Reduce Fatigue, Tension, & Stress

I am sure most of us have experienced that nagging tightness and discomfort at the top of either or both sides of our back.  These spots are near the spine and beginning of shoulder blade caused by energy blocks.  Jin Shin Jyutsu®, (The Touch of Healing, by Alice Burmeister with Tom Monte) refers to these points as SEL #11, which stands for Safety Energy Locks.  You can practice this simple exercise using Jin Shin Jyutsu®  to reduce fatigue, tension, and stress.  It is called Harmonizing The Mediator Flows.   This practice helps bring harmony and balance to your body.  Many find it calming and use it to fall asleep, while others use it to invigorate themselves upon awakening.  For optimum results, you can use this daily, whenever needed for a couple of minutes on each side.  If you spend a great deal of time at the computer, it is a No-brainer….try it!

Reduce Fatigue, Tension, & StressHarmonizing the Mediator Flows

For Left Side Energy (Refer to Illustration at top of page-Left Side of Back)

1.   Place left thumb over left ring fingernail.  Make a circle with the pad of thumb over ring fingernail.  (This helps to clear the chest).

2.   Place right hand over left shoulder which connects with SEL #11.  (This revitalizes the ascending energy.)

3.  Bring the knees together so that the inner sides touch (SEL#1).  The feet may be together or apart, whichever is comfortable. (This revitalizes the descending energy).

For Right Side Energy (Refer to Illustration at top of page-Right Side of Back)

1.   Place right thumb over right ring fingernail.  Make a circle with the pad of thumb over ring fingernail.  (This helps to clear the chest).

2.   Place left hand over right shoulder which connects with SEL #11.  (This revitalizes the ascending energy.)

3.  Bring the knees together so that the inner sides touch (SEL#1).  The feet may be together or apart, whichever is comfortable. (This revitalizes the descending energy).

 Big Toes Relieves Face Pain

Big Toes Relieves Face PainMassaging the Chinese Reflexology points for the face relieves headache or migraine pain.  This might surprise you that the top of big toes corresponds to the face, all the way from the forehead to the neck. Massaging this point is best for just below the eyes, in your cheeks, the jaw area and the front of your face.  Use your thumb to rub the top of your big toe, side to side, working your way from the base of the toenail to the base of the toe. When you get to the bottom of the toe, start again at the top. Repeat for 30 to 60 seconds.


Big Toes Relieve Migraine PainThe Chinese Reflexology point for Migraines (temporal area of your head) is located on the inside of your big toe between the big toe and second toe.  If you are experiencing headache or migraine pain on the left side of your head, rub the Chinese Reflexology point on your RIGHT foot and vice versa if it’s on the right side of your head. The reason why you rub the opposite foot is because the energy meridians cross over at the neck and thus, flow through the opposite sides of your head. If you’re feeling pain on both sides, rub the points on both of your feet.

 Big Toes Relieve Migraine Pain

You can also rub this point daily even when you don’t have pain. The consistent massage will help the Qi to flow more smoothly through your temporal area and thus, help to alleviate your symptoms over the long-term.  To massage this point, use your thumb to press and rub side to side on this area. Start at the tip of your toe and work your way down. When you get to the base of the toe, pick up your thumb, place it back at the top of the toe and repeat. Massage for 60 seconds to help smooth the flow of Qi.

Warning: Hand Reflexology should not be used for Headache and Migraine on a Pregnant Woman.

Benefits of Daily Scalp Massage

First off I want to shout a warm hello and thanks to a reader in South Dakota for extending her appreciation of bwb and asking some great questions that are responsible for today’s blog.   She has been giving herself scalp massages, where she probably benefits from acupressure, reflexology, and shiatsu points that release pain and emotional blockages from other parts of the body.

The following simple scalp massage treatments are in response to the above mentioned e-mail (thanks again South Dakota):

Benefits of Daily Scalp MassageMassaging the Paihui point (GV20): The Paihui is the most sensitive and essential area in your scalp. A short 5 minute massage of this area everyday will help in the growth of hair. Place all your fingers of the right hand on the Paihui. Gently push your fingers in the vertical direction (from your forehead to the back of your scalp) massage should be soft and soothing. You will see results in a short time.Benefits of Daily Scalp Massage


Scalp Massage Can Lower Stress Levels Responsible for Hair Loss:

Benefits of Daily Scalp MassageStress is a well-known cause for temporary hair loss. Scalp massage can help combat the hair loss by reducing the physical effects of stress on the body. It does so by:

Benefits of Daily Scalp Massage

Promoting feelings of deep relaxation in the body.

Relieving muscle tension.

Improving lymphatic drainage.

Improving venous circulation.

Stimulating nerve pathways.

Stimulating the release of the body’s natural feel-good hormones – Benefits of Daily Scalp Massageendorphins.

When massaging the scalp and you feel bumps that are sore, these are probably calcium deposits (salts that harden under the skin).   You can massage these areas gently.  They generally  are not harmful, but can be painful.  I recommend you check out the different natural remedies that can be used to help treat this condition.




Tracing Triple Warmer Is CalmingIn Donna Eden’s book, Energy Medicine, she teaches her method of sedating the Triple Warmer by running the meridian energy backwards.  This helps relax and reduce stress.  To sedate the Triple Warmer follow the illustration:

1.  Use fingers of your opposite hand to touch the outside edge of your eyebrow (furthest from your nose); trace with your fingers back over and around the ear; down the back of your neck, across the back of your shoulder; down the outside of your arm to the back of your hand; and finish by touching the fourth ‘ring’ finger at the base of the nail.

2. Repeat at least three times on each side of your body.  Continue tracing the Triple Warmer backwards as needed to help you relax and relieve stress.



