Wolf Animal Spirit Guide

To American Indians, the wolf is said to be “teacher medicine”.   Wolf  has much to teach us, if only we will listen.  Wolf spirit teaches us to have balance between our personal needs and those of the family and community.  They are committed and loyal to the pack and find their place within the group.   The following information can be found in my favorite reference book, Animal Spirit Guides, by Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D.

Wolf Animal Spirit Guide

If  WOLF shows up, it means:

•  Valuable insights, ideas, and new teachings are coming your way so pay close attention.

•  Make cooperation a priority over competition.

•  Maintain your self-esteem, integrity and deeply trust your inner knowing.

Call on WOLF when:

•  You’re confused about your life path and purpose.

•  You have been feeling a little too civilized and want to tap in to the wild and instinctual.

•  You want to be more expressive in your communication.


•  You are a natural-born teacher, imparting knowledge based on experience.

•  You are expressive verbally and can tell a story with a great deal of passion, and animation.

•  You would rather avoid confrontation, but will fiercely defend yourself and loved ones when necessary.

WOLF Dream Visits (not found in Dr. Farmer’s Book) 

•  To see a white wolf in your dream signifies valor and victory. You have the ability to see the light even in your darkest hours.

•  To see a black wolf in your dream represents your shadow. There are characteristics of the wolf that you are refusing to acknowledge or incorporate into your Self.

•  To hear a wolf howling in your dream represents a cry for help from somebody in your waking life.Wolf Animal Spirit Guide

Wolf Animal Spirit Guide


Rat Animal Spirit Guide

January 18th, 2017 | Posted by Velda in ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES

Rat Animal Spirit Guide

I am dedicating this blog to a dear friend after having a conversation about how many of us have negative feelings about rats.  (I promise only photos of pet rats will be featured in today’s blog).  Lets look at the positive symbolic meanings of the Rat Animal Spirit Guide.   Chinese see the rat as a symbol of industry, and in fact is one of the animals on the Chinese Zodiac.  If Rat has scurried across your path you are being asked to assert yourself in new areas that you have not yet explored.

Rat Animal Spirit GuideThe following is information on the Rat found in Steven D. Farmer, PhD’s book, Animal Spirit Guides:

If RAT show up, it means:

•  A project or investment is about to pay off.  You Have plenty available to you at all times in spite of any thoughts or fears that this isn’t so.

•  This is a good time to exercise caution, and to the best of your ability anticipate what lies ahead.

•  Take an inventory of the material goods you have and recycle or throw out what is no longer purposeful.

Call on RAT when: Rat Animal Spirit Guide

•  You’re involved with a venture that you want to succeed at, yet you are feeling some uncertainty about this happening.

•  You are feeling insecure about having enough supplies, making you want to acquire more and more even though you realistically don’t need that much.  However, you have decided to do some major housecleaning and get rid of unnecessary baggage.

•  You are involved in dealing with someone who is very sharp and want to protect yourself by being just as clever and shrewd.

Rat Animal Spirit GuideIf RAT is your POWER ANIMAL:

•  You tend to hoard your belongings because they help you feel more secure.

•  You adapt very well to your surroundings and your environment.  You are easy going and happy.

•  You are a social animal as well as disarmingly honest and frank.

•  You enjoy the feeling of being successful whenever you have achieved something, and you use your cleverness and cunning to succeed.

Rat Animal Spirit Guide

Hippopotamus Spirit Guide

December 28th, 2016 | Posted by Velda in AFFIRMATIONS | ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES

Hippopotamus Spirit Animal

There is much to be said about the Hippopotamus.  During the day Hippopotamus lolls about in a river or watering hole. She spends her nights on land, foraging for food. Water is the element of feelings and intuitive knowing and earth is the element of grounded practicality and stability. Hippo is at home in both realms. Hippopotamus medicine is invoked by those who wish to be in touch with their intuition, feelings and psychic abilities while staying grounded, practical and stable.  The following is more about this wonderful creature:

Hippopotamus Spirit Animal

 Hippopotamus Wisdom Includes…

 Proper use of aggression.
Ability to move gracefully through emotions.
Mother-fury when necessary.
Birth of new ideas.
Protection of family.

Hippopotamus shows up as a spirit guide when…

  • You notice a strong energy that surrounds you.Hippopotamus Spirit Animal
  • There is a period of activity that will happen soon.
  • There is need for you to learn the virtues to stop and relax.
  • There is need for you to learn to be aggressive when needed.
  • You need parenting guidance or help.

