Embracing Imperfection Is Healing

December 11th, 2015 | Posted by Velda in ENERGY HEALING

Embracing Imperfections

Yes, I am an avid follower of the “Voice”.  Tuesday evening’s performance by guest star Dolly Parton made me think more about the beauty of  imperfection.  She was raised in a poor family of 12 and sang the song she wrote about a coat her mother made for her when she was a young child.  The coat was made from scrapes of rags. It was not perfect, but it was made with love, and young Dolly was empowered embracing this imperfection. The following verse is from her song:

Embracing Imperfection

by Dolly Parton

My coat of many colors
That my momma made for me
Made only from rags
But I wore it so proudly
Although we had no money
I was rich as I could be
In my coat of many colors
My momma made for me

Embracing Imperfection

Embracing ImperfectionThis is the best time of the year for letting go of perfectionism.  WHY?  Because perfect is impossible.  I invite you to look around and enjoy the beauty of imperfection.  Share your embracing imperfection memories with friends and family.  Here is one of mine.  During my children’s youth, they always picked out a Charlie Brown tree for the play room.  Every year they picked the scraggliest tree on the lot.  After they finished decorating their tree, with all their handmade ornaments, it was adored and accepted for all it’s imperfections.


Strengthen The Net of Light NOW!

November 15th, 2015 | Posted by Velda in ENERGY HEALING
                                   This entire message was sent November 13th from Sharon McErlane, author of  
                                                            ’A Call To Power:  The Grandmothers Speak’. 
Net of Light

Strengthen the Net of Light NOW!

–the Great Council of the Grandmothers

Please share this information. Ask others to help.
There are great rips and tears in the Net of Light in the Middle East.The Net has also become weakened in the Northern Hemisphere–especially Europe and Russia. Terrorism, violence, and evil acts abound wherever the template of light and love that holds the planet has been weakened. The Net of Light itself is perfect but because it interfaces with humanity it can be torn by the acts of man. This has now happened, and what humans have destroyed, humans must repair. This is the law. Therefore, we are asking you to step up. Strengthen the Net of Light that holds your planet. Many of you have been working in this way for a long time and you are much needed now.
“Some call it Net of Light, some Cosmic Web, Grid of Light, Sacred Template, Indra’s Net, and other names, but it is the same construct. This is the Net of Light that will hold your planet steady during the times of change that are upon you. Go forward now and find your place on this radiant construct and then hold, hold, hold light steady for yourselves and everything that lives.
“You can pray for all the people who are suffering in your world but you will do more good if you will broadcast light directly into the Net of Light. And think especially of doing this for the Middle East. This influx of light will strengthen the Net, enabling it to uplift everything.
“To begin, think of the Net of Light like a great fishing net that covers the Earth from above and penetrates through all the land, air, and waters of your planet. Somewhere on that radiant Net is a place that will feel right for you. Step forward and take this place and, once you have, let your heart pour love and light into the Net which in turn will pour love and light back into your heart. The more light that you send throughout the strands of the Net, the more will come back to you. That too is the law.
“The Net of Light is lit by the radiance of the heart. It is your own heart that propels light throughout the gridlines of the Net, supporting this planet. Let your heart connect with the Net of Light and observe as love and light pour fourth throughout the Net and throughout your own body. Everything is blessed by the touch of the Net of Light and as you focus the power of this radiance into the Middle East, it will begin to mend the tears there. This is blessing work. There is nothing more valuable you can do.
“As you work with the Net of Light you become a blessing and you are blessed. By thinking of the Net of Light you automatically link yourself with the sacred and holy places on your planet, with the sacred beings who support life on Earth, and with all those of pure heart who seek the greatest good for all. Each time you think of the Net of Light and let light flow from your heart, you do untold good. You become a walking blessing upon the earth.”
The Grandmothers say:
“This is the Net of Light that will hold the earth during the times of change that are upon you. You are part of this Net. Take your glorious place”
Strengthen The Net Of Light Now
                                               For more information: www.grandmothersspeak.com/


