Rubellite Crystal & Archangel Chamuel

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Rubellite Sacred Crystal & Archangel Chamuel

There is a wonderful book by Hazel Raven called Sacred Crystals.  The book describes 50 sacred crystals, their healing powers, and where to place them on the proper chakra.  The book also tells what Archangel to call on when working with each of these 50 sacred crystals.  Listed below are Sacred Rubellite’s healing properties taken from the author’s book.   You will be able to practice heart healing therapy with Rubellite and calling in help from Archangel Chamuel after reading all the information listed below.

Heart Chakra's Sacred Crystal & Archangel

Rubellite is the highly prized red form of tourmaline and has a deep resonance with the heart chakra.  Rubellite’s name is derived from the similarity of the color to that of ruby, although most Rubellite is considerably more pink than red.  The author shares that Rubellite is a powerful heart chakra stone that strengthens your wisdom, empathy, compassion, and willpower.  Your creativity is enhanced as you open yourself to the everyday beauty that surround you.  Rubellite melts the boundaries you have erected between yourself and others.

Rubellite Sacred Crystal & Archangel Chamuel

Chamuel is a powerful being of light and spiritual illumination. He can help you open your heart chakra and deepen all of your relationships. Call upon Chamuel for comfort, protection, and intervention in world events. Love, tolerance, gratitude. Call upon Chamuel if you need to find items, soulmate, etc… unconditional love and strengthens relationships.

Now you are ready for Healing Heart Therapy.  Find a quiet place to relax and place a Rubellite crystal on your Heart Chakra.   Close your eyes and take several deep cleansing breaths then call for Archangel Chamuel to also help with this heart healing & balancing practice.  Take all the time you need. You will hopefully start to believe everything seem possible.  You feel receptive and relaxed.

Rubelllite Sacred Crystals & Archangel Chamuel

Visualizing & Strengthening Our Aura

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Visualizing & Strengthening Our AuraThe Human Aura is an energy field that surrounds human beings. It is directly connected to the energy vortices of the body’s seven chakras.

Ted Andrews discusses several ways we can vitalize and strengthen our personal aura in his book, How To See and Read The Aura. In Chapter One, he reports the aura is weakened by the following:  poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of fresh air, lack of rest, stress, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, negative habits, and improper psychic activity.

Here are his simple suggestions for vitalizing and strengthening the human aura: Sunlight strengthens the auric field;  Physical exercise and fresh air are extremely vitalizing to the aura; Eating less food but more frequently has a more balanced effect upon the aura; Keeping the bowels clean assists in keeping the aura strong and resilient; Meditation is strengthening and protective; and music or chanting can be used to balance and strengthen the auric field.

Visualizing & Strengthening Our Aura

 Here are four steps to an Aura Strengthening Meditation.  Spend 3-5 minutes per step:

  1. Breathe deeply and slowly at first, sensing the presence of the bioenergy “life force” within you.
  2. Feel this energy flowing through you and imagine that it’s cleansing you.
  3. Visualize this energy within your body radiating more and more. See if you can see/sense the color of the energy.
  4. While visualizing the energy (and color if possible), direct this nourishing energy to the area of the body that needs healing (e.g. areas of the body where pain resides, or feels weak).

Visualizing & Strengthening Our Aura




Chakra Cleansing Shower Practice

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Chakra Cleansing Shower

To start out the new year, it is important to continue exploring ways to keep our chakras cleansed, balanced, and healthy.   Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., shares the following simple chakra cleansing technique in his book:  Shaman, Healer Sage – How to Heal Yourself and Others with the Energy Medicine of the Americas.

Chakra Cleansing Shower

Chakra Cleansing Shower Practice

1.  Hold your left hand at the base of your spine.

2.  At the same time place the fingers of your right hand three or four inches above the location of the Root Chakra. (See illustration).