Call on a Hippopotamus as a spirit guide when…

  • You are entering a period of intense self-examination and spiritual exploration.
  • The relationship that you have is becoming stale and you need an inner spark.
  • It is important to make friends with others.
  • You need to emerge and get yourself grounded.

If Hippopotamus is your Power Animal…

Your higher sensibilities will be awakened, activating lucid dreaming and spirit contact. You will be shown how to be adept in these. Learning to control powerful creative energies is the lesson taught you by the Hippo.

Hippopotamus Spirit Animal




Roadrunner - Animal Spirit Guide

I became interested in the Roadrunner after receiving a session from a trained healer in shamanism. She saw a Roadrunner when journeying for me.  It brought back fond memories of my Dad because he spoke of these desert birds with much fondness.  The Hopi & Pueblo Indians believed that the Roadrunner provided protection against evil spirits.  Steven D. Farmer, PH.D, wrote the following in his book Animal Spirit Guides:

Roadrunner - Animal Spirit GuideIf Roadrunner shows up, it means:

•  There are situations occurring in your life that require you to think on your feet, change direction quickly, and adapt to the new course – which you are quite capable of doing.

•  This is a great time to make some plans and put them into action so that you can manifest whatever it is you want.

•  Explore and experiment with different ways you can benefit yourself and others spiritually, emotionally, and physically through the use of sound.

•  Be sure to take care of yourself first before you attempt to take care of others; that way you can be completely present when you’re in service to them.

•  Be willing to laugh at yourself and not take your quirks and idiosyncrasies too seriously.Roadrunner - Animal Spirit Guide

Call on Roadrunner When:

• You’re involved in a project, task, or game that requires mental dexterity and quick reflexes.  You need some mental and intellectual stimulation that has been lacking recently.

•  You want to be more lighthearted and go with the flow so you can enjoy life more fully.  You need a good laugh.

If Roadrunner is your Power Animal:

•  You are a doer and are happiest when busily involved with a project, whether for fun or profit.  Usually you are involved in several things at once,  yet get the tasks done when you need to.

•  You’re mind is constantly at work, always thinking and analyzing.  When you try to communicate your thoughts to others, you have to remind yourself to slow down.Roadrunner - Animal Spirit Guide

Animal Spirit Guide - Andean Condor

I grew up hearing  my dad point out vultures flying above as we drove through the desert area.  As a young girl, I  wasn’t drawn to the word ‘Vulture’.  In  A Shaman’s Miraculous Tools For Healing,  by Alberto Villoldo, PhD with Anne O’Neill,  he shares that the  Andean Condor (Vulture), associated with the east, is the symbolic animal of Andean shamans.  The condor is seen as the protector of the wisdom of the high mountains.  The Andean Condor is the national symbol of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.  It also is the national bird of Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador.  This encouraged me to study more about the Andean Condor which is the largest flying bird with a wingspan that can reach 12 feet and the California Condor that can reach 9 feet.  Condors are considered sacred animals by many Native American cultures, particularly California Indian tribes and the Andean tribes of South America.

Animal Spirit Guide - Andean CondorIf CONDOR shows up, it means:

•  In the east you find the Condor who stands for vision. The energies of a Condor help you to find a clarity vision in your life.

•  When you pray,  it is the Condor who takes your prayers up to the spiritual world and comes back with the answers for you.

•  With the eyes of a Condor you see with your heart and with the wings of a Condor you see life in a bigger perspective.

•  You’ll find a renewed sense of vigor, vitality, and enthusiasm about life.  In the morning, take a few moments to greet the sun by standing with your arms out in a welcoming gesture.

•  This is a good time to retreat, and enter into a period of solitude and meditation.

Animal Spirit Guide - Andean Condor

 Call on CONDOR when:

•  You’re in a midst of a crisis, one that requires you to remain calm and adjust your thinking to accept the situation as it is before moving on to a  solution.

•  You’ve lost someone in your life through death and want to contact their spirit on the other side.

•  You see yourself as having disadvantages and want to reframe your perceptions and beliefs to see them as assets.

•  You feel as if you’re in a mess emotionally, physically, or spiritually, and you want to clean things up.


Animal Spirit Guide - Andean Condor•  You have the unique ability to make the best of a bad situation and find the rewards that result.

•  You are a somber and serious individual most of the time.

•  You are willing to take on distasteful tasks that others are unwilling to do.

