top generosity.

Shower Yourself With Appreciation Stars

Each day, give yourself one or more GOLD STARS for:

something you said

Shower Yourself With Appreciation Stars

…something you did

…something you wisely left unsaid or undone.

Shower Yourself With Appreciation Stars

Shower Yourself With Appreciation Stars Give at least one other person a verbal (or actual) GOLD STAR.

You teach others to appreciate you by first appreciating yourself.  This is a mindfulness affirmation for self-care.

 Nature's Healing Gift-Aura Cleansing

The aura cleansing properties of water can also be accessed by using the following…

Water Visualization Exercise:

Nature'sHealing Gift-Aura CleansingSit comfortably in a quiet place.  Close your eyes and feel your body relax. Take a few deep, slow breaths in and out, and with each out breath feel all of the muscles in your body loosen. Pay special attention to your face, neck and shoulders.

Imagine yourself sitting under a waterfall. See the glistening water gently falling over you. How cool is the water on your skin? Smell the fresh air. Hear the water falling into the pool below. Stick your tongue out and taste the freshness of the water.

Visualize the water filled with sparkling white light. See it penetrating your entire body, cleansing every cell as it washes through you.  If there is any fear, anger, hurt, pain, grief or sadness within you, see the beautiful sparkly water cleansing it out.

Continue with this process for as long as you wish, until you see yourself completely clean and sparkling, inside and out. When you have finished, bring yourself back into the moment by taking a few deep breaths and wiggling your fingers and toes.

Make it is your intention to carry this Light with you for the rest of the day.

Nature's Healing Gift-Aura Cleanse


Crystals for Goddess Within YOU!

These four healing crystals are recommended for the Goddess Within You!

Healing Crystals for the Goddess WithinAmazonite is a Goddess Stone. It offers us a place of quiet compassion. It encourages us to release self judgment and connect to our own power with joy and confidence. It is an empowering stone and can provide inner fulfillment when we recognize the power we hold within.  Amazonite increases self-esteem, especially in women, and reduces tendencies to self-neglect. It also empowers one to set appropriate boundaries, inwardly in self-discipline, and with others in establishing healthy relationships.

Healing Crystals for he Goddess WithinLarimar is also known as a Goddess stone.  It augments your feminine power and your connection to Divine feminine energy.  It is a most soothing and serene stone, able to calm and relax the emotions. It can bring peace  to any situation. It supports a state of well being and reminds us that all is well. It is useful for the throat chakra, providing the power of clear communication.


Healing Crystals for the Goddess WithinLapis Lazuli is a powerful healing stone believed to impart awareness of the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the Egyptian Sky Goddess Isis.  Lapis Lazuli is a high-vibrational stone with endless potential.  As the stone of total awareness, it can help one expand their emotional and metaphysical intellect and bring clarity and strength to the mind body spirit connection.  This stone is believed to strengthen users ability to activate and open the Third Eye and Throat Chakras and has psychic abilities.

Healing Crystals for the GoddessAjoite in Quartz is a strong and deeply cherishing feminine vibration.  These crystals have a sweet and high-vibration… that simply immerses you in pure loving energy from the Goddess. This lovely stone vibrates within all of the chakras from the heart chakra up… including the thymus or higher heart chakra. The higher heart chakra is about the energy of Divine love. This stone provides the most amazing energy of love, that the Goddess could implant into a stone.


Heart Breath Practice

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Heart Breath Practice

I wanted to complete the February heart theme with the following Heart Breath Practice that is from the amazing book, Planetary Healing Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation, by Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert:

Heart Breath PracticeRelax.  Close your eyes and take a couple of deep, calming breaths.  Focus on your heart.  Look within and find the eternal flame of your being that dwells in the sanctuary of your heart center.  This flame is the  spark of your Soul that endures throughout time.

Heart Breath Practice

As you bring your heart flame into focus, access whatever inner senses are available to you—sight, hearing, feeling, knowing, imagination…then activate feelings of love in your heart and use those feelings to feed your heart flame.  Love is the fuel.