 Sinus Relief From Essential OIls & More

Rub Thieves and Peppermint 100% therapeutic grade essential oil on the sinus pressure points located on the tips of the toes.  This can be done once or twice a day.  Then to bring additional sinus relief, squeeze the toe tips one by one.  These reflexology points, when pressed, help the sinuses to drain also over time can aid in the prevention of sinus infection.  This is a simple exercise that can be done while watching your favorite TV series.

Additional Sinus Relief-Toe Nail Pressure Points:

Sinus Relief-Essential Oils & More

The red points illustrated above on the toe nails act as pressure points.  These will improve circulation in the sinus regions and help to unclog and drain sinuses.  Gently applied pressure to these points on both feet will do the trick. 

Sinus Relief-Essential Oils & More



Emotional Ear Reflexology

The ears contain physical and emotional reflexology areas and points corresponding to major body parts and areas. Today lets concentrate on the emotional reflexology points. Rubbing your ears sends happy feelings into your body by triggering the release of brain endorphins.  The simple act of touch alone is very healing.  It boosts the immune cells in your body, reduces feelings of stress or anxiety and helps you relax.

Emotional Ear Reflexology for Stress & MoreSit somewhere quiet and comfortable. Keep your back straight. Start by following Step 1 & 2 described in the illustration above.

Step 3 use your thumb and index fingers to gently massage your ear lobes in small circles.   Your ear lobes are energetically linked to your brain.  When the right ear lobe is massaged it allows the left brain and pituitary gland to become stimulated.  When the left ear lobe is massaged it allows the right brain and pineal gland to become stimulated, giving you a whole brain experience.

This Emotional Ear Reflexology can be done for 1-2 minutes, 2-3 times a day.

Ear Emotional Reflexology for Stress & More

Reflexology for Adrenal Glands

The Adrenal Glands sits like a tiny pyramid on top of a kidney and are about the size of walnut.  These powerful little hormone producing glands manufacture and secrete almost 50 different hormones.    They are what helps keep your body’s reactions to stress in balance.

Reflexology for Adrenal GlandsLocation:  The reflexology point for the adrenals is a small circle located above the Kidney point. You have one on the sole of each foot, at the center of the arch (see illustration).

Conditions Aided by Massaging This Point:  Adrenal function, stress, anxiety, anger, & vitality.

Treatment:  Begin by kneading the center of the arch with the heel of your hand.  Then make a fist and roll the knuckles from the arch toward the heel, gradually increasing the amount of pressure.  Press one knuckle into the Adrenal Point, massaging in a circular motion.  Finish by holding your thumb firmly on this spot for about 30 seconds.  Repeat reflexology treatment on the other foot.

Beneficial Essential Oils:  To enhance results, you can use massage oil or lotion that contains essential oil of lavender, orange or rose 100% therapeutic essential oil to reduce stress.


Acupressure Points for Arthritis

Use the following sequence of acupoints daily to reduce joint inflammation and increase mobility:

1. Hold the point LI 4 on your right hand. LI 4 is located in the webbing between the thumb and index finger. Move your finger up the webbing (towards the wrist) to the area where the bones meet, then press towards the index finger bone. Hold for several minutes, then hold the same point on the left hand.

Acupressure Points For Arthritis

2. Hold the point TW 5 on the center of the back of your right wrist. The point is located two and a half fingers up from the wrist crease (under the third finger). Hold for one minute, then hold the same point on the left wrist.

Acupressure Points for Arthritis

3. Hold the point LI 11 at the right elbow crease. The point is at the end of the elbow crease on the thumb side (hold your palm up). Hold for one minute, then hold the same point on the left arm.

Arthritis Relief Sequence

4. Use your thumbs to hold the hollows at the base of the outer skull (GB 20). Hold until you feel a pulse at this point or for at least one minute.

Acupressure Points For Arthritis

I hope this will become part of your self-care practice for reducing  Arthritic Pain.

Color Acupressure & EO for BroncitisFollowing yesterday’s color acupressure technique for asthma, lets continue today  working on bronchitis and chest colds with color acupressure.  This technique and many others can be found in Lilian Verner-Bonds Book, The Complete Book of Color Healing. 

Here are the directions (same as the Asthma Technique)

1.  Locate color pressure point on hands and start gentle pressure.  It doesn’t make any difference which hand is treated first.

2.  Close your eyes and visualize you are running Indigo color into the pressure point.

3.  Repeat the color counseling affirmation (at the bottom of illustration).

4.  Continue treatment for five minutes at a time.  More serious conditions may require attention three times a day until relief is attained.

Color Acupressure & EO for Bronchitis


Eucalyptus Globulus

Following are the benefits for including Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil to your color acupressure technique for bronchitis.

Medical Properties:  Expectorant, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral.

Uses:  Respiratory/sinus infections and decongestant.

Fragrant Influence:  It promotes health, well-being, purification, and healing.

Application:  Directly inhale or diffuse.

It is important to always use 100% therapeutic-grade essential oil.


Color Acupressure for AsthmaI wanted to review in the next few days some of the Color Acupressure techniques shown in Lilian Verner-Bonds book, The Complete Book of Color Healing, because it is asthma and cold season.

Color Acupressure Directions:

1.  Locate the  hands color pressure points as shown on the illustration.  Take the left hand and start a gentle pressure on the right hand.

2.  Close your eyes and visualize running the healing color orange in each of the three acupressure points on both hands.

3.  Repeat the color counseling affirmation.  Continue treatment for five minutes at a time.  It may be that only one application is required.  More serious conditions may require attention three times a day until relief is attained.

Tomorrow we will look at Bronchitis Color Acupressure Healing