•  You have the gift of mediumship, whether you’ve developed it or not, and can communicate with deceased loved ones and ancestors.

•  Because of your unusual appearance and your metaphysical gifts, others don’t understand you and may irrationally fear you, so they tend to keep their distance.

(Reference Used:  Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer, PH.D.)

Animal Spirit Guide - Andian Condor

Animal Spirit Guide - Jaguar

There is so much to learn from the wise indigenous peoples from all over the world regarding the power of animals.   Alberto Villolodo, Ph.D., shares the following in his book One Spirit Medicine: 1.  The shamans in the jungle tell us that the jaguar is a potent symbol of the Devine Feminine.  2.  In the southwestern United States, the Mexican jungles, and the Andean highlands, the jaguar represents the healing power of One Spirit Medicine.   3.  For the Maya, the jaguar is a symbol of death and acceptance of death’s role in the cycle of life.

Here is more helpful information found in  Dr. Steven Farmer’s best-selling book, Animal Spirit Guides:

Animal Spirit Guide - Jaguar

If JAGUAR shows up, it means:

Focus on what you want with clear intention until successful conclusion.

You are going to experience an awakening or a deepening of your psychic vision.

Keep plans and intentions to yourself, not to be secretive, but so they will gain power and your intention and purpose will become clearer.

No need for striving or ambition at this time, so relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor until the next quest.

Let go of whatever isn’t working in your life, by doing so you’ll reclaim your power.

If BLACK JACGUAR shows up, it means:

Animal Spirit Guide - JaguarEnjoy your  sensuality    & express your passion.

For personal & spiritual growth, it’s time to face your fears & let them go.

Stop worrying about everything, surrender to what is, and let the future take care of itself.

Call on JAGUAR when:

You’re feeling unbalanced and have any doubts, fears, or hesitation about claiming your power.

You’re in a situation that requires you to be assertive, clear, and direct with your communication.


Animal Spirit Guide Jaguar


You’re very clear and straightforward in your communication, sometimes to the point of bluntness.

You’re a strong and natural leader with a great deal of charisma coupled with humility, and you carry yourself with relaxed authority.

Your presence tends to dominate the room, even if you’re not the center of attention at any given moment.

You have a great deal of respect for Mother Earth.

Animal Spirit Guide - Jaguar

Turtle Animal Spirit Guide

January 12th, 2016 | Posted by Velda in ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES

Turtle Animal Spirit Guide

Turtle is a powerful old Spirit. The Turtle signifies longevity, creation, wisdom and prosperity.

Turtle Animal Spirit GuideThe American continent is referred to as “Turtle Island” in the Native American folklore. It is said that the Turtle carried the weight of the land with that continent on her back. This image is also present in Hindu and Chinese cultures, where the turtle is the animal carrying Mother Earth  and holding the world in balance.  The turtle represents the way of peace – whether it’s external or internal. It is considered the Peace-Maker in Native American traditions. This animal is also often associated with the feminine principle or feminine energy, which foster peace and harmony with all things.

(The following information is from the book, Animal Spirit Guides, by Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D.)

If TURTLE shows up, it means:

Turtle Animal Spirit Guide

•  You’ve been going much to fast for too long, slow down and pace yourself.

•  Time to be more self-reliant and less dependent on others.

•  Nurture yourself and simply observe and feel your emotions.

•  Increased sensitivity to Earth’s vibrations.

•  Very creative, fertile time-important to shield yourself from distractions.

•  Spend a few hours or longer in solitude.

Call on TURTLE when:

urtle Animal Spirit Guide 

•   Needing emotional support and protection.

  You feel overwhelmed and need to review what’s been happening.

•  You are worried about an important creative project to complete.

•  Wanting to feel more comfortable with unfamiliar situation.

•  Need help healing from physical wounds.


•  You are an old soul with a strong sense of connection to the ancient, and have a great depth of understanding and compassion for the Earth and all it’s inhabitants.

•  You have a very strong attachment to your home and always return after traveling the world.

•  You move at your own pace, typically slower than others, taking time to make decisions and being very deliberate about it.

•  When feeling threatened or fearful, you tend to back away and retreat into your shell, not being terribly concerned about what others think of this way of dealing with disturbance.

  You are incredibly compassionate and nurturing with others, willing to listen to their problem and able to do so without taking them on.