3.  Rotate the Root Chakra with the right hand fingertips in a circle, spinning the chakra counterclockwise three or four times. (imagine your body is the face of the clock).

4.  Rinse your fingers in the water.

5.  This eliminates the sludge and toxins that adhere to the walls of the chakra.

6.  Repeat for all seven chakras, making sure to rinse your fingers thoroughly after completing each chakra.  (The approximate location of the Sacral Chakra is the width of three fingers below the naval and the Solar Plexus is approximately the width of three fingers above the navel).

7.  Next go back to the Base Chakra and spin it clockwise three or four times.  Repeat for all seven chakras.

8.  This exercise increases the speed of the chakras, allowing each energy vortex to spin at its optimal frequency.

9.  These clean chakras are able to draw in natural energy to help keep us in exceptional health.


Tapping in the Joy

I have attended several of Donna Eden’s workshops and have enjoyed her and David Feinstein’s Energy Medicine Books.  Here is one of her simplest techniques to practice that can help reprogram your nervous system to be more joyful, uplifting and life-affirming:

Tapping IN joy & MoreTapping In The Joy Energy:

1.  Next time you feel joy, fabulous, and life is good reinforce this energy by “tapping in” this joy at your Third Eye located between your eyebrows just above the bridge of the nose.

2.  Tap with the middle finger of either hand using a steady beat for 10 to 12 seconds.  This “taps” your feeling of joy into the first acupuncture point of your nervous system.

Variations of this Powerful Energy:

1.  Recall a treasured moment in your life and “tap it in”.

2. Treasure your body.  Thank it for amazing service and gratitude, “tap it in”.

Tapping in The Joy Benefits

TAP!   TAP!   TAP!

Chakra Guide 101

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 Chakra Guide 101

Today lets look at an overview of our seven major Energy Centers that we can fondly refer to as Chakra Guide 101.  The chart above shows the names, colors, and symbols of these Chakras.  The dancing figure below shows their location in the human body.  I have included a brief description about each individual Chakra, which hopefully will create an interest to discover more on the importance of our Chakra system.

Chakra Guide 101

Chakra Guide 101

Chakra Guide 101








Chakra Guide 101

Chakra Guide 101








Chakra Guide 101

Chakra Guide









Chakra Guide 101






Vegetables/Fruits Ground Root Chaka

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Eating Red Grounds Root Chakra

When we are feeling ungrounded, it is the best time to look at what foods will help balance our Root Chakra.  Author Deanna M. Minich, Ph.D.,C.N. shares a great deal of knowledge about the healing vibrations of food in her book Chakra Foods for Optimum Health.  She points out that root vegetables transfer grounding energy to our body through the Root Chakra.  Much like the conditions they grow in, root vegetables help us to nestle into our internal, lower core and become connected to earth’s vibration.

Root Vegetables Ground Root Chakra

Even though the author points out that root vegetables and red meat are the most effective grounding foods, red fruits and vegetables also provide the vibrational rate needed to restore our ability to ground.   What is so amazing is that this vibration can be absorbed visually by both looking at red fruits and vegetables as well as physically consuming them.

Vegetables/Fruit Ground Root Chakra

Remember when our mothers said to us as children, “Eat Your Vegetables”.  The author writes in her book, “If you are struggling with being grounded and feeling safe, eating foods to support these functions are beneficial.”  She suggests that we incorporate Root Chakra grounding foods at every meal so that our daily, earthly existence feels complete.Vegetables/Fruits Ground Root Chakra

Resolving 7th Chakra Negativity

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Resolving Crown Chakra Negativity

The Crown Chakra is the most elevated chakra.  The chakras act as a ladder to healing, love, and spirituality, moving up to more refined spiritual energy of the Crown Chakra.  The Positive Archetype is The Guru.  Gurus are people who realize who they are.  They are a cultivation of grace, bliss, gratitude, and acknowledge divine intervention.  The Negative Archetype is the Egotist.  Egotists are people who think their efforts alone carry them through life.  They are arrogant, self-absorbed, and inflexible.

