The book Energy Medicine Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy and Vitality, by Donna Eden with David Feinstein, Ph.D. was first published in 1998.  My copy is the Tenth Anniversary Edition which I refer to often for my own self-healing and working with my clients.  There will be many of my future posts dedicated to Donna Eden’s wisdom and exercises she shares in all of her books.


The following is taken from her INTRODUCTION:

The Return of Energy Medicine

Our remedies oft in ourselves to lie

≈William Shakespeare

 All’s Well that Ends Well



In Donna Eden’s books, Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine For Women, she recommends the ’Hook-Up’ exercise to do anytime your energies are feeling a bit “off”.  The’ Hook-Up’ creates a connection between your central meridian (which sends energy up the front of your body) and governing meridian (which sends energy up your spine), bridging the energies between the front and back of your body and between your head and torso.  It strengthens your aura and increases your coordination. This exercise is one of the most powerful tools to use to quickly center yourself.

To do the ‘Hook-Up’, breathe in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth for 15 – 20 seconds.  Place the middle finger of one hand on your third eye (above the bridge of your nose).   Place the middle finger of the other hand in your navel.  Gently press each finger into your skin, pull it upward, and hold for 15 to 20 seconds.  Author states, “Often a spontaneous sigh or deep breath signals that the energies have hooked up.”  Photo – Author, Donna Eden.



It is a powerful technique to resonate and balance your chakras using the chakra vowel sounds.  It is recommended that chanting the vowel sounds should be practiced in a comfortable posture sitting in a chair or on the floor.   Keep your spine as straight as possible, allowing the energy to flow in your body more freely. This is a great daily exercise exploring the harmonics presented in the vowels.  Make these sounds in a gentle voice not straining while focusing your energy and intent on balancing each chakra.  Don’t worry about the pitch or note, just let your voice resonate with your body.  This pitch will change according to your mood, diet, activities, etc. on a daily basis.  There is no set frequency.


Start by breathing in deeply, expanding your lower stomach as you inhale.  Focus your awareness on each of the chakras as you are working on them.  You may wish to add color visualization with each chakra.  Start with the Root Chakra (Red) - Sound OO or UUH, as in ‘cup’; Sacral Chakra (Orange) – Sound OH or OOO, as in ‘you’; Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow) -Sound  AW or OH, as in ‘go’; Heart Chakra (Green) -Sound AH, as in ‘ma’; Throat Chakra (Blue) – Sound IH OR EYE,  as in ‘my’; Brow or Third Eye Chakra (Indigo) – Sound IH or AYE, as in ‘say’;  and Crown Chakra (Violet or White) – Sound EE or EEE, as in ‘me’Please note that for most of the Chakras I have included several ways their sounds our listed ie: the Root Chakra illustration shows Sound OO many places it will be shown as UUH.





I have read many books that have been inspirational, however, Lucia Capacchine, Ph.D.’s book, The Power of Your Other Hand and the Art of Emotional Healing, was probably one of the most healing.   On June 6, 2002, I decided to deal with one of my fears – journaling.  I have never been fond of my handwriting and I am not the greatest with spelling.  What I do love is children’s art and their whimsical writing, so what the author was recommending sounded fun.  What I wasn’t prepared for is how this exercise brought out so much stuffed and buried emotions and for the first time put me in touch with my inner child.



Here is the basic premise of the exercise, first you will need the following materials:  2 different colored pens or pencils, assortment of 8-12 colored felt pens and a sketchbook 8 1/2 x 11 or larger.  I found the larger worked best for me.  The author will have some suggested questions that might work with some the emotional issues you are personally wanting to work on.  Your journaling starts by writing down a question with your dominant hand then responding by writing and or drawing with your non-dominant hand.  The result of this exercise is absolutely astonishing.  (Picture from author’s illustrations).


The spleen is a part of the body’s lymphatic system, located just under the rib cage on the left side of the body.  It is adversely affected by negative emotions such as unworthiness, pensiveness, anxiety, lack of acceptance, self-judgment and depression which can affect the entire abdominal area.

