Resolving 3rd Chakra Negativity

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Resolving Solar Plexus Chakra Negativity

The Solar Plexus is the center of personal identity.  It has to do with self-definition and confidence.  The Positive Archetype is the Warrior.  Warriors have the inner strength and resilience to see their dreams materialize.  The Negative Archetype is the Servant.  Servants work hard for others’ acknowledgement.  They sabotage themselves by giving their power to others.

Resolving Solar Plexus NegativityLocation:  Directly below the sternum—two inches above the navel.

Function:  This energy center houses willpower and self-esteem.  Solar Plexus Chakra rules all aspects of our personality and ego.  Ultimately it helps us choose what and who are for our highest good.

Physical Body Energy:  Pancreas filters energy into our vital organs so that they can break down nutrients for digestion on the physical level with food and on the mental level with ideas.

Emotional Body Energy:  Self-worth, confidence, and power.  These emotions help us take a stand four ourselves.  If we are comfortable with our power, we will act confidently and exercise freedom of choice in most matters.

Mental Body Energy:  Attitudes of being well with ourselves, knowing our worth, and linking into personal power.

Working Through Solar Plexus Chakra Negativity (based on Ambika Wauters’ book, The Book of Chakras)Resolving Solar Plexus Negativity

1.  Develop a sense of your own person.

2.  Know that who you are is always the same, even in a variety of circumstances.

3.  Create your own sense of personality that lets others know who you are.

4.  Following the crowd may be safe but it will always be limiting and stultifying.

5.  Spend time alone with yourself.  Learn to cultivate your own friendship.

6.  Ask yourself if you are worthy of the life you say you want.

7.  Discover your talents and gifts.

8.  Try new things. Experience of self develops from placing yourself in opportunity situations.

9.  Travel and exploration help define you in the face of adversity and challenge.

10.  Learn to recognize character and integrity in yourself and others.

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Resolving 2nd Chakra Negativity

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Resolving Sacral Chakra Negativity

The Sacral Chakra has to do with life, vitality, self-gratification, and passion.  Sacral’s Positive  Archetype is The Emperor/Empress:  A person who enjoys pleasure, abundance, and enjoyment.  Negative Archetype is The Martyr:  Martyrs deprive themselves of the simple physical pleasures of life.  They are critical, sour, and condemning.

Resolving Sacral Chakra Negativity

Location:  Two inches below the navel.

Function:  The Sacral Chakra’s function is contingent upon the degree we care for and value our own being.  If we feel deserving of good things around us, this chakra opens to receive pleasure and abundance.  If we doubt our right to receive pleasure, this chakra becomes depleted.  It also controls the appetite, and its lesson revolves around knowing what is enough.

Physical Body Energy:   The reproductive organs, which control sexual development.

Emotional Body Energy:  Pleasure, feeling good, deservedness, joy, or feeling bad, envious, and not caring for your body.

Mental Body Energy:  Attitudes of having enough, knowing that you deserve the life you want, enjoyment/well-being, delighting in good health, and distain for suffering.

Working Through Sacral Chakra Negativity (based on Ambika Wauters’ book, The Book of Chakras)Resolving Sacral Chakra Negativity

1.  Honor the physical body by giving it enough food, water, rest, and exercise.

2.  Respect the limits of the physical body. Do not become trapped in obsessive acts of exertion and pushing the body beyond its natural limits.

3.  Accept your need for pleasure.  Create enough good experiences to replenish the spirit as well as the body.

4.  Acknowledge the powerful force of human sexuality.  Know what one’s values are regarding it.

5.  Respect the physical world by keeping order, cleanliness, and beauty around your home, office, and places of recreation.

6.  Reflect upon physical energy you put into earning money and the ways that you make financial decisions.

7.  Know that you have appetites and needs.  Give them a place in your experience.

8.  Treat yourself to the joys of life.  Know that you deserve what you say you want.

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Resolving 1st Chakra Negativity

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Resolving 1st Chakra Negativity

Chakras have a positive and negative archetype.  This week we will look at suggestions for resolving negativity of each of our seven major chakras.  Today we start with the Root Chakra—Positive  Archetype is The MotherNurturing, self-sufficient, responsible.  Negative Archetype is The Victim: Lacking energy, empowerment, and life force. 

Resolving 1st Chakra NegativityLocation:  In perineum at the base of the spine, and draws energy from the magnetic field at the earth’s core.  The energy moves up through the feet and legs, energizing blood and tissues in the body.

Function: Stimulates aggressive drives linked to survival.  The Root Chakra holds our genetic inheritance.  In its unconscious state, the Root Chakra carries the attitudes and prejudices formed by family, church, and culture.

Physical Body Energy:  Adrenals activate the kidneys’ fight-or-flight function.

Emotional Body Energy:  Aggression, anger, violence, and jealousy.

Mental Body Energy:  Attitudes of Separation, exclusivity, territory, belonging, and  right to one’s own space.

