Wise Woman Poem

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Wise Woman Poem

Wise Woman Poem

Wise Woman Poem

The Laughter Of Women

The laughter of women sets fire
to the Halls of Injustice
and the false evidence burns
to a beautiful white lightness

It rattles the Chambers of Congress
and forces the windows wide open
so the fatuous speeches can fly out

The Laughter of Women

The laughter of women wipes the mist
from the spectacles of the old;
it infects them with a happy flu
and they laugh as if they were young again

Prisoners held in underground cells
imagine that they see daylight
when they remember the laughter of women

The Laugher of Women

It runs across water that divides,
and reconciles two unfriendly shores
like flares that signal the news to each other

What a language it is, the laughter of women,
high-flying and subversive.
Long before law and scripture
we heard the laughter, we understood freedom.

 ~ Lisel Mueller

The Laughter of Women

Poetry For Women - Ther Perpetual Migration

What does the word migration mean to you?  Is there something in your life that calls for migrating? Migration is movement from one part of something to another. Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD, included excerpts from the following poem in her book,  Artemis The Indomitable Spirit in Everywoman.

The Perpetual Migration

Poetry For Women - The Perpetual MigrationHow do we know where we are going?
How do we know where we are headed
till we in fact or hope or hunch
arrive? you can only criticize,
the comfortable say, you don’t know
what you want. Ah, but we do.

We have swung in the green verandas
of the jungle trees. We have squatted
on cloud-grey granite hillsides where
every leaf drips. We have crossed
badlands where the sun is sharp as flint.
We have padded into the tall dark sea
in canoes. We always knew.

Peace, plenty, the gentle wallow
of intimacy, a bit of Saturday night
and not too much Monday morning,
a chance to choose, a chance to grow,
the power to say no and yes, pretties
and dignity, an occasional jolt of truth.
The human brain, wrinkled slug, knows
like a computer, like a violinist, like
a bloodhound, like a frog. We remember
backwards a little and sometimes forwards,
but mostly we think in the ebbing circles
a rock makes on the water.Poetry For Women - The Perpetual Migration

The salmon hurtling upstream seeks
the taste of the waters of its birth
but the seabird on its four-thousand-mile
trek follows charts mapped on its genes.
The brightness, the angle, the sighting
of the stars shines in the brain luring
till inner constellation matches outer.
The stark black rocks, the island beaches
of wave worn pebbles where it will winter
look right to it. Months after it set
forth it says, home at last, and settles.
Even the pigeon beating its short whistling
wings knows the magnetic tug of arrival.

In my spine a tidal clock tilts and drips
and the moon pulls blood from my womb.
Driven as a migrating falcon, I can be blown
off course yet if I turn back it feels
wrong. Navigating by chart and chance
and passion I will know the shape
of the mountains of freedom, I will know.

~Marge Piercy (The Moon Is Always Female, 1980) 

“She Is A Woman!”

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Poetry for Women

She Is A Woman!

Poetry for WomenWoman is made great in gentleness
Woman is tender and soft in her acts
Woman speaks with deep sincerities
Woman expresses herself in kind ways

Woman assures everything is alright when it is not
Woman stands for her poise though there is doubt
Woman loves passionately like there is no end to it
Woman comforts even when a situation turns worst

Woman always stood for her precious
Woman always choose to be generous
Woman never point fingers at her betrayer

Woman never says no to a pleading stranger

She is a woman who remains anonymous
She is a woman who is indeed magnanimous!

~Jeline Loh

Poetry for Women

(Women poems found PoemHunter.com)

Poem: “The Mirror”

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Poem: "The Mirror"“The Mirror”

I Looked At The Mirror
Mirror, Looked Back At Me
I Asked The Mirror
What Do You See?
The Mirror Smiled
“Same As You See”
I Touched The Mirror
The Mirror, Touched Me
Pressing To Break Thru
Glass Vanity
For Tho’ Eye To Eye
Sometimes I See
Mirror’s Right
Is Left To Me
And My Right Side … Made Mirror Left
I Got Perplexed At Imagery
And I Turned Away From Mirror
And Mirror Turned From Me
Our Backs To Each Other
Exposed Rigidly
But, Both Turned Back To Face
And Touch Same Place, And Be
Contained and ContentPoem: The Mirror
In Each Other’s Space Respectfully
We Shattered The Barrier
Between Mirror and Me
Back To Reflecting Our World
And The Same Things, We See …
Oh … Mirror, Mirror …
Reflecting You … Seeing Me …

~MoonBee Canady

woman strong 4-5

Poem: The Strength of a Woman

Strength of A WomanThe strength of a woman is carrying the burden of family without
expectation that someone will feel her pain or cry her tears.

