gall bladder 13-15 helps eye & head issues

The diagram shows the Gall Bladder Meridian acupoints 13-15 on the right side.  These points will be also on the left side.

Technique starting on forehead with GB 14

Locate the points on both sides of the forehead simultaneously using the middle or index fingers.  Place thumbs on temples and rest your bent fingers on the side of face.  Apply acupressure angling slightly upwards towards the hairline.  Benefits:  Reduces twitching of eyelids and improves vision.  Treats eyes that water when included with GB 15.

Technique for GB 15

Locate the points above the midpoint of the eyebrows, 1 finger width within the hairline using the middle or index fingers.  Place the thumbs on temples for support and bent fingers can on forehead.  Apply pressure perpendicularly against the skull on both sides.  Benefits: Reduces eye watering, especially when exposed to wind, and improves blurred vision.

Technique for GB 13

Locate the points directly in line with GB 15 within the hairline using the middle or index fingers. Place the thumbs on the temples for support and bent fingers can rest on forehead.  Apply pressure perpendicularly against the skull on both sides.  Benefits:  Reduces dizziness, vertigo, headache and insomnia.


Self-Clearing Energy Power Shower

April 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Velda in ENERGY HEALING

slef-clearing power shower

A Power Shower is a simple and quick energetic self-clearing.  Moving water generates plenty of negative ions.  Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that in certain environments such as mountains, beaches, and waterfalls we inhale abundantly.  In Tess Whitehurst book, The Good Energy Book, she suggests saying a blessing invocation to the water before starting your shower such as: “Great Spirit, please infuse this water with vibrations of positivity and purification.”  Then visualize the water as a very bright white light that washes around and through your entire body and energy field.  Visualize the bright white light clearing away stagnant energy, negativity, and changing it into vibrant energy and positivity.

self-clearing power shower





Healing Power – Gratitude Photos

April 20th, 2013 | Posted by Velda in ENERGY HEALING

 The Healing Power of Gratitude Photos

power of gratefulnes photo

photo of gratitude

power of gratitude

power of graitudet

lear clutter from your lifeMany of us have experienced very low energy when it seems everything in our life is somewhat cluttered.  I am reading Tess Whitehurst’s book, The Good Energy Book Creating Harmony and Balance For Yourself and Your Home.  The author describes negative energy draining ’To a T’.  She  states “When you clear clutter from your home, you’re simultaneously clearing clutter from your life. Clearing clutter is a process of releasing and flushing energetic toxins from your mind, body, and emotions.”  Doing the physical chores of cleaning out drawers and closets, giving away books we won’t read, clothes we won’t wear, or all the things stored away that we will never use again, is an amazing energetic endeavor to begin experiencing harmony and balance.  ARE YOU READY TO START CLUTTER CLEARING?

Acupressure by Jacqueline Young

Acupressure Simple Steps to Health by Jacqueline Young was originally published in 1994. My copy is the 2001 edition. Jacqueline Young is a practitioner of Oriental medicine who spent many years training and working in the Far East. She now teaches, lectures, and writes about traditional health techniques and natural therapies.

I enjoy experimenting and sharing with clients the benefits of acupressure..  Acupressure can open the flow of energy that is currently disrupted and help bring the body back to balance.  I refer to this book because it is so easy to follow and understand the techniques used for designated treatments.  If you have a strong interest in learning more about acupressure, I highly recommend shopping your local Half Price Book Store for a copy.

Pericardium 8 - mental calmessThe following information on Pericardium 8 Acupoint is covered in Jacqueline Young’s book Acupressure Simple Steps to Health:

Location: In the middle of the palm between the bones leading to the index and middle fingers.  Can also be located by bending the middle finger inwards until it touches the palm.

Technique: Support the palm with the fingers of the opposite hand and acupoint with the with the thumb.  Apply acupressure angled slightly towards the middle finger.  Repeat on opposite palm.

Benefits:  Calms the mind and reduces mental agitation.

