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Mindfulness at Work - HAND ON HEART

There is a magazine called Mindful,  with a special edition called Your Guide To Difficult Emotions.  There are suggestions on how to navigate anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, shame, and build resilience in this unique issue.   It will be on display until July 8, 2019.  If you are interested, I recommend picking up this magazine.

The following HAND ON HEART exercise is featured in the Resilience Chapter:

Mindfulness at Work -HAND ON HEART

This practice can help you respond skillfully to distressing events.  You will be able to do it quickly, many times a day if need be, to bring a calming awareness to your experiences.   This is a simple practice to teach a child.

Simply stop, pause, and …

Mindfulness at Work - HAND ON HEART

1.  Place your hand over your heart so that you feel the warm touch of your hand on your chest.

2.  Begin to breathe more slowly, more gently, more deeply, into your heart center.

3.  Recall a moment, just one moment, when you felt safe, loved, and cherished by another human being. Just remember one moment not the entire relationship.   (With practice, evoking this memory can happen instantly.)  This could be a moment with a spouse, a parent, a child.  It could be a moment with a friend, a therapist, a teacher, or even a beloved pet.

4.  As you remember, let its warmth wash through your body; savor this feeling for 30 seconds.

5.  When you are ready, reflect on any shift you felt in your body from this practice. A shift happens when we intentionally choose to focus our awareness on the experience of compassion, gratitude, warmth, and other feelings that put us in touch with our natural resilience.

Join me in making May HANDS ON HEART Month!

Mindfulness at Work - HAND ON HEART 

Practice ‘Centering’ In Nature

April 1st, 2019 | Posted by Velda in RETIRED FEATURE POSTS

Practice 'Centering' in Nature

I picked up a new book recently that will be shared often because it covers the importance of mantras, meditation and the powerful healing of stones.  The book is Remedies for Mind, Heart and Soul - Crystals for Healing, by Karen Frazier.  Her chapter four includes 192 Crystal Remedies for Mind, Heart, & Soul.  Hopefully after reading this practice, you will treat yourself to many April walks in nature and find a serene spot for Centering.  The author writes “Centering is the process of calming your mind, body, and spirit and moving into your peaceful center.  When you are centered,  you are in a calm and relaxed state, but you are also alert.   From this state, it is easier to understand the flow of energy and information around you, and it is easier to tune in to your creativity, feelings, and intuition.”

Below are listed the author’s Remedy Steps for Centering.  I believe this can be repeated often, especially while spending serene time in nature as part of an ongoing healing process.

Practice 'Centering' in Nature


Sit comfortably with your eyes closed.  Notice your breathing.  As you begin to relax, repeat the mantra above several times until you feel relaxed, maintaining focus on your center, the area between your solar plexus and sacral chakras (Naval).  Also at the same time connect to the earth.  Visualize yourself sending roots from your core and extending into the Earth, wrapping these roots around the Earth’s core.  Continue this meditation for at least 10 minutes.

Practice 'Centering' in Nature

Blue Lace Agate is a calming stone that can also help you center yourself.  Hold the stone in one hand and, with your eyes closed, breathe deeply, allowing calm to wash over you.  You can remain in any position, even standing, to center yourself this way.  If you tend to be off center a lot, it may be helpful to carry a piece of Blue Lace with you to hold whenever you need to find your center.

Practice 'Centering' in Nature

Center yourself at the start of the day with a brief Clear Quartz meditation.  Sit comfortable, holding a piece of Clear Quartz in your receiving  (non-dominant) hand.  Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths, focusing your attention on your core and feeling the energy from the clear quartz flowing toward your center.

Practice 'Centering' in Nature

Finding Your Inner Goddess

March 1st, 2019 | Posted by Velda in RETIRED FEATURE POSTS

Finding Your Inner Goddess

How many of us even think about having an Inner Goddess?   Well every one does!   What I am sharing with you this month is a condensed version on How to Find Your Inner Goddess (wikiHow).  March is the month to honor your sacred feminine. The following Method 1 & Method 2 listed below can guide your way to beauty, happiness and naturally letting yourself glow not only on the outside, but also from within.

SQUARE 4-2-3

Finding Your Inner Goddess
1.   Draw people’s attention to your best features.  This confidence is the first step to revealing your Inner Goddess.
2.  Smile often. Everybody loves a beautiful smile.  Smiling gives you an aura of grace and happiness, which can inspire others. By the time you can feel this aura, you have successfully revealed your Inner Goddess.
3.  Keep your life balanced. A stressed woman is like the opposite of a graceful goddess.  Give yourself little breaks and keep it organized so that you don’t have to do everything last minute.  Balancing your life can really bring out your Inner Goddess and keep you healthy and glowing.
4.  Be happy. There is no way you can even feel a glimpse of your Inner Goddess if you don’t find out what makes you happy. Keeping your spirits up and feeling some sort of happiness on a daily basis is crucial,  if you live in a busy place, have a crazy schedule or are loaded up with work and/or studies.

