Zincite Healing Crystals

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Zincite Healing Crystals

Zincite increases life force, courage, passion, creativity, will and personal power. It has an unusual and very potent energy.  Most will feel this energy and make contact with it very quickly, when holding it in their hand.  It is a powerful stone to assist you, if used for small periods of time, on a regular basis and this applies to all colors of this crystal.

Zincite contains zinc, which is essential for cellular metabolism, teeth, bones, skin, and hair.  It balances the thymus gland, immune system, and energy meridians of the body.  It also helps detoxify and synthesize body, psyche, and soul.  The availability for this crystal is sometimes difficult to find but is definitely a stone to add to your healing collection of resources.

Red/Orange Zincite stimulates and energizes the Root and Sacral Chakra as illustrated below:

Zincite Healing Cristals

Zincite Healing CrystalsLight Green Zincite will energise the Brow Chakra and Crown Chakra to open you to high frequency energy, which it then brings back down to the lower chakras.

Zincite Healing Crystals

Yellow Zincite will gently help relieve difficult menopause symptoms, and may help adjust to life changes which occur.  Remember when using Zincite as a helping healer, it can be a small stone.


The Great Goddess Meditation

January 25th, 2016 | Posted by Velda in GODDESS WISDOM

Great Goddess of Willendorf

The Great Goddess of Willendorf, Austria, is among the oldest artwork we have from the Paleolithic Period dating sometime between 28,000 and 25,000 BCE.  Author Hallie Iglehart Austen in her book, The Heart Of The Goddess, describes this figure as the all-encompassing Great Goddess.  The author writes this statue is a woman’s faceless, egoless primal Self, peaceful in her body and her miraculous power as Woman and as Earth – to create (MOTHER OF US ALL).   Over 90 present of human statues found from 30,000 to 5,000 BCE were females much like The Great Goddess of Willendorf shown above.

Great Goddess Meditation

The following is a condensed version of author, Hallie Iglehart Austen’s, suggested practices and meditation on becoming familiar with the Goddess:

1.  Set up a sacred place for Goddess Meditation.  Visualize actually being in the presence of this Great Goddess.

2.  If you don’t have a small Goddess figurine, imagine the small round shape fitting easily into the palm of your hand.  It is a reminder of our source of the Sacred Feminine.

3.  Visualize being in the presence of this Great Goddess.  She is Earth.  Her body reflects mountains, valleys, fields and rivers.  She reflects you as a woman, your body.  She is you.  Your are her.   Interact with her through words and/or actions by repeating the following:

4.  O Great Mother, mother of us all, oldest of the old, come to me through the labyrinth of time to help me remember the wisdom of my forebears, the eternal life-giving power of a woman.

5.  It is important to remember mothering is a powerful image for all acts of creativity and nurturing.  The Great Goddess is available to us, she is one with us.  We just need to believe.

6.  To continue this meditation exercise you might want to create your own Great Goddess.  Have fun!

Great Goddess Meditation





Rain Walk Awareness Meditation

Walking can be another wonderful opportunity to be in awareness. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I accept and love the rain (maybe not everyday).  This morning, as I headed out for my early walk, the weather became a downpour.  This was not going to stop me.  I grabbed  my newest weather arsenal, a very large umbrella and my adventure started.  It quickly became one of my favorite walking meditations, which included peace, sound, splashing, and rescuing.

Here is a brief description of my experience:

1.  I was walking in a manicured park with beautiful  old growth fir trees.  The heavy rain kept everyone else away.  It was very peaceful.

2.  I took a deep breath of the pure, clean air, and held it in my lungs for a moment.  With the exhale, I started to release any stress, physical pain, or concerns I brought with me.

3.  There were mini-lakes forming on the path that allowed my inner child to splash through creating more puddles.

4.  I rescued large earthworms stranded on pavement, which took me back to my childhood.  I never had a problem picking up a wiggly worm and placing it on soil.

5.  Today my awareness: I was blessed walking  with nature’s life-sustaining liquid that cleanses and nurtures our wonderful planet.

Rain Walk Awareness Nedutatuib

I invite you to take a Weather Walk either in sun, rain, snow or wind.  Enjoy the beauty around you and know that during your walk the rest of the world slows down.  Nature is Healing!



Energy Healing – Creative Vision

January 17th, 2016 | Posted by Velda in ENERGY HEALING

Energy Healing - Creative Vision

Today there is nothing better than recycling a past post (November, 2012).  We are now into some gloomy days.  This is the perfect time to plan a creative play date with our inner child.  The following is my adaptation of Dr. Bernie S. Siegel’s Exercise 58 in his book, 101 Exercises for the SOUL:

Energy Healing - Creative Vision

Energy Healing: Step One – Draw Me a Tree!

First, get yourself a big box of crayons, colored pens, or paints, and a drawing tablet.

If you are concerned about your artistic ability, let your inner-child come out to play by drawing and coloring with your non-dominant hand.  There is something so wonderful about childlike art.

This is a wonderful tool for self-expression.

Draw a picture of an outdoor scene, and include a tree in your art piece.

