7 Rights = 7 Chakra Affirmations

November 10th, 2012 | Posted by Velda in CHAKRAS

ChakrawomaninflowercenterToday I want to briefly go over the seven rights of the seven major chakras.  First (Root) chakra is the right to be here and the right to have.  Second (Sacral) chakra is the right to feel and the right to want. Third (Solar-plexus) chakra is the right to act and the right to be free. Fourth (Heart) chakra is the right to love and be loved.  Fifth (Throat) chakra is the right to speak and hear truth.  Sixth (Brow) chakra is the right to see. Seventh (Crown) chakra is the right to know.

This is a powerful chakra affirmation:

I HAVE,    I FEEL,    I CAN,    I LOVE,    I SPEAK,    I SEE,    I KNOW

Repeat it as often as you feel it is needed.



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