Alternative Energetic Cord Releasing

November 6th, 2015 | Posted by Velda in ENERGY HEALING

cords energetic 1-2

Energetic cords are similar to having a fiber optic cord between ourselves and others. Through these cords or connections, energetic information can be shared, or energy can be drawn by one person or the other. Healthy cords share nurturing information and energy. Unhealthy cords can be a huge drain or a means of control and often outlive their usefulness.  We have a choice about continuing to stay attached by unhealthy cords.   When we give power away to other people because our relationship with self is dysfunctional, we actually allow cords of energy to tie us to those people. You can cut the cords, but unless you resolve the underlying reason why your corded in the first place, the unhealthy cord will come back.

cord severing 2-2

Following are steps to a gentle alternative way of releasing an unhealthy cord:

1.  Start with stating the name of the person attached to the energetic cord and ask to be forgiven for all the wrong doings and hurt that you may have committed towards this person knowingly and unknowingly.  Then state that you forgive this person for all the wrong doings and hurt that they have committed towards you knowingly and unknowingly.
2.  Imagine a circle made from a fine woven silk cord that is in a beautiful natural setting.   Visualize sitting in the center of the circle and feeling protected.  You are being surrounded with a high frequency pure light.

3.  Now visualize the person you want to release sitting in another circle made of cord.  Look at this person from your circle and wave good bye!  You are gently and peacefully allowing this person their space while affirming your own.  Imagine that instead of cutting the cord, it remains whole, disentangled and detached.  Once more with love and compassion, say good bye.cord release 2-2

 The cord is released, with gratitude, move on with your life!



Drinking Water Is Healing

September 18th, 2015 | Posted by Velda in ENERGY HEALING

Positive Healing Water Rituals

Author Tess Whitehurst in her book, The Good Energy Book, points out that everything—even the physical body is made of energy.  So for today’s exercise, imagine that your energetic body is a lake, everything positive that goes into it affects the clarity and vibrancy of the entire lake (physical, emotional and spiritual body).

Positive Healing Water Rituals

We all know that drinking lots of what is important.  It is suggested we drink at least half our body weight in ounces per day as a great way to help clear out both physical and energetic toxins and refresh our energetic body.  The author recommends remembering to bless our water before drinking it.  She offers that we might hold our water in both hands and say the following water blessing:

“Great Goddess, please infuse this water with vibrations of purification and love.”

Positive Healing Water Rituals

Additionally or instead:

You might visualize a very bright white light coming down from above, entering the Crown Chakra, going down to the heart, through your arms, out the palms of your hands and into the glass.

If you want to get fancy, you can change the color of the light according to your intentions for the day.

For Example you might choose to visualize Pink,

Positive Healing Water Rituals

or Green,

Positive Healing Water Rituals

 or Blue.

Positive Healing Water Rituals

 Drink Water, Be Positive!

Inner Energy Affirmations

The affirmation exercises illustrated below are used in Sahaja Yoga to bring attention  inside and above your head where meditation occurs.  They awaken your inner energy and are helpful prior to meditating.  Here are the simple directions for Inner Energy Affirmations:

1.  Make your self comfortable before starting.  Take a few deep breaths and relax.  2.  Use your right hand and place on the left side of your body as shown in each illustration.  3.  Keep your attention on the right hand, while you say each affirmation. In that way your attention will also rise as your hand does.  4.  Repeat each one a few times silently inside with sincerity.  Using these exact words is not as important as the meaning.   Say what feels right to you.  ENJOY!

Inner Energy Affirmations


Tips For Doggone Hot Weather

July 3rd, 2015 | Posted by Velda in ENERGY HEALING

Tips For Doggone Hot Weather

Here’s a list of tips compiled from numerous sources and based on experiences of living through some very hot summers such as Chicago, South Dakota, or Albuquerque.  I am writing this for my dear friends here in Seattle because we do not get this kind of heat often.

1.  Slow down. When you are outside or in a place that is not air conditioned, face reality, move slowly and put your brain in low gear.  Tip:  If you need relief from your hot house, go to an air-conditioned library, movie theater, or if your city has one, a designated cooling center.