LU11 mental calming & clarity

The LU 11 Acupressure is very effective in calming agitation and restoring mental clarity.  It can reduce dizziness, body temperature, and help with breathing problems. You find LU 11 on the outside edge of the thumb at the cuticle, which is the final point along the Lung Meridian.   Support the thumb in the fingers of the opposite hand and apply Acupressure using the nail of the opposite thumb (or by using the eraser end of a pencil) on Acupoint LU 11 for about three minutes.  Repeat on the other hand.  More tomorrow on calming the mind and reducing mental agitation covered in Jacqueline Young’s book Acupressure Simple Steps to Health.



energy sucking feels like the eye of a tornadoDo you sometimes feel you have been targeted by the eye of a tornado and all your energy has been zapped?   Do you feel drained around some people?  After visiting on the phone with someone, does your stomach ache or do you feel like you have been punched in the stomach?  Do you have weak boundaries and are unwilling to say “no”, or are you someone’s doormat, or a people pleaser?  YES???  Then you need some protection from energy vampires.  Sounds dark and dramatic.  Energy vampires don’t suck our blood – they zap our energy.  Energy vampires can be friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, or strangers.  They might not even be aware that they are energy suckers, and, at times we might also unknowingly be energy vampires ourselves.

double-terminated quartz for strengthening auraTed Andrews in his book How to Read & See Your Aura, recommends that we take two double-terminated quartz crystal (approximately 2 inches long) and place one in each hand.  They will help stabilize the energy field around the body and rebuild it.  These crystals will also strengthen and supplement your normal energy levels.

fingers touchingto closeenergy circuit

He also shares the following exercise which is very simple.  Sit comfortably in a chair with your ankles crossed (very lady-like).  With your hands resting in your lap, have all the finger tips and thumb on the left and right hand touching.  This posture closes off the circuit of your energy.  At the same time it stops your energy from being zapped by another.  The next time you encounter an energy sucker, REMEMBER this posture.

April 1 laughter best medicine

April 1, is a great time to point out the different ways laughing is so healing…NO JOKE!  Will Rogers, the great humorist and most well known celebrity of the 20′s and 30′s, was responsible for making the phrase “Laughter is the Best Medicine” a popular proverb.  All these years later there is scientific proof regarding the healing benefits of laughter.  There are yoga schools for laughter yoga training, laughter yoga groups, and yoga laughter exercises found on the Internet…NO JOKE!  It has been estimated that laughing 100 times is the equivalent to 15 minutes workout on an exercise bike.  Laughter exercises the diaphragm and abdominal muscles, respiratory system, and the facial, leg, and back muscles, which explains why we do feel like we have had a workout after some serious belly/body laughs.

Keep Laughing More Healing Benefits:      laughter best medicine

 1. Laughter inhibits the “fight or flight” response by reducing levels of certain stress hormones and actually boosts the immune system by causing an increase in white blood cells.  2. Laughter lowers the blood pressure, while increasing vascular blood flow and oxygenation of the blood, which aids healing.  3.  Laughter increases production of salivary immunoglobulin A, which helps to prevent pathogens (disease-causing organisms) invading the body through the respiratory tract.  4. Laughter helps our mental health by providing a way for negative emotions to be released.  5.  Laughter triggers the release of endorphin (natural opiate) into blood stream, which provides immediate pain relief.  Laughter can relieve headaches, muscular and joint pain.  It is powerful enough that a number of practitioners have undergone surgery using laughter instead of anesthetics…NO JOKE!


chi exercise the monkey dance

Here is a fun relaxation technique to increase your Chi energy by doing the following Monkey Dance exercise:

START by standing up with unlocked knees, rounded back and the upper part of the body relaxed.  Remember you are imitating a monkey.

NEXT start to make your body shake slightly with no effort.  This movement comes from the heels.  Try to create an inner vibration that releases tensions from all parts of the body: back, shoulders, arms, hands, face, brain….shake and release tensions.

MOVE your weight from one side to the other.  Try different angles, which will help release the tension in different areas.

ADD SOUND if you feel like it.  Monkey’s are great at “aaahh… aaahh…aaaahhhh…aaaahhhh”…the sound comes out with no effort from the deepest parts of their body.


chi exercise the monkey danceNOW IMAGINE the body is full of water and feel how the vibrations move this water and makes it flow easily.  Try to hear the noise of the flowing water in the body and have fun like a kid. Try making the sound of the water jiggling around in your monkey body. What does it sound like?

This relaxation technique is also a great way to balance your body and mind.  I doubt if you have seen many stressed out monkeys.  So keep on shaking and releasing all that bottled up tension.