Index Finger Meditation #2

The index finger is associated with the heart chakra, the large intestine, and the meridian of the stomach.  Author Gertrud Hirschi, in her book, Mudras Yoga in Your Hands, points out we can draw on our innermost intuition and receive inspiration.  When doing the following meditation several days in a row, notice that there is a certain habit of thoughts.  If we continuously replace harmful thoughts with useful ones, this can change the circumstances of life accordingly.


Index Finger Energy Meditation #2

 1.  Sit or lie down.  Encircle your right index finger with the four fingers of your left hand.  Let the left thumb rest along the exterior of the right hand.  Close your eyes.

2.  Visualize sitting in front of a field and observe the swaying grain.  When you inhale, the ears of grain move toward you.  When you exhale, they move away.  Sometimes you see the entire field and sometimes you see individual ears of grain.  Notice that when you inhale the space gets smaller, and larger when you exhale.  The yellow ears of seeds indicate new beginnings.

3.   Look into the expanse of  blue clouded sky and then inwardly to the safety of your heart.  Observe the thoughts that come and go.

4.  How do you think most of the time?  Is it a positive, negative, confident, fearful, brooding, critical, memory-dominated, or future-oriented way?

Keep holding onto your finger for a while and feel the flowing warmth.  Remember to encircle your left index finger with the four fingers on the right hand and hold this finger for a while.

Tomorrow is Meditation #3:  Middle Finger Energy

Finger Meditations: #1 Thumb Exercise

This week I hope you will join me to explore the positive experiences from finger meditation exercises found in the book, Mudras Yoga in Your Hands, by Gertrud Hirschi.  These remind me of the subtle Jin Shin Jyutsu®  jumper cable techniques we learned last year.  The author points out that the lung meridian, (fire element), is associated with the thumb.  The fire of the thumb nourishes the energy of the other fingers and absorbs excess energy.  We can actually strengthen every part of the body or every organ by visualizing and/or breathing light and warmth into it.

Finger Meditations: # 1 Thumb Energy

1.  Sit or lie down.  Encircle your right thumb with the four fingers of the left hand and place the left thumb along the inner edge of your right hand.

2.  Close your eyes and focus on a part of the body that is weak or ill.  Now imagine that a light is glowing in the lower center of your body near the navel.

3.  Every time you exhale, direct the rays of light toward the respective part of the body.  Visualize large, dark clouds of smoke, (things that make you ill, feel pain, or fatigue), escape from the illuminated body part.

4.  Concentrate on the glowing light that slowly fills and heals this part of the body.  Calmly keep holding onto your right thumb for a while and feel the flowing warmth.  To complete this meditation finish by encircling the left thumb with the right fingers and hold this thumb for a short time.

Join me tomorrow for Meditation #2: Index Finger Energy.


Expressive Meditation: Shaking

This is a meditation which is shared in Pragito Dove’s book Laughter, Tears, Silence.  The meditation is done in four stages of fifteen minutes each.  If this sounds like something you want to try, please set aside an hour and complete all four stages.

Expressive Meditation: Shaking


1.  Standing comfortably, with eyes closed, just let your whole body shake, feeling the energies moving up from your feet.

2.  Let go.  Feel yourself become the shaking.

3.   Shaking is the warm-up process.  Try not to force the shaking, just allow it to happen.

4.  The best time to do this is at the end of the day.

5.  This is a great way to shake off all built up tensions, leaving you refreshed to enjoy your evening.

Expressive Meditation: ShakingSTAGE TWO:  DANCE (FIFTEEN MINUTES)

1.  Dance.

2.  Let your body move any way it wishes.

3.  The body is getting in tune “with itself” so when you sit the tensions are dissolved.

4.  At the end of the fifteen minutes of dancing the space for meditation begins to descend on you.



1.  Now either sitting or standing, be still.

2.  Relax deeply within yourself.

3.  Be aware of your breathing and witness any thoughts or emotions, with no judgment.

4.  Don’t cling or reject, simply accept what is.

5.  Allow the silence of meditation to be with you.



Expressive Meditation: Shaking



Shivalinga Mudra-Energy CharglingGertrud Hirschi recommends the following Shivalinga Mudra in her book Mudras Yoga in Your Hands. Do as often as you like, or two times a day for 4 minutes and imagine your left hand is a mortar and your right hand is a pestle.

1.  Hold the fingers of the left hand close together level with the abdomen with elbows pointing outward and slightly forward. Left hand is shaped like a bowl to hold the right hand.

2.  Right hand forms fist with thumb pointing upwards.  It also symbolizes the masculine force

3.  During your first breaths, mentally let whatever makes you feel dissatisfied, listless, or depressed, fall like dark pebbles into your left hand.  With your right hand, grind everything into dust, then blow it away.Shivalinga Mudra-Energy Charging

4.  (Optional) Hold a Shiva Lingam Jasper in the right hand helps the healing process.

5.  Affirmation repeated several times at the end:  Healing light illuminates every cell of my body, dissolves everything that should be dissolved, and builds up what must be built up again. Thank you!

I found the following Simple Chakra Clearing Meditation on Pinterest.  Today is an air travel day for me.  In the Anchorage Airport, I found a quiet spot and practiced Meg Hill’s meditation.  It truly is simple and effective.  While still in this peaceful area of the airport, looking out at the most beautiful sunny morning,  I decided to share this meditation with my blog readers. Happy meditating and have a joyful day.