Tips for Doggone Hot Weather

2.  Always be hydrating. Drink ice water, cold juice, non-caffeinated ice tea. Have it with you at all times. This is especially important if you live somewhere that is both hot and humid.  Tip: Always keep a bottle of water in the freezer. 

3.   Shut out the sunlight.  Even if your apartment or office is air conditioned, shut the blinds. Sunlight equals heat.  Inside wear shorts, baggy T-Shirt, flip-flops. Forget the underwear and socks. When you are outside wear loose, long-sleeved clothes (shirts, pants, skirts) of light material. Tip: Keeping the sun off your skin provides more surface area for sweating, and so is actually cooler.  Wear a cap or straw hat.

Tips fpor Doggone Hot Weather

4.  Crank up the fans. If you don’t have air conditioning and even if you do, promote air circulation throughout your house or office with fans. Start them up early in the day before it gets hot.   Use a hand fan. Take one with you when you go outside, it can be a lifesaver.  Eat high water content foods, such as watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  Tip: Eating these  fresh fruits  and vegetables in abundance will help keep you hydrated.

Tips For Doggone Hot Weather

5.  Utilize the cooling power of water. If you are feeling like your body is getting too hot, cool it down by taking a long, cool shower or bath. Soak your feet in a bucket or pan of ice water. Utilize towels and bandanas soaked in cold, cold water. Apply an ice pack to various parts of your body.  Use a water-filled spray bottle that you have placed in a refrigerator until it is ice cold (nearly frozen is best). When you are outside, mist yourself with refreshing spritzes of chilled water.   Tip: Create a “rice-sock” ice pack. Grab an old sock, stuff it full of rice and put it into the freezer for a few hours. Stay cool at night by placing it under the covers with you. Rice retains the cold for long periods of time.

Tips for Doggone Hot Weather

6.  Remember your pets safety. Too much sun and heat (and humidity!) can be dangerous to pets. Keep them inside when it’s extremely hot/humid; make sure they have access to shady spots and plenty of water when outdoors; don’t leave them outside for extended periods in hot weather.  Tip: Consider your pets this 4th of July weekend.   Loud fireworks, unfamiliar places and crowds can all be very frightening to pets, and there’s great risk of pets becoming spooked and running away.

Tips for Doggone Hot Weather



Blowing Bubbles With Your Inner Child

Are you making enough time for fun in your life?  If not, PLEASE, grab a bottle of bubbles.  Your inner child is ready to play!

Blowing Bubbles With Your Inner Child

Adult play is a time to forget about work and commitments, and to be social in an unstructured, creative way. The focus of play is on the actual experience, and reconnecting with your Inner Child.

Blowing Bubbles With Your Inner Child

Inner Child play can also stimulate your imagination, and can actually improve your ability to solve problems.

Blowing Bubbles With Your Inner Child

Playing chess, completing puzzles, or pursuing other fun activities that challenge the brain can help prevent memory problems and improve brain function. This is great social interaction with your inner child can also help ward off stress and depression.

Blowing Bubbles With Your Inner Child

In the words of George Bernard Shaw, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” Playing can boost your energy and vitality and even improve your resistance to disease, helping you feel your best.  Most importantly, you and your inner child will love the play time together.

'Bridge To Healing for Emotional Issues

It is time to re-visit my favorite small book with immense information and exercises for cell-level healing.   Today we will look at the  exercise for moderate emotional issues featured in Cell-Level Healing The Bridge from Soul to Cell, by Joyce Whiteley Hawkes, Ph.D.   She points out that in cases of severe emotional trauma, it is crucial to seek psychological treatment in conjunction with skilled spiritual or energy healers.

The following exercise will help moderate emotional upsets where the situation and/or person(s) troubling you shift into less staggering proportions.  The cells in your body will begin to receive messages of the return to equilibrium, and the biochemistry of high alert will return to normal.

Bridge To Healing For Emotional Issues

'Bridge to Healing' for Emotional Issues1.  Visualize bringing yourself back to a center within yourself, a calm and protected inner space where you are in touch with your spiritual resources.

2. Once centered, place yourself within the image of a personal safe place such as a garden or meadow that is protected by a gate, a wall, and if you choose guardian angels.

