Shakti Mudra for Insomnia/Menstrual DiscomfortShakti Mudra is good for inducing sleep. It helps those suffering from chronic insomnia by relaxing the body and fighting mental stress. Also this Mudra helps women during menstrual discomfort.  It relieves tension in the pelvic area and prevents spasms in the intestines.

To practice Shakti Mudra: Join ring fingers and little fingers as indicated. Fold index and middle fingers loosely over thumbs.  Then gently tuck thumbs towards the palms.

For chronic insomnia:  Sit on bed, close your eyes and do Shakti Mudra for 10-12 minutes. Slowly, feel the physical and mental tension melting away.  When finished lie down. It’s beneficial to practice this Mudra every night before retiring.

For menstrual discomfort: Close your eyes, practice Mudra 10-12 minutes when needed.



Golden Crystal Shower Meditation

Today I took a lovely walk with my daughter through the botanical garden. The January sun was shining through the trees with the strong reminder color is a positive source of energy.  The authors Simon Lilly & Lilian Verner-Bonds demonstrates the power of color in their book, Crystal & Colour Healing Using the Powers of Nature for Health and Harmony.  One of the meditations in the book is called ‘The Golden Crystal Shower’.  The authors tell us that the color gold is used to lift the spirits and encourage the inner lights to burn brightly within us.

Golden Crystal Show MeditationThe following is my version of Golden Crystal Shower Meditation:

1.  Make yourself comfortable. Take a deep breath in and on exhaling imagine lying in a meadow, surrounded with trees and a stream nearby.  A gentle breeze moves through the trees and ripples the water.

2. Visualize looking up at the blue sky and begin to focus on the shimmering sun-gold rays showering through the trees.  Allow these sunrays to vibrate gently as they touch your body and turn to dew drops that are absorbed by your skin.

3. Feel an internal warmth deep inside you as the golden hue surges around your body, creating a wonderful glow.  When you are ready take a deep breath in and on exhaling open your eyes. Your mind and body have now been recharged and revitalized.



Mary Poppins' Snap MeditationI get so excited when I find something so fun to share.  This is a perfect quick way to change our attitudes when tackling after holiday chores. Author Pragito Dove has provided us with a Four-Minute Meditation in her book Laughter, Tears, Silence - Expressive Meditations to Calm Your Mind and Open Your Heart.  Start by bringing Mary Poppins into our imagination.

Four Minute Meditation: Snap! The Job’s a Game

Step one – choose a job you need to do. Notice your attitude. Is it a drag? Is it something to get through in a hurry? Step Two-Snap your fingers. Sing, skip, whistle, dance – do whatever it takes to turn this chore into a fun activity. Work or play as this is the most fun in the world.Mary Poppins' Snap Meditation

Okay, your laughing but it is a great way to get meditation into your schedule. How often can you include taking care of a chore, sing or dance as if you were the magical Mary Poppins and complete a SNAP! meditation?

Here is a bonus Four-Minute Meditation called Gather Moments of Joy.  Do you feel like you are stuck in a box? Would you like to enhance your creativity? The author points out that Mary Poppins would tell us that “Creativity is the quality that you bring to whatever activity you are doing”.


Mary Poppins'Snap Meditation

Begin Gather Moments of Joy:

Step one – remember one joyful moment from your childhood when you felt that  life was magic. Gather that moment.  Close your eyes and remember it. Step two – Now relive this moment.  Become a child again.  Run, sing, play. As you continue this practice, do it for a longer time ten, twenty, or thirty minutes. If memories are triggered of times your passion for a particular activity was cut off, re-infuse that activity into your schedule with passion now.  Your life becomes revitalized with creativity and joy.

Remember find your inner Mary Poppins – which includes spending time doing nothing, relaxing, walking in nature, or any downtime that you can fit into your day. This is how we tune into our creativity.





holiday season neutral mind meditation

This is a wonderful and easy meditation “Access The Neutral Mind This Holiday Season”  which can be viewed online by Tommy Rosen. Mr. Rosen leads yoga workshops around the globe.  This meditation requires chanting internally (chanting inside our head not audibly).The syllables we will be chanting are Wah-Hay-Goo-Roo. The word Waheguru is an expression that means “there is ecstasy in moving from darkness to light.” Chanting these syllables inside your head will have a calming effect and helps stop the mind chatter.

holiday season neutral mind meditationBegin by sitting up tall with your spine straight and a sense of relaxation through your body. Place your hands in your lap; right hand sits in the palm of your left hand. Close your eyes and focus them up to your brow point. Inhale deeply, pause your breath for a few seconds and then exhale.