Resolving Crown Chakra Negativity

Location:  At the top of the head.

Function:  The Crown Chakra controls the pineal gland, which sits at the top of the midbrain below  the cerebral hemisphere.  It influences our deep inner cycles, such as sleep, happiness, and tranquility.  Its qualities are bliss, beauty, and spirituality.

Physical Body Energy:  The pineal gland produces melatonin and regulates our body clock.  This center eases physical & emotional pain by releasing endorphins.

Emotional Body Energy:  This energy center wants to cultivate bliss and surrender to ‘WHAT IS’.   This state of bliss is often called transcendence.

Mental Body Energy:  Crown Chakra opens the realm of higher thinking to us.  It develops holistic and universal principles of acceptance, respect, and knowing.

Working Through Crown Chakra Negativity (based on Ambika Wauters’ book, The Book of Chakras)Resovling Crown Chakra NEgativing

1.  Open your awareness to a higher power than your limited everyday self.

2.   There is a higher self, which can guide your way, and offer you love and protection.  Take the time to find this within yourself.

3.  Look inside yourself to discover who you are.  Release limited ideas of self so they fall away easily.

4.  Try not to identify with what has name and form.  This is limited and is not who you are.

5.  Read spiritually uplifting books.

6.  Avoid becoming entangled in situations or with people who reject peace.

7.  Explore your true beliefs about life.  Don’t accept what has been handed to you without knowing whether it is right.

8.  Direct your awareness inward for a moment every day to connect with the part of you that is eternal and indelible.  It will guide you through your life if you allow it to.

Please check all our categories for more Chakra Healing!

Resolving 6th Chakra Negativity

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Resolving Brow Chakra Negativity

The Brow Chakra seeks meaning, truth, and freedom.  Wisdom, discernment, knowledge, and intuition are all qualities of this chakra.  The Positive Archetype is the Wise Person.  Wise people offer the best of their life experience to assist others along the path of growth.  The Negative Archetype is the Intellectual.  This is a person who draws on information from the limited resources of rational, analytic thinking without incorporating either the emotional or spiritual aspects of life.

Resolving Brow Chakra NegativityLocation:  Between the eyebrows, referred to as the Third Eye Chakra.

Function:  It is the control center for the mind. The Brow or “Third Eye” Chakra is the seat of intuition and clairvoyance.  Also this chakra has to do with self reflection and knowing.

Physical Body Energy:  Associated with the pituitary gland, eyes, sinuses, base of skull, temporal lobes. It provides energy to the brain which allows the mind to be active and positive.

Emotional Body Energy:  Regulates our emotional responses.  Gives us permission to experience our feelings—choosing when it is appropriate to express how we feel.

Mental Body Energy: The Brow Chakra formulates our mentality.  It is where we develop understanding for limitations of our own and those of others.   This energy center cultivates forgiveness and gratitude.

Working Through Brow Chakra Negativity (based on Ambika Wauters’ book, The Book of Chakras)Resolving Brow Chakra Negativity

1.  Allow your mind to relax.  Overuse leads to worry and obsessions.

2.  Be aware when you are tired and weary.  Do something positive for yourself.

3.  Be willing to move past quick fixes and shallow superficial solutions.

4.  Question anything or any person who negates your innate worth, sense of freedom, or beauty.  Note any abusive patterns in your life and tell yourself, “Never Again.”

5.  Look for the good in each person and each situation.  Make a choice to be as positive and loving as you know how to be.

6.  Stop comparing yourself with others.  Find what is unique about you.

7.  Meet like-minded people by taking courses and workshops to help resolve any fear and loneliness.  Enjoy Uplifting and inspirational books and movies.

