Amber For Our Power Center (Solar Plexus)

December 26th, 2012 | Posted by Velda in GEMSTONES


Our Power Center (EEC Diagram) is located in the Solar Plexus chakra region of our body.  This can also be referred to as the Fear Center.  This center can struggle between feeling very powerful and self-assured to feeling fear and hesitant about self-worth.   If you find yourself in one of those hesitant times, focus on making empowered choices.  One of the more simple choices would be to find some yellow gemstones that resonate with you.  By wearing these powerful gems, or having them in the room with you, at your desk, holding while relaxing, or placing on your solar plexus while meditating, are all ways to increase the positive flow of energy.

Amber is listed as one of the strongest stones for the Power Center;  even though Amber is listed and sold as a gemstone it is actually fossilized resin.   Amber’s healing properties are: powerful sense of health and healing, balancing the emotions, clearing the mind, releasing negative energy, and easing stress by clearing phobias and fears.  All of the following yellow stones can be used with the Power Center of the Body:  citrine, topaz, apatite, yellow calcite, rutilated quartz, tiger’s eye and any other yellow or yellow-green stones that are attracting you!



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