The Stomach 36 Acupressure point is considered a general tonic point that increases the vitality in the body as a whole and strengthens st36forstrenghteningspleenandstomachthe spleen and stomach.

Location:   Four finger widths below the kneecap on the outside edge of the leg bone (tibia).

Technique:  Place fingers behind the leg for support and locate acupoint with the thumb.  Apply acupressure angled slightly downwards towards foot.  Repeat for other leg.







acupressureongv26forbrain/mentalfunctionAcupressure is another self-care technique for promoting a balanced healthy body and helping to prevent disease.  With this  acupressure exercise you will be working on the Governor Vessel Meridian acupoint 26 (see diagram).  The location is just under the nose, in the middle of the groove above the lip.  In order to perform this acupressure workout, use your nail or tip of the index or middle finger to apply mild pressure in a vertical direction for approximately 30 seconds.  Breathe freely and visualize a clear mind with sharp mental functioning.  Here is a word of caution: take care not to stimulate this point too hard if you have high blood pressure, and stop immediately if you start to feel unwell or uncomfortable.  Advantages:  Helps to invigorate mental alertness and brain function.  In addition, it helps in concentrating and enhances memory.  It can also prevent or relieve faintness and ease back pain.



This beautiful song from the album ‘River of Breath’ performed by John Adorney and Daya, produced 2002 by Dunrite productions, Inc. continues to be inspiration and grounding music for me.  I immediately start swaying and dancing when the music starts playing.  Here are the words to the 4th song ‘River of Breath‘:  This beautiful wind * This beautiful  wind   * This beautiful sail * Is blowing within *  That catches the wind * Caught by the sail *  With every breath * With every breath *  This fountain of life * This fountain of life *   Is flowing inside * (this is so real) *  This river of breath * This river of breath *  Runs through you * Runs through you *  This motion *  This moment.


teddybeardoingtriplewarmerspleenhugIt is nice to get to know more about the Meridians.  In Donna Eden’s book, Energy Medicine for Women, she mentions that the Triple Warmer is one of the body’s most potent and least understood energy systems.  It governs: 1.The immune system 2. The emergency response to threat (fight, flee or freeze) and 3. The ability to form physiological and behavioral habits for managing stress or threat.  Donna has several Triple Warmer exercises which will be covered in my posts in the future.  Today, we will look at the Triple Warmer/Spleen Hug.  It is recommended to use this exercise anytime you are upset or need comfort. 

This position simultaneously calms Triple Warmer while energizing the Spleen Meridian:  Wrap your left hand around your right arm just above the elbow.  Wrap the right arm around the left side of your body, underneath your breast.  Hold this position for at least three deep breaths.  Reverse sides.

Roaringlioncleansing,releasingforpainIn Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D.’s book, ‘The Healing Power of Sound’, he discusses specific toning exercise.  He states “Moaning and groaning are cleansing sounds that come naturally when aches and pains are being released.  High-pitched, penetrating sounds, or even fierce screaming can help break up energy blockages that may have led to emotional and physical armoring.  Release the sound that you feel from within.  It may be a bloodcurdling, terrifying scream that could go on for several minutes, until it may actually end in laughter.  Releasing a scream that has been held in for decades can be a joyous, liberating experience.”

I know this works.  If you find it difficult to let out a bloodcurdling scream, how about a fierce roar?   NO KITTY ROAR, purring is for toning later.


Angeles Arrien, is one of my most favorite authors. The following is quoted from her book, The Four-Fold Way.   Where in my life did I stop dancing?  Where in my life did I stop singing?  Where in my life did I stop being enchanted with stories? Where in life did I become uncomfortable with the sweet territory of silence?”

The vibrational energy healing we receive from dancing, singing, actively involved in story-telling, and the empowerment of silence touches the very essence of who we are and brings much joy, balance, and spiritual harmony.  Please allow yourself to dance, sing, listen or tell a story today, and allow time for well-deserved cherished silence.