Desert’s Healing Gifts For Me

November 12th, 2016 | Posted by Velda in NATURE'S HEALING GIFTS

Nature's Healing Gifts to Me

I just returned from receiving training on initiation of the Munay-Ki Nine Rites, held at Joshua Tree Retreat Center.  I was delighted to be with 30 students from USA, Mexico, France, Netherlands and Germany.  We received all the Nine Rites from two amazing Four Winds Society instructors, and  also from the three beautiful Shaman/Medicine Men from Peru pictured below.

Nature's Desert Gifts To Me

I was prepared to be grateful for these instructions on Munay-ki but not for Nature’s Desert Gifts.   The healing started at sunrise and continued until covered by the most magnificent blanket of the Milky Way Galaxy every night.  Each morning before class another path would take me to a desert healing gift.

Nature's Desert Gifts For Me

On one of my morning walks before class, I discovered a labyrinth.  I found myself walking the spiral and being very much pulled  to Mother Earth.  I  wasn’t disappointed when I looked up the following meaning:  A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. The Labyrinth represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world. Labyrinths have long been used as meditation and prayer tools.

Nature's Desert Gifts To Me

Every morning I would see so much in the desert that reminded me of the following part of the Sacred Space Prayer dedicated to Mother Earth.  “We are gathered for the healing of all your children,  the stone people, the plant people. the four-legged, the two-legged, the creepy crawlers, the finned, the furred, and winged ones.  All our relations.”  I was quite sure all these relations were there to meet on the desert.

Desert's Healing Gifts To Me

Boasting some of the darkest nights in Southern California, Joshua Tree National Park offers many visitors the chance to admire the Milky Way Galaxy for the first time in their lives. I can totally attest to the magic of spending two nights of celebration under the stars.  Even the picture doesn’t give it justice.  It was like an out-of-body experience.

Desert's Healing Gifts For Me

Thank you for letting me share the desert healing  gifts I received during my stay at Joshua Tree Retreat Center.

Nature's Healing OpportunitiesSometimes we need to take advantage of nature’s healing photo opportunities that surround us 24/7.    I decided to share these nature’s healing photos taken on my morning walks.  There is a great deal written on therapeutic photography.   When we see something in nature that moves us to snap a picture with our camera, there is an intimate personal bond captured at that moment.

Nature's Healing Photo Opportunities

Do you remember watching clouds as a kid and seeing shapes? I am an active cloud watcher.  When was the last time you looked up to discover an animal, creature, or a caricature of a famous person floating in the sky?    It is like magical healing to let your inner child come out and play.    Cloud watching allows you to use your imagination and it gives you a chance to relax!

Nature's Healing Photo Opportunities

October is a wonderful month for photo healing opportunities.   Hopefully we all can take the time to benefit from nature’s fall colors by visiting our local botanical gardens and parks.  It is important to remember being in nature is healing, but also being surround by nature inspired art is also beneficial.  There have been studies proving that using this type of art in hospitals and medical facilities help patients heal faster.  I hope you are ready to grab your camera and head for nature.

Nature's Healing Photo Opportunities

I have been extremely delighted with my latest early morning walks through the neighborhood.  The phone camera came in handy when capturing the above photo where someone created Fall humor in nature for all to enjoy.  Each morning when passing this gigantic hedge, it puts a smile on my face and a warm connection to a neighbor I haven’t met.  Remember a smile is the key to unlock the door of healing love-energy, or also known as (SMILE = Start + My + Internal + Love + Engine).  Nature has love-energy photo opportunities for everyone!

Nature’s Tree Healing Spirits

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Nature's Healing Tree Spirits

(Can you find the Young Woman Spirit hiding & the Wise Elder Spirit resting?)