Do not read Step Two until you have completed the drawing.Energy Healing - Creative Vision

 Healing Energy: Step Two-Interpret Drawing

1.  Now interpret your drawing.  Here are a few questions:

2.  How empty or full is the picture?

3.  What colors did you choose?  This drawing represents your life and the tree represents you.

4.  What does your drawing say about how you feel about your environment and yourself?

5.  Are you blooming?  Are you waning?

6. How important are you in the scheme of things?

Energy Healing - Creative Vision 



Turtle Animal Spirit Guide

January 12th, 2016 | Posted by Velda in ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES

Turtle Animal Spirit Guide

Turtle is a powerful old Spirit. The Turtle signifies longevity, creation, wisdom and prosperity.

Turtle Animal Spirit GuideThe American continent is referred to as “Turtle Island” in the Native American folklore. It is said that the Turtle carried the weight of the land with that continent on her back. This image is also present in Hindu and Chinese cultures, where the turtle is the animal carrying Mother Earth  and holding the world in balance.  The turtle represents the way of peace – whether it’s external or internal. It is considered the Peace-Maker in Native American traditions. This animal is also often associated with the feminine principle or feminine energy, which foster peace and harmony with all things.

(The following information is from the book, Animal Spirit Guides, by Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D.)

If TURTLE shows up, it means:

Turtle Animal Spirit Guide

•  You’ve been going much to fast for too long, slow down and pace yourself.

•  Time to be more self-reliant and less dependent on others.

•  Nurture yourself and simply observe and feel your emotions.

•  Increased sensitivity to Earth’s vibrations.

•  Very creative, fertile time-important to shield yourself from distractions.

•  Spend a few hours or longer in solitude.

Call on TURTLE when:

urtle Animal Spirit Guide 

•   Needing emotional support and protection.

  You feel overwhelmed and need to review what’s been happening.

•  You are worried about an important creative project to complete.

•  Wanting to feel more comfortable with unfamiliar situation.

•  Need help healing from physical wounds.


•  You are an old soul with a strong sense of connection to the ancient, and have a great depth of understanding and compassion for the Earth and all it’s inhabitants.

•  You have a very strong attachment to your home and always return after traveling the world.

•  You move at your own pace, typically slower than others, taking time to make decisions and being very deliberate about it.

•  When feeling threatened or fearful, you tend to back away and retreat into your shell, not being terribly concerned about what others think of this way of dealing with disturbance.

  You are incredibly compassionate and nurturing with others, willing to listen to their problem and able to do so without taking them on.

Turtle Animal Spirit Guide

Acupressure Depression Breathing Exercise

Holding the Lung 1 (Lu 1) Acupressure Points releases emotional pain, numbness, heartache, sadness, and depression by increasing the body’s ability to breathe more deeply and assimilate the vital energy you get from oxygen. If are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above or you feel stuck,  I recommend you practice the exercise listed below:

Acupressure Anti-Depression Breathing Exercise

  1. Lie down on your back or sit comfortably, with your spine straight, and feet flat on the floor.
  2. Reach up toward the sky with both hands; take a deep breath, and as you hold your breath, make tight fists and squeeze, tightening all the muscles in your arms.
  3. Slowly exhale, tensing your arms, bringing your fists down, to your chest.  Repeat steps 2 and 3 several times.
  4. Now cross your arms in front of your chest, with your fingers touching Acupressure Points Lu 1 (shown above),  Massage the tender area.
  5. Lower your chin toward your chest.
  6. Inhale four short breaths in a row (without exhaling) through your nose, filling your lungs completely on the fourth breath. Hold the breath for a few seconds with the chest full and expanded.
  7. Exhale slowly through your mouth.
  8. Repeat this exercise for two or three minutes, concentrating on the depth and rhythm of the breath.

Use this Acupressure Anti-Depression Breathing Exercise as often as needed.

Waning Half-Moon's Healing Gift

Sometimes restless nights can bring magic.  The last couple of nights, I have gotten up after midnight to see a beautiful Half-Moon.  Fortunately I was able to stretch out on the sofa and gaze at it’s magnificence and begin to feel this calming energy penetrate my whole being. From January 1 until the New Moon on January 9, we can work with the Waning Moon energy to banish  unwanted situations, harmful relationships, associations, or break bad habits.  This is a good time to replace negative with positive and balance the energies within our body.  We can start with self-analysis, rest, meditation, and getting prepared for the energies of the New Moon.  It is also significant to know that the Waning Moon phase brings a conscious process of creative release.

Nature's Energy Gift, Waning Half-Moon

This is a wonderful time to include help from any crystals such as Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Ruby in Fuchsite, Pink Kunzite and/or Danburite.  These Crystals carry an energy of unconditional love.  They are a reminder that we need to care and love ourselves first so we are then healthy and whole in our relationships and in service to others.

Waning Half-Moon's Heailng Gift

The Waning Moon is a beautiful reminder to Rest, Recoup, Recharge!



New Beginnings

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New Beginnings

~ Gertrude B. McClain

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

New BeginningsHappy New Year