HEart Breath Practice

Feel love in your heart. It brightens, it intensifies, it spreads warmth and light throughout your being.  Breathe as though you are drawing vitality from the heart of the Earth.  Breathe in energy from all the elements, minerals and plants.  Hold your breath for a moment while the intelligence of Earth mingles with the love that you continue to pour on your heart flame.

Heart Breath PracticeAs you exhale, the charged energy radiates out from the heart center, igniting every cell with life-force energy and love.  Take several deep Earth Breaths—simultaneously extend your consciousness upward toward the heart of the cosmos.  You are inhaling power from the Earth and drawing vitality from all the heavenly bodies and the intelligence that permeates the universe.

Heart Breath PracticeHold your breath for a moment as these energies combine with love.  With each out-breath, experience the growing life-force energy, intelligence, love, and radiance that extend throughout your body and beyond.  When you feel in that perfect place of equilibrium between Earth and Sky, you can meditate quietly within this glow until you are ready to open your eyes…

Heart Breath Practice

Animal Spirit Guide-Camel

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Animal Spirit Guite - Camel


Dromedary is the name for one-hump camels. This type of camel is common to Africa and the Middle East.  Bactrian camels are native to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, and aside from the obvious difference of the number of humps, are much more mild-mannered than their hot-tempered dromedary kin.  

Today I was drawn to the Camel Animal Spirit and wanted to share from, Animal Spirit Guides, by Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D. the following:

If CAMEL shows up, it means: 1. It’s time to trust your own intuition for guidance. 2. You have more energy and durability for the task ahead than you think you do.  3. The road ahead may be difficult because you won’t have support from everyone.  However, you must take it with complete trust that you have everything you need within you to succeed with your endeavors.

Call on CAMEL when: 1. When you need to replenish your energy and nourish yourself.  2.  You are about to embark on a new adventure, a literal or metaphorical journey that will take you into unknown territory where you want to feel stability in spite of the shifting sands around you.

If CAMEL is your POWER ANIMAL: 1.  You’re remarkably adaptable, with considerable inner strength.  2.  Although you can be unpredictable, you’re generally very patient and kind.  3.  You remain consistently positive amidst challenging times or experiences.

Animal Spirit Guide - Camel


Tuesday's Healing Word - Love“What is love to you? 

Simply – love’s a mystery,

unable to be defined,

only to be experienced”.

~ unknown author

Tuesday's Healing Word Love

What do you LOVE?



Tuesday's Healing Word - Love

 Who do you love unconditionally?




Tuesday's Healin Word - Love

Are you doing what you love?

Tuesday's Healing Word Love

This is the perfect week to send healing love out to all!

Tuesday's Healing Word Love

Activating Manifestation Chakras

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Activating Your Manifestation Chakras

Judy Hall discusses the manifestation chakras in her book, Life-Changing Crystals. These chakras are located in the center of the palms of our hands.   Fully functioning manifestation chakras help us receive energy from the universe or crystals.  Activating these chakras assists the manifestation process and enhances our ability to project energy out or to receive energy in.  Here is the author’s exercise for opening the hand chakras:

How to Open the Manifestation Chakras

Activating Manifestation Chakras1.  State your intention of opening the two manifestation chakras in your palms.  Rapidly open and close your fingers five or six times.

2.  Concentrate your attention into the center of the right palm and then into the center of the left palm.  (If you are left-handed, reverse this process and start with the left hand).  Picture the chakras opening up like petals.  The centers of your palms will become warm and energized.

3.  Bring your hands together forming a circle with the fingers almost touching.  Soon you will feel the energy of the two chakras meeting.  Imagine you have created an energy ball between palms of  your hands.  Play with this energy as if your hands were an accordion moving slowly away from each other then closer together.Activating Manifestation Chakras

4. You have now opened your manifestation chakras.   Place a crystal point on your hand (see top illustration).  Feel the energies radiating into your palm.  Turn point toward your arm and then toward your fingers.  Sense the direction of the flow of energy.  Crystal points channel energy in the direction that they face.  Rounded crystals radiate energy equally in all directions.