Start repeating  Wah-Hay-Goo-Roo  inside your head. Focus your eyes at the point on your forehead slightly above and between the two eyebrows. Remember where the eyes go, the energy flows.

You can set a timer for three minutes and gradually increase the meditation to 11 minutes. To end the meditation, take a deep inhale, pause for a few seconds and exhale. Stay still for a moment feeling the subtle shift this has caused in your body and mind.

Start this meditation today for a deeper sense of presence, calmness, peace and love this holiday season.






1. Sit comfortably in the position shown or in a chair. Place both hands over the heart chakra.

2. Connect your breath and heart by using the heart beat.

3. It helps to manage pain and stress when meditating on the following four Heart Center attributes:

Heart-Center Meditation

 Heart-Centered Meditation for Pain & Stress             

4. It is recommended to meditate on the Heart Center for five to twenty minutes daily. 

nature's healing gift tropical beaches

I have always loved the beach. The smell of the salty water,

the wind in my face, and the gentle roar of the waves,

all combine to create a sense of peace and calm.

~ author unknown

nature's healing gift tropical beaches

“The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea.”

–Isak Dinesen

Nature's Healing Gift Tropical Beaches

We all can walk on a tropical beach with the following visual meditation:

Find a quite place to relax, breathe and then hear the waves crashing to the shore…

Smell the clean salt water. Gaze toward the bright-blue water. See the waves washing up onto the sand…

Enjoy the ever-repeating rhythm of the waves. Imagine walking toward the water over the fine, hot sand….

You are feeling very hot. Walk closer to the waves, and feel the sand becoming wet and firm….

A wave washes over the sand toward you. The water is a pleasant, relaxing temperature….

Swim if you want to.Enjoy the ocean for a few minutes. Allow the visualization relaxation to deepen…

You are feeling calm and refreshed…Stroll along the beach at the water’s edge, free of worries, and relaxed…

When you are ready to return from your tropical beach vacation, do so slowly….

Open your eyes, stretch your muscles, become fully alert, refreshed, and filled with energy.









holding & cradling the solar plexus

This is an exercise Donna Eden shares in her book Energy Medicine Balancing Your body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality.   She tells us that having gratitude lifts our energy and is good for our health.  We can choose to select one or all the chakras for channeling our gratitude and thanksgiving when practicing this exercise.  Today we will concentrate on the Solar Plexus Chakra.

holding & cradling the solar plexus

Holding & cradling the solar plexusStart by holding your hands over your third chakra (Solar Plexus).

Bring your elbows to the sides of your body, hug and cradle the chakra like a baby.

Holding & cradling the solar plexusBring your mind’s eye into the Solar Plexus and breathe deeply.

Now is the time to send thanksgiving and gratitude to the chakra.

Holding & cradling the solar plexus

The Solar Plexus is often overactive, you can calm it with a ‘shhh’ like you would an infant.

Your body will respond.  Be open to the experience.

Remember you can cradle and express gratitude toward any chakra!

earth grounding cord meditation

A Grounding Cord Meditation is a harmonious connection to the slow, calming Earth energy.  It brings our awareness and body into balance. It is a way of releasing pain, troublesome emotions, and other people’s energy.  Following is one example of a Grounding Cord Meditation:

1. Sit in a quiet place either indoors or outdoors (very powerful sitting under a tree with back to tree trunk).

2. Take a few deep breaths to relax by inhaling through the nose and exhaling out the mouth. Begin visualizing roots going down from your feet into Mother Earth. Visualize Grounding Cord, like a large root of a tree going down from your Root Chakra deep into the core of the Earth.

3. Feel the Earth connection. Give thanks to Mother Earth, ask permission and with your intention draw pure Earth energy up through these roots and Grounding Cord circulating, flowing, cleansing, and grounding. Choose a color you see this energy being.