 Working Through Root Chakra Negativity (based on Ambika Wauters’ book, The Book of Chakras)Resolving 1st Chakra Negativity

1.  Cultivate patience.  When things do not go as planned,  you will not lose energy by being angry or frustrated.

2.  Allow time for things to come around in a positive way.   If you do not succeed in the beginning of a project, rethink it and let things develop.  This would be an excellent time to use a Positive Affirmation to Persevere!

3.  Do what is necessary to remain stable through change.  Develop Meditation Skills and ways to slow down the mind. Learn to live with change.  Be flexible and adaptable.

4.  Be secure in yourself and know that everything will be all right eventually.  Trust in life to see you through the difficult moments.  Do not despair when things do not go well.  Breathe, give yourself time to reflect on what is essential and important.  Make a plan to see your dreams unfold.  Life without a dream is dull.

5.  Be Grateful for the life you have and work to bring as much order into your life as possible. When things do go astray, you have more reserves to fall back on.

6.  Enjoy your Root Chakra’s Balanced Energy being  grounded, centered, healthy, and loving yourself!


Garnets/Vision Bds-Activate Creativity

Here is a fun exercise working with the energy of garnets and making a vision board that triggers a creative flow.  Author Judy Hall in her book, Life-Changing Crystals, gives her readers the following exercise:  Activating Your Creativity – The Vision Board.  You will need a selection of garnets (1-red, 1-orange and 5-grossular garnets), a collection of images, glue, scissors, and a piece of cardboard.

Garnet/VisionBds-Activate Creativity

 1.  The first part of this creative building exercise is to lie down in a quiet place and place the red garnet on your Root Chakra and the orange garnet on your Sacral Chakra for 15 minutes and allow these chakras fizz with energy.

Garnets/VisionBds-Activate Creativity

Garnets/VisionBds-Activiate Creativity2.  Gather as many pictures as possible of everything that you would like to see in your life—no matter how ridiculous, outrageous, and bizarre you might think they seem.  Be playful in your choices.  Cultivate optimism when you do this, and do not judge as to whether it is practical or sensible.

3.  Stick the pictures onto a large piece of cardboard, overlapping them so there are no gaps in the energy.  Put images of confident, creative people on the board, as well as items, places, situations, gifts, and goals you seek to attain in your life.  This is an excellent opportunity to invite your inner-child to come out and play with you.Garnets/VisionBds-Activiate Creativity

4.  When the board is complete, lie it down and, with your left hand, place the five Grossular Garnets in a  five-pointed star shape.   Join up the lines between the points by tracing them with your finger.  Start with #1 and trace in numerical order finishing connecting #5 to #1.  This is a manifesting layout or referred to as the caller-in of love, abundance, and healing.  It is a traditional shape for grounding your wishes.

5.  The last step is to take the garnets you placed on your chakras (red & orange), touch your forehead and then put them in the center of your vision board.  If possible, stick all the garnets in place and display the board where you can see it often.


Zincite Healing Crystals

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Zincite Healing Crystals

Zincite increases life force, courage, passion, creativity, will and personal power. It has an unusual and very potent energy.  Most will feel this energy and make contact with it very quickly, when holding it in their hand.  It is a powerful stone to assist you, if used for small periods of time, on a regular basis and this applies to all colors of this crystal.

Zincite contains zinc, which is essential for cellular metabolism, teeth, bones, skin, and hair.  It balances the thymus gland, immune system, and energy meridians of the body.  It also helps detoxify and synthesize body, psyche, and soul.  The availability for this crystal is sometimes difficult to find but is definitely a stone to add to your healing collection of resources.

Red/Orange Zincite stimulates and energizes the Root and Sacral Chakra as illustrated below:

Zincite Healing Cristals

Zincite Healing CrystalsLight Green Zincite will energise the Brow Chakra and Crown Chakra to open you to high frequency energy, which it then brings back down to the lower chakras.

Zincite Healing Crystals

Yellow Zincite will gently help relieve difficult menopause symptoms, and may help adjust to life changes which occur.  Remember when using Zincite as a helping healer, it can be a small stone.


Vowel Sounds Balance Chakras

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Please enjoy revisiting this bwb post.  It was first published December 21, 2012.  

Vowel Sounds Balance Chakras

balancechakraswithvowelsoundsonwomanundertreeFirst Chakra (Root) – Tone 7 times with the deepest “UH” (as in cup) low guttural sound gently riding on the breath. Stay comfortable with the sound – don’t force it. (Red).

Second Chakra (Sacral) – Tone 7 times using a higher pitched, but still deep “OOO” (as in you).  (Orange).

Third Chakra (Solar Plexus) – Tone 7 times using a higher pitched “OH”(as in go). (Yellow).

Fourth Chakra (Heart) – Tone 7 times using a higher pitched “AH” (as in saw).  This sound embodies compassion. (Green).

Fifth Chakra (Throat) – Tone 7 times using a higher pitched “EYE” ( as in my).  (Blue).

Sixth Chakra (Third Eye) – Tone 7 times using a higher pitched “AYE” (as in say). (Indigo).

Seventh Chakra (Crown) – Tone 7 times a higher sound of “EEE” (as in me).  (Violet or White).