SQUARE 4-3-4

Finding Your Inner Goddess
1.  Try the Wu-Wei approach to locating your Inner Goddess. The expression ‘Wu-Wei’ comes from the Taoist beliefs and means “doing by non-doing”.  The most important mistake you can make is to look for your goddess in the eyes of other people. It is not important that other people see you as a goddess, what counts is that you feel your own divine quality.
2.  Stop looking outside. Cease to define yourself through the eyes of others. Look into yourself. Get to know every detail of your body not by looking into the mirror, but by feeling it from the inside.

3.  Trust your impulse. Learn the difference between an impulse that comes from your divinity and a movement that comes from a desire to be a “good girl” or to get some gratification.

4.  Stop doing. Relax, trust, let go, and melt into every moment. Become more and more aware of the divinity around you.   Look for Deity Connections.   Get to know about the many forms of the Mother-Goddess. For example: Gaiya, Kybele, Kali, Lakshmi etc. Sing their songs, dance their dances, chant their mantras, and always look within. You will realize that you have been a GODDESS  all along.
Finding Your Inner Goddess

Five-Minute Daily Energy Routine

February 11th, 2019 | Posted by Velda in ENERGY HEALING

five-minute daily energy routine

Can you spare five minutes in your day to begin practicing a routine that will stimulate each of the vital energy systems of the body and bring them into harmony and balance?  Donna Eden is a well-known pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine that teaches and writes about an energy routine that will bring balance and strengthen your body and it’s simple.  Here is Donna Eden’s Five-Minute Daily Energy Routine.

 First The Three Thumps:  Boosts and restores energy, increases strength and vitality, and strengthens the immune system.

five-minute dailiy energy routine

five-minute daily energy routinefive-minute daily energy routine

Second the Cross Crawl: Balances and harmonizes energy, improves coordination, clears thinking.

five-minute daily energy routine

Third  the Wayne Cook Posture:  Takes you out of the overwhelm, focuses your mind, enhances ability to learn.

five-minute daily energy routine

Last the Crown Pull:  Relieves mental congestion and headaches, clears and refreshes the mind, sharpens memory, opens the crown chakra to higher inspiration.

five-minute daily energy routine

I was fortunate to attend a workshop with Donna and her husband several years ago.  She is truly an inspiration and proof to me how important Energy Medicine is for our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.   You can also follow Donna Eden’s Five-Minute Daily Energy Routine online.  (This post was originally published February 17, 2014.)

Tuesday's Healing Word Appreciation

Being snowbound these last two days has given me such an appreciation of the beauty of winter’s nature.  It also reminded me that it had been awhile since writing a Tuesday’s Healing Word.  Appreciation is a great healing word.  It is seeing the good in life.  It is recognizing the gifts that come our way and showing gratitude for them.

Tuesday's Healing Word Appreciation

Besides the healing we receive by practicing self-appreciation,  we express our appreciation of others. When we express appreciation to others, we mirror the virtues we see in them.  It is giving them a healing gift of love.  Love thrives on appreciation.  We don’t dwell on the unpleasant things of life.  We value the learning even in the painful times.

Tuesday's Healing Word Appreciation

I invite you to embrace the beauty and pleasures life offers, and fill your cup today!




Aura Rainbow Ritual

February 1st, 2019 | Posted by Velda in RETIRED FEATURE POSTS

Aura Rainbow Ritual

Cassandra Eason explains variety of techniques for sensing, seeing, and learning about the colored energy fields that surround people, animals, plants, crystals, and even places in her book, A Little Bit of AURAS We all have an aura, a rainbow-colored energy field, usually invisible to the physical eye.  Our aura surrounds the entire body in a three-dimensional ellipse, made up of seven different-colored bands.   This aura reveals our mood, our personality, and the status of our health.

Included in the author’s very informative book is the following Aura Rainbow Ritual to synthesize all your aura energies and fill your aura with color and light.  To Begin this exercise take seven small candles—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet—and place them in a circle in that order.

Aura Rainbow Ritual

Next sit facing the candles.

Aura Rainbow RitualLight the red candle, saying,  “Red for strength and courage and so my aura is filled with joy and harmony.”

Light the orange candle, saying, “Orange for confidence and so my aura is filled with joy and harmony.”

Light the yellow candle, saying, “Yellow for power and so my aura is filled with joy and harmony.”

Light the green candle, saying, “Green for love and so my aura is filled with joy and harmony.”

Light the blue candle, saying, “Blue for abundance and so my aura is filled with joy and harmony.”

Light the indigo candle, saying, “Indigo for wisdom and so my aura is filled with joy and harmony.”

Light the violet candle, saying, “Violet brings synthesis and so my aura is filled with joy and harmony.”

When ready, blow out candles in reverse order of lighting, saying for each, “My aura is filled with rainbow joy.”