4. Now let any old thought patterns that do not serve you, situations you cannot control, and physical/emotional pain float down through  the Grounding Cord to Earth. Sense the energies dispersing and releasing. You are relaxed and rejuvenated. Ask Mother Earth to recompose these released into something beneficial to the planet.

5. When ready take a deep breath, open your eyes.  You are now grounded.



Today I want to share directions for the Color Breathing Exercise featured in Nevill Drury’s book Creative Visualization. To practice this exercise choose the color healing you want to work with from the Healing Colors provided below.

Color Healing Breathing Exercise1.  Next visualize the color you have selected and continue until it is clear in your inner vision.

2.  Imagine your entire body being bathed in this healing color, maintaining a pattern of breathing deeply, while visualizing the color drawn into your heart center with each inward breath.

3. Visualize the healing color spreading throughout your body and to the areas requiring more healing.

Color Healing Breathing Exercise

Healing Colors

Red            Stimulant, increases temperature, heartbeat and circulation, use for colds, anemia, sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis.

Orange     Stimulant, activates respiratory system, energizes thyroid gland; use for coughs, colds, cramps, or muscle spasms.

Yellow       Stimulant, stimulates the mind, relieves lethargy, acts as a tonic; use to decrease mental sluggishness and revitalize the system as a whole.

Green        Relaxant, relieves insomnia and irritability, calms nerves; use to relieve exhaustion and inflamed conditions.

Blue            Relaxant, relieves inflammation, lowers blood pressure; use for burns, itching, and pain of any kind.

Indigo        Relaxant, intuitive color, sedative and pain-relieving qualities; use for treating infections of the eye, ear, and nose.

Violet        Relaxant, spiritual color, sedates the mind and nervous system, use to lower the heart rate and to induce sleep.

meditation health benefits

There is a small book I picked up by Vikas Malkani called, The Little Manual of Meditation, 15 Ways to Discover Your Inner Self.  Today I would like to concentrate on how meditation influences our physical health rather than how it influences our emotional and spiritual by sharing the following 11 very important benefits the author discusses in chapter 4, pages 44- 49:

Benefit 1:  Reduction of blood pressure – A study observing people with an average systolic blood pressure of 146 lowered their borderline high to normal blood pressure range after practicing meditation for several weeks.

Benefit 2:  Improved sleep – Those who meditate regularly tend to fall asleep quicker and sleep deeper, which mean they get a better quality of sleep and wake up feeling more energetic and calmer throughout the day.

Benefit 3:  Increased circulation to organs and glands – Relaxed blood vessels allow increased blood flow to the brain, which means we think more clearly.  This helps to prevent strokes.  Better flow of blood helps the digestive system to function better.

Benefit 4:  Balancing of the two hemispheres of the brain – Studies show that meditation has a balancing and harmonizing effect on the right (emotions)  and left (thinking) hemispheres of the brain.

Benefit 5:  Controlling Asthma - A clinical research reported that 94% of a group of asthmatic patients showed less air passage resistance after practicing meditation.

Benefit 6:  Reduction of mental tension – Up to 74% of all health problems are considered psychosomatic.  Meditation reduces stress which helps with the cure of many of these disorders.

Benefit 7:  Keeping you young – Meditation stimulates your hormones.   Hormone levels in those who meditate are similar to people that are 10 years their junior.  Meditation also causes a reduction in the production of stress hormones.

Benefit 8:  Reversal of ageing – According to a USA study, those practicing meditation for more than five years were physiologically 12 years younger than their chronological age.  Short-term mediators were five years younger than their chronological age.

Benefit 9:  Increased Alertness – A French study reported in their EEG studies that during meditation there is a unique combination of deep relaxation and increased alertness.

Benefit 10:  Optimizes brain function -  Reports published in the International Journal of Neuroscience claim that higher levels of EEG coherence, measured during the practice of meditation, are significantly correlated with an increased fluency of verbal IQ.

Benefit 11:  Decreases dependency on drugs – A study on the effect of meditation on drug use was done by Dr. R.K. Wallace and Dr. H. Benton and associates.  There were about 1,800 participants that were using marijuana, hashish or both.  After 21 months of meditation, only 12% continued the use of drugs.  When questioned why the mediators gave up drugs, the general response was that they enjoyed the profound feelings from meditation more than the feelings aroused by the drugs.