spleen10circulation&moreAre you someone who spends long periods of time working at a desk, or someone not aware of the time spent working on projects, or someone who sometimes just likes taking well earned couch potato time.  If you are not getting up and moving around, this could create a circulation problem in the legs.  Please consider taking a few minutes every 20 minutes or so to massage Spleen 10 acupoint.  The location is on the inside of the leg just above the knee.  It is best to find Spleen 10 in a sitting position.  Rest hands on both legs at top of knee then move up approximately two inches where you feel the muscle with the thumb on the inside of the leg (see picture).  You can begin to massage with your thumbs Spleen 10 on both legs at the same time.

 Benefits:Spleen 10 circulation and more

Improves circulation in the legs

Promotes blood production

Relieves skin irrations

Relieves menstrual pain

Improves blood circulation

meridian heart point 7

Here are some of the benefits when applying pressure to acupoint Heart 7 also referred to as “Spirit Gate”.  It calms the heart and mind, helps with insomnia.  If you are one that wakes often during the night, try rubbing with light pressure Heart 7.  This acupoint also is used for anxiety, fear and nausea.  The location is on the outside edge of the wrist crease closest to the palm.  It is in the hollow area in line with the little finger (see red dot on photo).  It is best to turn the palm upwards and support the wrist in the fingers of the opposite hand.  Locate Heart 7 with the thumb and apply pressure.  Can also do circular  motion with thumb.  Remember to repeat acupressure on the other wrist.


large intestine acupressure point 4


Acupressure used on the Large Intestine 4 helps benefit the following issues:  HEADACHES, SINUS INFECTIONS, TOOTHACHES, REDNESS – SWELLING OF THE EYES, or SWELLING – PUFFINESS IN THE FACES.  The Large Intestine 4 can be located on the mound of flesh in the web between the thumb and index finger.


largeintestineacupressurepoint4To start using acupressure on yourself, use the diagram shown above and apply moderate to deep pressure on the tender spot (Large Intestine 4) with the thumb from the opposite hand using tiny circles as you continue to apply pressure for 2 minutes.  Remember to complete this acupressure exercise on your other hand.

Contraindications: Strong pressure should be avoided on all points during pregnancy especially Large intestine 4.  It is recommended to just lightly touch with thumb.







These are the benefits of applying acupressure to the Governor Vessel 20:  Increases mental alertness, concentration and balances the mind.  Oriental medicine views physical and meridian balance an important aspect of mental and emotional health.  Acupressure points that strengthen the internal organs and promotes circulation through the vessels and meridians help maintain mental and emotional balance.  To locate the Governor Vessel 20, place your thumbs on the top of each ear, stretch the middle fingers out to meet at the top of the head.  This point location should be felt as a small depression in the scalp and may feel slightly tender.  Apply gentle acupressure perpendicularly into the scalp using the middle or index finger.   You can also use a circular motion to message the Governor Vessel 20.

Do not overstimulate this point if suffering from high blood pressure.


In Donna Eden’s books, Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine For Women, she recommends the ’Hook-Up’ exercise to do anytime your energies are feeling a bit “off”.  The’ Hook-Up’ creates a connection between your central meridian (which sends energy up the front of your body) and governing meridian (which sends energy up your spine), bridging the energies between the front and back of your body and between your head and torso.  It strengthens your aura and increases your coordination. This exercise is one of the most powerful tools to use to quickly center yourself.

To do the ‘Hook-Up’, breathe in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth for 15 – 20 seconds.  Place the middle finger of one hand on your third eye (above the bridge of your nose).   Place the middle finger of the other hand in your navel.  Gently press each finger into your skin, pull it upward, and hold for 15 to 20 seconds.  Author states, “Often a spontaneous sigh or deep breath signals that the energies have hooked up.”  Photo – Author, Donna Eden.




The spleen is a part of the body’s lymphatic system, located just under the rib cage on the left side of the body.  It is adversely affected by negative emotions such as unworthiness, pensiveness, anxiety, lack of acceptance, self-judgment and depression which can affect the entire abdominal area.

The Stomach 36 Acupressure point is considered a general tonic point that increases the vitality in the body as a whole and strengthens st36forstrenghteningspleenandstomachthe spleen and stomach.

Location:   Four finger widths below the kneecap on the outside edge of the leg bone (tibia).

Technique:  Place fingers behind the leg for support and locate acupoint with the thumb.  Apply acupressure angled slightly downwards towards foot.  Repeat for other leg.







acupressureongv26forbrain/mentalfunctionAcupressure is another self-care technique for promoting a balanced healthy body and helping to prevent disease.  With this  acupressure exercise you will be working on the Governor Vessel Meridian acupoint 26 (see diagram).  The location is just under the nose, in the middle of the groove above the lip.  In order to perform this acupressure workout, use your nail or tip of the index or middle finger to apply mild pressure in a vertical direction for approximately 30 seconds.  Breathe freely and visualize a clear mind with sharp mental functioning.  Here is a word of caution: take care not to stimulate this point too hard if you have high blood pressure, and stop immediately if you start to feel unwell or uncomfortable.  Advantages:  Helps to invigorate mental alertness and brain function.  In addition, it helps in concentrating and enhances memory.  It can also prevent or relieve faintness and ease back pain.



teddybeardoingtriplewarmerspleenhugIt is nice to get to know more about the Meridians.  In Donna Eden’s book, Energy Medicine for Women, she mentions that the Triple Warmer is one of the body’s most potent and least understood energy systems.  It governs: 1.The immune system 2. The emergency response to threat (fight, flee or freeze) and 3. The ability to form physiological and behavioral habits for managing stress or threat.  Donna has several Triple Warmer exercises which will be covered in my posts in the future.  Today, we will look at the Triple Warmer/Spleen Hug.  It is recommended to use this exercise anytime you are upset or need comfort. 

This position simultaneously calms Triple Warmer while energizing the Spleen Meridian:  Wrap your left hand around your right arm just above the elbow.  Wrap the right arm around the left side of your body, underneath your breast.  Hold this position for at least three deep breaths.  Reverse sides.


Oh my aching feet, or not. This might not be a pretty picture but it represents something amazing. The red dot graphic foot marks the Kidney One acupressure point on the Kidney Meridian.  If you were to take a hold of your foot and place the thumb on that location, it would definitely relieve an aching foot.  What else can benefit from applying pressure to the Kidney One acupressure point?  It can help regulate blood pressure, relieves dizziness and faintness, clears the mind, improve  memory, concentration, and mental alertness.  It can help hot flashes, relieving anxiety, restores energy and increases general vitality in the body.

                 IT IS TIME TO PRESS THE RED DOT

Many of you are probably too young to remember the character Tarzan, or had little brothers running around the house pounding the center of their chest like a drum pretending to be Tarzan of the jungle.  Now I know that they were doing some great energy healing.  Tapping the area over the thymus gland is a simple technique that awakens the body’s energies, helps the immune system, and increases your strength and vitality.  This is especially true if your immune system is being challenged if you are catching a cold, fighting an infection or if you are feeling a little down.

youngtarzanthymustapThe Tarzan thump is a simple technique:  Take the four fingers of both hands and tap the center between the breasts, or you can make like Tarzan and tap with one fist.  Tap firmly, breathe slowly and deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth for two or three deep breaths.  This is one of those exercises that you can repeat throughout the day which will help stimulate and reset the thymus gland.  Happy thumping.