Aura Rainbow Ritual

New Year’s Healing Poem

January 1st, 2019 | Posted by Velda in POETRY FOR WOMEN | RETIRED FEATURE POSTS


New Year’s Healing Poem for Peace and Wellness

New Year's Healing Poem

The greatest achievement is selflessness. 
The greatest worth is self-mastery. 
The greatest quality is seeking to serve others. 
The greatest precept is continual awareness. 
The greatest medicine is the emptiness of everything. 
The greatest action is not conforming with the world’s ways. 
The greatest magic is transmuting the passions. 
The greatest generosity is non-attachment. 
The greatest goodness is a peaceful mind. 
The greatest patience is humility. 
The greatest effort is not concerned with results. 
The greatest meditation is a mind that lets go. 
The greatest wisdom is seeing beyond appearances.
(Translated from the Ancient Indian Buddhist leader Atisa,
from the 11th century AD) 

Wishing Everyone Health, Peace and Love

New Year's Healing Poem


Looking at the ‘Mystic Heart’

December 1st, 2018 | Posted by Velda in FEATURE POSTS REVISITED

Looking at the ‘Mystic Heart’

December's Mystic Heart

In Angeles Arrien’s book Living in Gratitude, for December, she has us look at the ’Mystic Heart’ (the moral capacity within the heart for selfless service and compassionate action).  She recommends that we take time to reflect and give gratitude for our own Mystic Heart and how it has expressed itself this year in our work, relationships, health, well-being, and difficult circumstances.

December's Mystic Heart

The utterances of the heart-unlike those of the discriminating intellect-always relate to the whole.

In this sense, the heart shows the meaning of things in great perspective.

What the heart hears are the great things that span our lives,

the experiences which do nothing to arrange

but which simply happen to us.

~ Carl Jung

December's Mystic Heart

Studies show the more we extend gratitude, appreciation, and compassion, the healthier our heart and immune system become. I am extending all my heartfelt gratitude to all authors, healers, teachers, students, clients, and family members that have contributed to my mystic heart journey this year.

“Where have you experienced humility of heart and simplicity of spirit this year?”

December's Mystic Heart

 (This Post Originally Debuted December 1, 2013)

Number Power 11:11:11

November 11th, 2018 | Posted by Velda in NUMBER POWER

Number Power 11:11:11

Today ( November 11, 2018) is the most powerful manifesting day of the decade; the 11th day… Of the 11th month… Of an 11 Universal Year (2+0+1+8=11). The last time we experienced an Universal 11 Year was back in 2009. Before that, it was 1910! That means over 99% of the world’s population have only ever experienced one or two 11 Universal Years in their lifetimes. No wonder the entire planet is feeling the effects of this incredibly rare vibration.

In numerology, the number one indicates new beginnings but when there is a series of ones, like on November 11 (11/11) it creates a powerful energy for the day that allows us to all awaken to a new potential.  November 11 is therefore a powerful time to make changes in your life, set intentions or to dig deeper in order to uncover the truth. New awakenings, new information and new levels of enlightenment are all possible on this day due to this energy.  In order to use the energy of 11:11:11  to your advantage, you have to activate it. You have to open your heart to the energy and welcome in the vibration of new beginnings.

Number Power 11:11:11

Also Today is Veterans’ Day!

Let us join together in sending Universal appreciation and healing love

 to all the women and men that have served our country. 

We open our hearts and honor you on this Special Day and Every Day. 

Thank You!

Number Power 11:11:11


Rubellite Crystal & Archangel Chamuel

November 7th, 2018 | Posted by Velda in CHAKRAS | GEMSTONES

Rubellite Sacred Crystal & Archangel Chamuel

There is a wonderful book by Hazel Raven called Sacred Crystals.  The book describes 50 sacred crystals, their healing powers, and where to place them on the proper chakra.  The book also tells what Archangel to call on when working with each of these 50 sacred crystals.  Listed below are Sacred Rubellite’s healing properties taken from the author’s book.   You will be able to practice heart healing therapy with Rubellite and calling in help from Archangel Chamuel after reading all the information listed below.

Heart Chakra's Sacred Crystal & Archangel

Rubellite is the highly prized red form of tourmaline and has a deep resonance with the heart chakra.  Rubellite’s name is derived from the similarity of the color to that of ruby, although most Rubellite is considerably more pink than red.  The author shares that Rubellite is a powerful heart chakra stone that strengthens your wisdom, empathy, compassion, and willpower.  Your creativity is enhanced as you open yourself to the everyday beauty that surround you.  Rubellite melts the boundaries you have erected between yourself and others.

Rubellite Sacred Crystal & Archangel Chamuel

Chamuel is a powerful being of light and spiritual illumination. He can help you open your heart chakra and deepen all of your relationships. Call upon Chamuel for comfort, protection, and intervention in world events. Love, tolerance, gratitude. Call upon Chamuel if you need to find items, soulmate, etc… unconditional love and strengthens relationships.

Now you are ready for Healing Heart Therapy.  Find a quiet place to relax and place a Rubellite crystal on your Heart Chakra.   Close your eyes and take several deep cleansing breaths then call for Archangel Chamuel to also help with this heart healing & balancing practice.  Take all the time you need. You will hopefully start to believe everything seem possible.  You feel receptive and relaxed.

Rubelllite Sacred Crystals & Archangel Chamuel