I know every one that loves trees, like myself (a true tree hugger), can attest that each individual tree has its own energy.  Trees also carries a spirit or a piece of energy from its species as a whole (like our DNA).  For instance my favorite giant oak tree in the backyard of my previous home has its own unique energy, but it also carries with it the otherworldly qualities of every Oak Tree that’s ever existed.  Native American teachings refer to trees as  ”The Standing People.”   These Native teachings speak of the special lessons and gifts trees give to humankind.  The two trees featured above are among other (Standing People) trees I have seen in my city’s local botanical park.  I invite you all to start looking for the personality of some of your favorite trees.

Nature's Healing Gift - The Oak Tree

Here are four Tree Spirit Guides that might come into your life (this list is by no means all inclusive):

Nature's Tree Healing SpiritsOak is one of the most loved trees in history. It has an energy that is strong, powerful, mostly masculine, deeply-rooted, and wise.  Oak also represents steadfastness, stability, and carrying an acorn with you will bring protection.

Willow is a favorite. She holds feminine energy, as well as being a representation of the moon and the goddess. Willow will bring you dreams and help in enchantments among many other things.  Visit a Willow if you are wanting to be open to clairvoyance and the powers of the third eye.Nature's Tree Healing Spirits

Palm  tropical tree is found in warmer climates. This magical tree totem will bring the sunshine into your life metaphorically speaking. In ancient Egypt, the palm tree was a phallic symbol representing the fertility of the gods, namely Osiris.

Pine tree has many spiritual properties which  include fertility, abundance, health, purification, and rebirth. It is associated with ancient wisdom, impeccability and eternal life.

Keep in mind that any type of tree can be your totem or spirit guide and will vary depending on where you live.  We will be reviewing more of the beautiful Tree Spirit Guides in the future.   You might want to go out and hug a tree today.  It is very healing.

Nature's Tree Healing Spirits

Nature's Healing Gift - Sunflowers

While on my early walk, I pass a Community Pea Patch Garden and yesterday a tall stately plant caught my attention. Sunflowers always brings a smile to my heart. That particular morning it also brought a song to my voice.  Thankfully there were only a few bunnies, squirrels, and crows wondering about the crazy lady singing about Sunflowers.   Well this also peaked my interest to research this nature’s gift, which is always fun to share.

Wild sunflowers color the earth, bring joy to flower gardens and ornament homes as a cheerful bouquet. The color yellow, especially natural yellow, is proven to be a mood lifter that energizes a space and enlivens your spirits. These plants are native to North America, Peru and Mexico. Both the Inca’s and the Aztecs worshipped Sunflowers.  The seeds, flowers, leafs, stem and root all have uses.   Sunflower seeds are rich in magnesium, potassium, selenium, zinc and iron. Eating these seeds improve digestion, brain power, and functioning of the cardiovascular system. Sunflower oil prevents heart diseases and is a great skin moisture retainer.

sunflowers 3-2

Fukushima power plant in Japan has urged residents to plant Sunflowers because of leaking radioactive material.  They help to absorb cesium from the soil. Sunflowers and plants with similar biology were also used in radioactive cleanup efforts after the Chernobyl disaster in the Ukraine.  These happy  looking plants represent a hopeful beacon and a symbol of reconstruction.  What a magnificent thought to encourage more Sunflowers to be planted all over the world!

Nature's Healing Gift - Sunflower


Hug A Tree Exercise Revisited

(Post First Published December 20, 2012)

Hug A Tree Exercise RevisitedI  am always amazed what can be found on the internet.  Somehow by accident I landed on a site called ‘How to Hug a Tree’.  This made me very curious, I then actually did research on tree hugging.  WOW!  I guess I am not the only one that hugs trees.  I take daily meditational healing walks, which includes hugging trees.  It is so dear to my heart that I have decided to share some of the benefits below, followed by the Tree Hugging Exercise.

