Animal Spirit Guide -Yellow Canary

April 14th, 2015 | Posted by Velda in AFFIRMATIONS | ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES

 Animal Spirit Guide Yellow Canary

Wild Canary is found only in yellow. The Yellow Canary is interpreted as happiness and joy.   It gives you patience to enlighten yourself as well as others. This animal totem provides you with the power to control your voice, feelings and emotions. It guides you to the manifestation of healing yourself, in order to breath the fresh air to have a new start  in life freely, without any hindrance.

Animal Spirit Guide Yellow Canary

The Canary shows as a Spirit Guide when…

We need to add energy to our life.

We want to sing the happy tune of life.

We need to realize the power of speaking.

Our freedom is being suppressed.

We are impatient. 



Animal Spirit Guide Yellow Canary

Call on Canary as a Spirit Guide when…

We are losing the excitement in life.

We want a balance with nature.

We are not very vocal about our true feelings.

We are  manipulated on what to do.

We have been waiting for something for so long.



Animal Spirit Guide Yellow Canary

When Canary shows as Spirit Guide in dream…

Caged, it represents signs of sorrow, unhappiness, or. entrapment.

Flying, it shows connection to freedom.

Receiving a Canary as a gift,  indicates a welcomed inheritance.

Canary eggs, is an indication of a new life and new hopes.


 Animal Spirit Guide Yellow Canary

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