Asthma Relief With Foot Reflexology

March 19th, 2014 | Posted by Velda in ACUPRES.,MERIDIANS, REFLEX. | ENERGY HEALING

Asthma Relief with Foot Reflexology

I thought my inquiry from a snowbird client wanting some healing techniques for asthma would be an excellent choice for today’s blog.  The following treatment I am recommending can be found in Ann Gillander’s book The Joy Of Reflexology:

1. First step works on the ball of both feet including the area from the second to the pinky toes.  Support the right foot with your left hand, and with the right thumb work up the ball area starting at the diaphragm line to where the toes join the foot. (See picture above).  Remember to use the pad of the thumb, select a comfortable pressure, and the movement is always like a forward thumb walk never circular or sliding.  Repeat on the bottom of the left foot.

Asthma Relief with Foot Reflexology

2.  Second step on the right foot (dorsal or top side), make a fist with the hand supporting and press into the bottom of the foot.  Using the index finger of the other hand work down the grooves in the foot starting from the toes (see example above).  Finish on the left foot.  The author writes that this treatment helps relieve the anxiety and strain associated with asthma.  Also it is great to know that children seem to respond especially well to this reflexology treatment.

HINT:  You can enhance this treatment by using a lotion that contains essential oil of mint, eucalyptus, or camphor to relieve congestion.


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