Turtle Animal Spirit Guide

Spirit Animal – Zebra

November 30th, 2015 | Posted by Velda in AFFIRMATIONS | ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES

Spirit Animal - Zebra

If ZEBRA shows up, it means:

1.  You are being reminded that there is more than one way of looking at things.  It is better to work toward a compromise than staying stuck in a right-versus-wrong standoff.

2.  Be willing to question your considered reality and any illusions you may have subscribed to, and in so doing, you will expand your consciousness.

3.  You are about to discover some useful knowledge that has been hidden.  Knowledge that will come to you without seeking, so simply be open to receiving.

Spirit Animal - Zebra

 Call on ZEBRA when:

1.  You are experiencing some conflict between expressing your individuality and being a member of a family, group, or community

2.  You are wanting to encourage harmonious interactions among members of groups or family.

3.  You need fresh and creative ways of looking at challenges.

4.  You’re feeling uncertain that the path you’re on is purposeful and you want to find out if it is.

Spirit Animal - Zebra


1.  You’re confident, balanced, and very capable of facing opposing forces and remaining stable and poised.

2.  You have considerable compassion and would make a very effective therapist.

3.  You enjoy a good challenge, as you see it as an opportunity for growth.

4.  You love exploring the mysteries and magic of the unseen world and are willing to experiment with varying ways of accessing that world.


Spirit Animal - Zebra

Elk Animal Spirit Guide

September 3rd, 2015 | Posted by Velda in AFFIRMATIONS | ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES

 Elk Animal Spirit Guide

Do we pick our animal guides and totems or do they pick us?  The wise ones tell us that we do not choose our spirit guides. They choose us and they decide when they will reveal themselves to us.  Many times they will appear in a dream, meditation, or a retrieval.  We can be completely surprised with what spirit guide might show up, but always their message or lesson speaks to us.  Recently while teaching a chakra animal totem workshop, two lovely women received the Elk.  At first both were a little confused, since neither were wilderness outdoor women, until they studied the following:

Elk Animal Spirit GuideElk Animal Spirit Guide (from Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D.)

If ELK shows up, it means:

1.  Seek out same gender company & friendship.

2.  Eat vegetarian for a few days and note the difference in how you feel.  Pace yourself and eat energy foods so that you can maintain your stamina.

3.  Your inner child requires considerable nurturing and protection right now.

Call on ELK when:

1.  You feel someone has treated you disrespectfully.

2.  You’re involved in a project that requires considerable stamina and durability to see it through to completion.

3.  You need extra strength to handle an inordinate number of demands for your time and energy.

Elk Animal Spirit Guide


1.  You’re fiercely independent and prefer to rely on your own strength rather than seek help from anyone.

2.  You carry yourself with an air of nobility and regalness.

3.  Even though you value your independence, you also value being part of a group.

4.  Your prefer the companionship of people of your same gender (whether straight or gay).

5.  You’re a very determined individual and can stick with any project to its completion.

Elk Animal Spirit Guide







'Sidewalk Tarot'-3 Pileated Woodpeckers

Today I am sharing a personal experience and hope you will enjoy it.  I am taking an on-line class from Robert Moss author and teacher on dreaming.  There is this wonderful little game he recommends we play called ‘Sidewalk Tarot’.  He  suggests that throughout the day we pay attention if there are three things that we see that might be giving us a symbolic message.

'Sidewalk Tarot'-3 Pileated WoodpeckersWhile on my early walk,  I came upon 3 pileated woodpeckers.  Now they are common in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, but very seldom do I see them on my walk and never 3 together. I was fascinated listening to the  sounds they make before starting to drill for hidden pleasures.  I followed this amazing  trio from tree to tree until they flew off.

Woodpeckers are known for and symbolic of the drumming and  on a conscious level, they can soon help you reconnect with the heartbeat of the Earth…a primal knowing of balance.'Sidewalk Tarot'-3 Pileated Woodpeckers

The color symbolism of this spirit animal is also important.  Black and white is representative of how we look at things, our perspectives, and being able to discern between the rational and the emotional based situations.  The red crest is symbolic of powerful mental faculties.  This is a meaningful spirit animal to call upon, when overwhelmed by drama and not able to see what is truly happening.  Pileated Woodpecker is a Master of her craft,  nurturing and teaching those around her to find their rhythm in life.

My personal message  from studying this spirit animal is: I need to stay grounded to obtain my goals, not focus on the mental, be open to self-discovery, set my own pace, and my own rhythm.  Please consider playing ’Sidewalk Tarot’.  Simply collect three observations from the world around you  and look at them as possible signs and symbols.  It can be revealing and FUN!