The strength of a woman is the first one to wake up and
the last to go to bed.

The strength of a woman is to pretty and doll up all the masks
she has to wear in order to survive.

The strength of a woman is crying herself to sleep at night then
embracing you in the morning with a hug and a smile.

The strength of a woman is my mother,
a woman who says she’s okay when you can tell she’s in pain,
a woman who smiles when the going gets tough and
a woman who finds laughter after crying.

The strength of a woman is to raise a child she does not know.
The strength of a woman hears a child’s cry and
knows exactly what they want.

The strength of a woman is courage and independence.
The strength of a woman is doing whatever it takes to survive.
The strength of a woman is the backbone that holds everyone together
. . . behind every strong man there is a strong woman.

The strength of a woman is her abilityThe Strength of A Woman
to hold her tongue when her significant other is wrong
to stop her children from misbehaving with a look in her eye
to pick herself up and dust herself off
to make her family smile in the midst of a storm
to multi-task and adapt to different situations
to swallow her pride.

The strength of a woman is her unconditional love
for her children and others.
The strength of a woman is to be a peacemaker.
The strength of a woman is to be able to feel things no one else can.
The strength of a woman is to be able.

Helping others when they are in need,
always there to take the lead.
Suffering hard times not for long,
because her will is very strong.
Makes you happy with lots of jokes,
most importantly they are jokes of hope.
Her colors are beautiful—scarlet red—
lots of blessings upon her head.
The strength of a woman we’ll always know,
because her strength will always show.

 ~ By New Foundations Writers, May 7, 2010

Founded in 1994, New Foundations is a non-profit organization located on St. Paul’s East Side that provides permanent, supportive, affordable housing and comprehensive on-site services for homeless dually-diagnosed chemically dependent and mentally ill adults in recovery and their families.

2015 Celebrate Woman's Strength & Worth

celebrate you
A woman’s beauty is not only
In the glow of her skin
But the depth of her eyes
And the warmth of her heart
cdelebrate you
A woman’s strength is not only
In the bow of her back
But the magnitude of her tears
And the softness of her words
celebrate you
A woman’s wisdom is not only
In the value of her words
But the knowledge of when to hold them
And the journey she takes to learn them
celebrate you
A woman’s courage is not only
In her determination to fight
But her willingness to walk away
And confidence to say no
celebrate you
A woman’s grace is not only
In the way she dances through her day
But in the love notes she leaves
And the wonderful meals she prepares
celebrate you
A woman’s love is not only
In the kisses she gives
But in the sacrifices she makes
And the moments given to you alone
celebrate you
A woman’s worth is not only
In the things she does
But who she truly is
And who she helps you become
celebrate you
Celebrate Women

 ”A strong woman knows she has strength for the journey,

but a woman of strength

knows it is in the journey where she will become strong.”

2015 Celebrate Your Strength


celebrate you

The Caring Tree

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I am The Caring Tree,

and I have survived the day.

If you climb my branches,

I am afraid I cannot stay.

If you touch me carefully,

you can feel my strength.

If you stand close to me,

you can sense my peace.

You see my body is fragile, 

tender, and very worn.

Each time you stand upon me,

a part of me is torn.

Come close my friend,

feel my strength and peace.

It is a gift I give you,

and it is what I hope to teach.

But please do not climb my branches,

as I wish to stay.

 I would like to remain here,

 for yet another day.



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Ode to the Woman Within

Ode To The Woman Within

 by Helene Averous

To the woman who carries water to quench my thirst, I bow

To the woman who gave me life, I bow

To the woman who wipes my tears, I bow

To the woman who keeps on feeding my heart, I bow

To the woman who is tender with me, I bow

To the woman who cries, I bow

To the woman who prays, I bow

To the woman who is grateful, I bow

To the woman who suffers, I bow

To the woman who keeps on loving, I bow

To the woman who nurtures my soul, I bow

To the sacred woman, I bow


Ode To TheWoman Within