Brow Affirmation & Meditation Combined

February 6th, 2013 | Posted by Velda in AFFIRMATIONS

browindigomeditationaffirmationToday we are experimenting with combining Brow Affirmations with Brow (Third Eye Opening) Meditation.  First begin meditation, focus on your breath, eyes closed.  Bring your awareness to the third eye area (between your eyebrows) and imagine an indigo light.  You may start to feel a tingling sensation.  Continue meditation for 3 – 5 minutes.  You can repeat this quick meditation each day until you start seeing eye-shaped indigo blue or violet which means your Third Eye Chakra is open.  Next select one or more of the affirmations listed below and repeat them several times out loud to yourself with love and acceptance.



browchakraaffirmations1.  I open myself to my intuition and deepest knowing.

2.  I focus on what I love and draw it to me.

3.  I am adequate for the task at hand.

4.  I use my intellectual abilities in conjunction with my heart.

5.  I am responsible for the joy and happiness in my life.

6.  I allow myself to SEE clearly.

7.  I trust whatever comes to me is for my highest good.

forgivenessaffirmationormantraTonight I am only going to share one healing ‘Forgiveness Affirmation’ which has been used by others as their ‘Personal Forgiveness Mantra’.  However, there are many affirmations to choose from when working through self-forgiveness.  It is difficult to forgive others until we forgive ourselves.  We also can’t love others unconditionally until we love ourselves. That is why it has been suggested to use this affirmation as a ‘Personal Forgiveness Mantra’ and repeat it to yourself until you truly accept it:

 I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you.





Healing Affirmations for the Back

January 4th, 2013 | Posted by Velda in AFFIRMATIONS


healing affirmations for back pain

Many of us suffer from some back issues.  Today I want to share the following healing affirmations for the back from Louise L. Hay’s book, Heal Your Body.  When you are choosing to use one or all of these affirmations, find a quiet time, relax, and most of all give your full attention to the area of the back where you want to use the healing affirmation.  Repeat as often as needed each affirmation with love and compassion.   I like to end my back affirmations rolling my shoulders several times first backwards and then forwards to help release more tension.   LETS TAKE CARE OF OUR BACK!


Letting Go of Anger-Affirmations

December 29th, 2012 | Posted by Velda in AFFIRMATIONS

lettinggoofangeraffirmationsThere is nothing wrong with being angry with someone or something.  Holding onto anger is harmful to you.  When you are able to release anger and the negative emotions held in the liver,  it is replaced with a sense of peace and relief.  I have listed here some positive affirmations for releasing anger, so if this is something that feels right for you start plunging away:

I RELEASE ANGER and negative emotions to let the joys of life flow through me.

I replace my destructive emotions with peace and contentment through forgiveness.

I respect and love myself enough to let go of anger and live in peace.

My angry past is healed with forgiveness.

I forgive and act with understanding and compassion.




The energy of the EEC Power Center is about your personal power and self esteem, manifestation, creativity and feeling centered.  Here are some of the affirmations I have selected from various sources for the Solar Plexus Chakra or your Power Center.  What a better time to wrap up 2012 and start planning to bring in 2013 with one or more of the following affirmations:

affirmationsforpowercenterforwomenI fully step into my power now and trust my inner voice. 

I am worthy of love, kindness, and respect. 

I choose the best for myself and I honor myself.

I appreciate my strengths and I direct my life.

I release old and welcome in the new.

I release all pressure and burdens.

I am at peace with myself.

I am fullfilled and calm.

Heart Center Affirmations

December 19th, 2012 | Posted by Velda in AFFIRMATIONS

I personally have discovered with myself and clients the value of using affirmations in personal healing.   Many times words have created emotional pain for us so it makes complete sense that words can also help heal the pain.  It is very difficult for many to actually repeat positive statements to themselves because they don’t believe.  There is a saying that is used so often in the 12 step programs “Fake it till you Make it.”  I encourage you to find affirmations that speaks to you and then begin to use them.  Here is a list of suggested Heart Center/Heart Chakra affirmations:












Affirmations for Sacral Chakra

December 14th, 2012 | Posted by Velda in AFFIRMATIONS

Through the Sacral Chakra we experience feelings and sensations.  It is the center of emotion, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy and connection.  We live in a society where feelings are not always valued, where passion and emotional reactions are being frowned upon.  We are taught not to ‘lose control’.  We become disconnected from our bodies and our feelings.  Listed below are affirmations that are helpful when working with Sacral Chakra issues:



I unconditionally love and approve of myself at all times.

I release negative attitudes which block experiencing pleasure.

I allow pleasure, sweetness, and sensuality into my life.

I value and respect my body.

I am open to touch and closeness.

I value my sexuality.

Emotions are the language of my soul.

I open myself to the beauty, joy, and harmony of the Universe.

I am at peace.


Root Chakra Affirmations

December 8th, 2012 | Posted by Velda in AFFIRMATIONS

rootchakraaffirmationswithtreerootsI can’t stress enough how healing the use of affirmations can be.  The following are Root Chakra Affirmations:

I feel deeply rooted and standing on my own two feet.

I am connected to my body.

I feel safe and secure at all times.

I have the right to be me, just exactly as I am.

I am responsible for the quality of my life.

I have a right to express myself and manifest my dreams.

I am open to possibilities.



Communication Center Affirmations

December 4th, 2012 | Posted by Velda in AFFIRMATIONS

Today lets add the use of affirmations for healing any emotional issues we might want to work on relating to the Throat Chakra or Communication Center Please refer to EEC Diagram of the Body featured on the home page.  Below is a list of different Throat Chakra Affirmations.  Hopefully one will feel right for you.  Remember affirmations work when you truly believe in the words and believe in yourself.



I speak up for myself when I need to.

I allow myself empowerment for creation.

It is now safe for me to express my feelings.

I say what I mean and I mean what I say.

I love and trust my creative gifts.

I choose to express myself in my own unique way.




healingaffirmationsrashesIt has been proven that healing affirmations can really work.  Affirmations for healing are positive sentences with the intent to be imprinted into the subconscious mind.  We do have to know how to use them correctly, and that can take some time and patience.  Positive affirmations can make a tremendous difference in the speed and quality of any healing process.  It helps to take a healing phrase (one found or writing your own) and write it out maybe 5 – 10 times to memorize and feel emotionally connected to what the words mean to you.  Next begin repeating the affirmation throughout the day.  Continue repeating the affirmation for 30 days for the best healing results.  Below I have included what several experts report why many of us suffer from rashes.  I have also included an affirmation for those suffering from rash or hives.

Rash:  Irritation over delays.  Hives: Small hidden fears, Mountains out of molehills.  (Heal Your Body, by Louise L. Hay).   Rash:  Oversensitive, insecure, fearful.  Self-imposed limitations that irritate or do not serve you.  Small explosions of anger erupting on your skin.  Feeling threatened by  someone or something.  Suppressed emotions that can no longer be pushed down (The Secret Language of Your Body, by Inna Segal).

Affirmation for Rash: ”I love and approve of myself.  I am at peace with the process of life”, (Louise L. Hay).  Affirmation for Hives:  “I bring peace to every corner of my life”, (Louise L. Hay).  REMEMBER FEEL FREE TO WRITE YOUR OWN AFFIRMATIONS.