Finish by sitting in silence to experience the energy.  If you feel light-headed, chant the universal words of AUM also known as “OM”.  This will ground you.

sacred vowel sounds balance chakras



Color Energizing the Spinal Chakras

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Color Energizing The Spinal Chakras

Energizing the chakras can be accomplished with a simple hands-on visualization technique found in The Complete Book of Color Healing by Lilian Verner-Bonds.  The chakras are often described as a rotating wheel or vortex of energy.  In the following exercise you may find it helpful to visualize them as such:

Color Energizing the Spinal Chakras1.  Close your eyes and visualize the color corresponding to the chakra you wish to enliven.

2.  Place both hands over your eyes and visualize that particular color flowing into the palms of your hands and energizing them.

3.  Now put both hands over the chakra area on the front of your body and visualize the color following into the body, directing the color through to the spinal chakra point. (See illustration)

4.  Repeat the same procedure for any or all of the remaining chakras, usually for three minutes at a time, to align, restore, harmonize, and balance, as desired.

5.  Remember, this simple exercise  can be used to give an overall boost to the system, focus healing on a specific area of the body, or to strengthen the dimension of life associated with a particular chakra.

Much TO DO About Root Chakra

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Much To Do About The Root Chakra

I am feeling a little nostalgic and decided to revisit  bwb’s first Root Chakra entry published Dec. 1, 2012.  There has been only a few updates including adding the Root Chakra Affirmations. 

The Root/Base Chakra is the first chakra and is located at the base of the spine (perineum).  This chakra is concerned with basic survival, physical needs, the skeletal structure, teeth, large intestine, kidneys, and blood.  It is the root of your being and establishes the deepest connections with the physical body, the environment, and with the Earth. Your fight and flight response is initiated from this chakra. Its color-red; element-Earth energy; and Rights-To Have.  The following vibrate to the Root Chakra.   GEMSTONES: Ruby, Red Jasper, Garnet, Hematite, Bloodstone & Smokey Quartz. ESSENTIAL OILS:  Clary Sage, Patchouli & Cedarwood. FLOWER REMEDIES:  Red Chestnut, Cherry Plum & Aspen.


If the Root Chakra is insufficiently open, one may feel spaced out and un-grounded.  An un-balanced or blocked chakra could mean lack of confidence, fear, of low self-esteem.  When your Root Chakra is balanced,  you feel grounded, independent, and stable.  A healthy Root Chakra will promote core feelings of trust, safety and protection.  To BALANCE A Root Chakra you may use any of the gemstones, essential oils and flower remedies mentioned above.  Here are a few more suggestions:  Wear something red or burn a red candle, play drum music for the grounding vibration.  Walk around outdoors preferably near trees. Add Root Chakra healing foods such as root vegetables, mushrooms, red colored foods, and animal protein (if you are not vegan or vegetarian).


Affirmations to Rid Chakra 'Demons'

There are emotions and states that are able to close down chakras, if they’re not processed adequately. Anodea Judith calls them ‘demons’ in her book, Eastern Body, Western Mind. The demons affect the ‘rights’ that are associated with the chakras, which are listed below:

1. Root Chakra:  D- Fear;  R-The right to be here    2. Sacral Chakra:  D-Guilt; R-The right to feel
3. Solar Plexus:  D-Shame;  R-The right to act    4. Heart Chakra: D-Sorrow; R- The right to love and be loved
5. Throat Chakra; D-Lies; R-The right to speak and hear truth    6. Brow Chakra; D-Illusion; R-The right to see
7. Crown Chakra; D-Attachment; R-The right to know
Affirmations To Rid Chakra 'Demons'
Using affirmations helps rid the chakra ‘demons’.  By working with affirmations, one becomes more aware of their emotions and feelings and chakra healing begins.  Are you ready to join me in the 15 day challenge?

Activating Manifestation Chakras

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Activating Your Manifestation Chakras

Judy Hall discusses the manifestation chakras in her book, Life-Changing Crystals. These chakras are located in the center of the palms of our hands.   Fully functioning manifestation chakras help us receive energy from the universe or crystals.  Activating these chakras assists the manifestation process and enhances our ability to project energy out or to receive energy in.  Here is the author’s exercise for opening the hand chakras:

How to Open the Manifestation Chakras

Activating Manifestation Chakras1.  State your intention of opening the two manifestation chakras in your palms.  Rapidly open and close your fingers five or six times.

2.  Concentrate your attention into the center of the right palm and then into the center of the left palm.  (If you are left-handed, reverse this process and start with the left hand).  Picture the chakras opening up like petals.  The centers of your palms will become warm and energized.

3.  Bring your hands together forming a circle with the fingers almost touching.  Soon you will feel the energy of the two chakras meeting.  Imagine you have created an energy ball between palms of  your hands.  Play with this energy as if your hands were an accordion moving slowly away from each other then closer together.Activating Manifestation Chakras

4. You have now opened your manifestation chakras.   Place a crystal point on your hand (see top illustration).  Feel the energies radiating into your palm.  Turn point toward your arm and then toward your fingers.  Sense the direction of the flow of energy.  Crystal points channel energy in the direction that they face.  Rounded crystals radiate energy equally in all directions.