Simple Chakra Clearing Meditation

Heart Help - Mudra Apan Vayu

I was thrilled to find the following mudra to teach my ailing 86 year old mother. She suffers from severe angina pain. The Apan Vayu Mudra is a very powerful and in ancient India was considered to be a life saver for anyone having a heart attack.

Practice Apan Vayu Mudra:

1. (Mudra Position) The tip of the middle finger and ring finger touches the tip of the thumb, while the index finger touches the base of thumb and the little finger is stretched out (see picture above).  2. Rest in a comfortable posture (can be done lying in bed).  3.Breathe gently through the nostrils. 4. Hold this Mudra for a 10-15 minutes.

Apan Vayu Mudra triggers the following synchronized energy of the five elements: 

Heart Help - Mudra Apan Vayu

1.  With the folding of index finger, the air element is reduced which immediately relieves the pain in the heart. While touching the tips of thumb, middle finger and ring finger, fire (heat), space and earth elements are increased.

2.  The impurity in the blood is removed with the increase of heat element.

3.  The increased space element helps in the supply of more oxygen to arteries of the heart.

4.  Increased earth element helps strengthens the muscles of the heart.

Heart patients and blood pressure patients can practice the mudra at least 3 times a day to see best results.






Kritan Kriya Mudra Meditation

The Kirtan Kriya Mudra Meditation is a simple exercise with many benefits. It reduces stress levels, increases circulation in the brain, promotes focus and clarity, and stimulates mind-body-spirit connection. Practicing Kirtan Kriya 12 minutes a day has shown to improve blood flow in areas of the brain relating to memory.

Following are the directions for Kirtan Kriya Meditation with Mantras:

  1. Sit in an upright position on the floor or in a straight backed chair. Rest your hands on your knees with palms facing upwards.
  2. Chant the syllables Sa, Ta, Na, Ma - lengthen the ending of each sound as you repeat them, …aaaaaaaaah.Kritan Kriya Mudra Meditation
  3.  Touch your index finger tip (Jupiter) to the tip of your thumb as you chant Sa.
  4. Touch your middle finger tip (Saturn) to the tip of your thumb as you chant Ta.
  5. Touch your ring finger tip (Sun) to the tip of your thumb as you chant Na.
  6. Touch your pinky tip (Mercury) to the tip of your thumb as you chant Ma.
  7. Do the finger movements described in steps 3-6 as you chant in the following sequence:
    • Chant out loud for 2 minutes
    • Chant in a whisper for 2 minutes
    • Chant in silence for 4 mintues
    • Chant in a whisper for 2 minute
    • Chant out loud for 2 minutes


Hand Mudras for Helping Detox Body

The body eliminates the toxins through various methods.  Using this Apana Mudra helps accelerate release of carbon dioxide from lungs, cough and mucus from organs of respiration, perspiration from skin, excretion through intestine, urination through kidneys and menstruation through hormonal cycle in females.

How to Practice: Place the thumb, middle finger, and ring finger together and extend the other fingers. Do it with both hands. The best time to do Apana Mudra is early morning immediately after you wake up. Practice it for 15 minutes (elderly with weak stomach or liver up to 10 minutes).  This mudra gives us patience, serenity, confidence, inner balance, and harmony. Hand Mudras for Helping Detox Body

How to Practice: This Hatha Yoga Detoxation Mudra is also done with both hands.  Place your thumbs onto the inside edge of the lower joint of the ring fingers.  All the others fingers are relaxed and extended, as shown. Hold this mudra for as long as you like or approximately 15 minutes 3 times a day.

“It is important to consider the things, in addition to waste materials and toxins, that you are willing to let go of—bad memories, old grudges, negative character traits, fears, etc.  This will make room for something new.  What should it be?” Source:  Mudras Yoga in Your Hands by Gertrud Hirschi.

Simple Breathing Meditation

Lucinda Drayton, author, meditation teacher, and spiritual singer shares this simple meditation you can do anywhere even while walking.  You simply breathe in what you do want and breathe out what you no longer want to hold on to.

Simple Breathing MeditationSimple Breathing Meditation
Breathing in slowly and deeply
I breathe in Peace ( see it filling every cell muscle fiber and
vessel in your body and then filling your mind)
Exhaling out slowly and completely
I breathe out anxiety.
Breathing in
I breathe in joy. I see it touching every part of me.
Breathing out
I breathe out any feeling of sadness or worthlessness.
I do not need this any longer.
I breathe out and let go.

You can substitute your own words with what every you feel
you need to bring in and let go of. Do it all day and watch the
effects. Its amazing.

Linga Mudra for Immune System & More

Today lets look at the benefits of Linga Mudra. We have the author Gertrud Hirsch to thank for such an informative and easy to understand book called MUDRAS YOGA in your HANDS.  This mudra increases the powers of resistance against coughs, colds, and chest infections.  It helps loosen mucus that collects in the lungs.  It also increases the body temperature when needing a fever to help kill bacteria. In order to stimulate your immune system and increase body temperature, the author suggests you can practice the following exercise before doing the Linga Mudra.

Linga Mudra for Immune System & MoreExercise: “Throwing the Illness Behind You”  (Repeat at least ten times)

Basic position: Stand up, spread legs slightly, knees somewhat bent, and hands are in front of the chest.

Inhalation: Throw your arms behind you, turn your head to the right, and look over your shoulder.

Exhalation: Return your hands to your chest and turn head to the front.

Linga Mudra for Immune systemVisualization can be added: Imagine a fire within your body that burns the bacteria and waste.

Affirmation can be added: My powers of resistance develop more and more from moment to moment.

Now it is time to practice the Lunga Mudra. Your immune system will be so grateful.