8.  Look in the mirror daily and feel love for yourself.

Resolving Crown Chakra Negativity Tomorrow Completes the Seven Major Chakras

Resolving 5th Chakra Negativity

May 2nd, 2016 | Posted by Velda in CHAKRAS

Resolving Throat Chakra Negativity

The Throat Chakra has to do with self expression and communication.  It is the first energetic center that differentiates man from all other life forms.  The Positive Archetype is The Communicator.  Communicators tell the truth to the best of their ability.  The Negative Archetype is The Silent Child.  This is a person who has suppressed  expressiveness because of fear or shame.

Resolving Throat Chakra Negativity

Location:  The internal and external throat

Function:  This center governs the thyroid and controls our ability to communicate our thoughts.  Throat Chakra acts as a container for vital energy, keeping it intact from becoming stagnant or draining away.

Physical Body Energy:  Controls metabolism — affects physical and mental development.  Associated body parts are throat, mouth, teeth, jaw, and ears.

Emotional Body Energy:  Releasing feelings through expressing self.  This includes crying, shouting, laughing, and saying that you are not happy, comfortable, or pleased.

Mental Body Energy:  Having a clear sense that expressing your truth is your key to individuality.  Speaking the truth, not gossiping, lying, or exaggerating.

Working Through Throat Chakra Negativity (based on Ambika Wauters’ book, The Book of Chakras)

1.  Make a commitment to be as truthful as you can in all situations.

2.  Allow your creative spirit to manifest in every activity where you feel comfortable expressing yourself.

3.  Watch levels of substance abuse such as smoking, drugs—both medical/ recreational, overeating, and drinking.  They weaken the will and destroy the Throat Chakra.

4.  Be careful what you say about others.  Gossip can cause damage to others as well as to yourself.

5.  Build your credibility by coming from your integrity.  People will respect you.

6.  Listen to your feelings.  Know what is true for you.

7.  Listen to what is good, truthful, loving, and kind.  It helps to keep your ears sensitive and open.

8.  Speak clearly and mean what you say.  Your communication counts.

Resolving Brow Negativity Tomorrow!


Resolving 4th Chakra Negativity

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Revolving Heart Chakra Negativity

Heart Chakra operates on the physical as well as the emotional and energetic planes.  The Positive Archetype is The Lover—a person of generosity, openness, compassion, and good will.   The Negative Archetype is The Actor/Actress—a person whose love is conditional.  Their relationships suffer because they have not developed a capacity to hold love in their hearts.

Resolving Heart Chakra Negativity

 Location:  Middle of chest.

Function:  It functions both physically and emotionally to keep the life force alive.  The heart organ carries the life blood through the body and the Heart Chakra moves love through our lives.

Physical Body Energy:  It is essential to our physical supply of energy and vitality through the Thymus Gland, known for building our immunity from pain and disease.

Emotional Body Energy:  The Heart Chakra is the center of love.  It opens us to experience love for ourselves and others.  It lets us feel compassion, joy, and peace.

Mental Body Energy:  Holds ideas and attitudes of happiness, joy, delight, and knowing what makes our heart sing.  The more we love ourselves and accept the wounds of human fragility, the more our love for others grow.

Working Through Heart Chakra Negativity  (based on Ambika Wauters’ book, The Book of Chakras)Resolving Heart Chakra Negativity

1.  Finding the love for oneself, in spite of whatever may have happened, brings healing and releases the past.

2.  Being able to forgive the past, including those who were hurtful, abusive, or destructive, helps keep the heart open.

3.  Accept the present as the point of power where love can heal our wounds and restore our sense of wholeness.

4.  Remember our spiritual purpose is to allow ourselves to be loved.

5.  Learning to accept ourselves as we are, without pride or pretense, keeps the heart open and allows good to come to us.

6.  Make a list of what makes your heart sing.

7.  Commit yourself to the process of reanimating  joy by doing what you love with people you love.

8.  Seeing the good in even the worst situations and the most difficult of people helps keep the heart energy alive.

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