3.  From this safe place, imagine the person or situation you are concerned about.  Visualize spirals of clear light around them bringing blessing, harmony, and resolution.  Do not try to make 'Bridge to Healilng' for Emotional Issuesthe outcome specific, but with trust, place the event or person(s) in the hands of how you personally experience Universal Healing or Creative Force.

4.  Stay with the visualization until you feel a drop in tension, a relaxation into a less agitated or fearful state of mind.  Continue to deepen the feeling of relaxation and the associated images with the intention to reach every cell in the body.'Bridge to Healing' for Emotional Issues

5.  Now the action portion of your cells, has shifted out of rapid production of ‘fight or flight’ hormones.  This means that the communication system between cells is now also shifting out of the highly alert mode back toward normal.

6.  When you feel the exercise is complete, see yourself alone in your special inner space.  Surround yourself with glowing spirals of light.  Actively accept blessing and renewal.  Consciously depart from your inner space of safety, remembering that you can return anytime you wish.

‘Don’t Worry, Stay Happy’, your cells will thank you.

Rainbow Healing Visualization

May 14th, 2015 | Posted by Velda in COLORS | ENERGY HEALING

 Rainbow Healing Visualization

Rainbow Healing Visualization Technique:  

Rainbow Healing Visualization1.  Sit in a comfortable chair.  You will only need to practice this visualization technique for 3 to 5 minutes in the beginning. Once you are comfortable with the technique and know which color you need, you can individualize the color and work with only one at a time.

2.  Breathe deeply and evenly, feeling the cleansing power of oxygen permeating your body’s cells as you inhale, and the release of carbon dioxide waste as you exhale. Conscious, deep breathing cleanses the blood and cells of the body. 

3.  Visualize the Crown Chakra (at the top of your head) and begin to imagine it opening as though it were the lens of a camera. Ask the Universe for all the color rays of rainbow energy to flow down through this chakra.  These rainbow colors are the red, orange, yellow, green, rose, blue, indigo, violet, silver, gold, white, and black rays. There is also ultra-red and ultra-violet. State your intent for healing, then invite the colors to flow from the Universe and go to where each color is needed.

4.  Visualize them entering your bloodstream through the arteries and the cells of your entire body. This only takes a few moments to move throughout your body. Rainbow Healing Visualization

5.  If you have a specific problem you wish to work on, ask for the colors to infuse that particular area of the body. The body listens to every thought you think, so just by stating what you want, it will happen. This thought/body connection is very important to know, because your every negative thought makes negative things occur, and every positive thought you have, takes the body to higher levels of consciousness.

6.  When completing this exercise, you will feel more balanced.  Remember to drink plenty of water and continue practicing color healing visualization.

FYI:  Today it is widely accepted that healing with color addresses the five functions of the human body – physical, metabolic, emotional, mental and spiritual. Watch for more on the powers of color therapy in the future.



The Benefits of Chanting

The Benefits of ChantingChanting benefits every aspect of life,  including physical issues, emotional imbalances, mental imbalances, spiritual blockages, relationship challenges, financial challenges, and more.  Chanting mantras works because they carry soul frequency and vibration with love, forgiveness, compassion, and light.  Chanting is Sound Power.  You become what you chant.

There are two ways to chant: silently and aloud. Silently vibrates the smaller cells and spaces in the body; it is yin chanting.  Aloud vibrates the bigger cells and spaces: it is yang chanting. Both ways are correct. You may choose to do one or the other or both. Always chant silently when lying down so as not to drain your qi (energy).

You might enjoy practicing the following Divine Soul Song, Love, Peace, and Harmony,  given to Master Sha on September 10, 2005.   Each line of this chant is a treasure to transform not only our souls, hearts, minds, and bodies, but to create love, peace, and harmony for humanity.

Relax. Sit straight but comfortably. Open your heart and soul.  Now chant,  your choice silently or aloud:

I love my heart and soul

I love all humanity

 Join hearts and souls together 

Love, peace and harmony

Love, peace and harmony

 (Repeat as often as you want throughout the day)

The Benefits of Chanting