In Matthew Silverstone’s book, Blinded by Science, he reveals the scientific data showing trees improve many health issues such as mental illness, ADHD, depression, the ability to alleviate headaches, reaction time and concentration levels.  He lists countless studies of children who showed significant psychological and physiological improvements in their health and well being when they interacted with plants and trees.  Plants and trees facilitate the cleansing and revitalizing of all the stored up negativity and stress humans experience and give it a place to be absorbed.  Being in their presence realigns our vibrations to be more in alignment with their healing and grounding vibrations.

 Hug A Tree Exercise:

Hug A Tree Revisited Exercise

1.  I encourage you to set aside 15-30 minutes for hugging a tree exercise which includes walking amongst the trees in a quiet park, forest or woodland area.

2.   Select a tree that fits your mood ask permission to hug it and then encircle the tree with your arms while gently pressing your cheek to the trunk.

3.   Let your awareness feel the flow of life energy in the tree and the grounding energy entering through your feet.

4.   When you are ready, turn your back to the tree and lean against it and start bouncing softly.  This is very good for your heart chakra and helping you to sleep better at night.  You can start out only bouncing 15 times and work up to what is comfortable for you.

5.   I have 5 beautiful fir trees in a circle that I bounce 50 times on each one because it helps my sleeping patterns.

6.  Remember to thank the tree or trees when you complete the hugging exercise.


Rain Walk Awareness Meditation

Walking can be another wonderful opportunity to be in awareness. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I accept and love the rain (maybe not everyday).  This morning, as I headed out for my early walk, the weather became a downpour.  This was not going to stop me.  I grabbed  my newest weather arsenal, a very large umbrella and my adventure started.  It quickly became one of my favorite walking meditations, which included peace, sound, splashing, and rescuing.

Here is a brief description of my experience:

1.  I was walking in a manicured park with beautiful  old growth fir trees.  The heavy rain kept everyone else away.  It was very peaceful.

2.  I took a deep breath of the pure, clean air, and held it in my lungs for a moment.  With the exhale, I started to release any stress, physical pain, or concerns I brought with me.

3.  There were mini-lakes forming on the path that allowed my inner child to splash through creating more puddles.

4.  I rescued large earthworms stranded on pavement, which took me back to my childhood.  I never had a problem picking up a wiggly worm and placing it on soil.

5.  Today my awareness: I was blessed walking  with nature’s life-sustaining liquid that cleanses and nurtures our wonderful planet.

Rain Walk Awareness Nedutatuib

I invite you to take a Weather Walk either in sun, rain, snow or wind.  Enjoy the beauty around you and know that during your walk the rest of the world slows down.  Nature is Healing!



Waning Half-Moon's Healing Gift

Sometimes restless nights can bring magic.  The last couple of nights, I have gotten up after midnight to see a beautiful Half-Moon.  Fortunately I was able to stretch out on the sofa and gaze at it’s magnificence and begin to feel this calming energy penetrate my whole being. From January 1 until the New Moon on January 9, we can work with the Waning Moon energy to banish  unwanted situations, harmful relationships, associations, or break bad habits.  This is a good time to replace negative with positive and balance the energies within our body.  We can start with self-analysis, rest, meditation, and getting prepared for the energies of the New Moon.  It is also significant to know that the Waning Moon phase brings a conscious process of creative release.

Nature's Energy Gift, Waning Half-Moon

This is a wonderful time to include help from any crystals such as Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Ruby in Fuchsite, Pink Kunzite and/or Danburite.  These Crystals carry an energy of unconditional love.  They are a reminder that we need to care and love ourselves first so we are then healthy and whole in our relationships and in service to others.

Waning Half-Moon's Heailng Gift

The Waning Moon is a beautiful reminder to Rest, Recoup, Recharge!



Myrtle tree 1-4

TREES seen on “The Goddess Pilgrimage to Crete with Carol P. Christ” ( This introduction to Minoan culture included a visit to the Paliani Convent, an old convent (from about 668 BCE), and the Sacred Myrtle Tree that is said to be over 1000 years old.  I have always loved the spirit of trees, and this one was magnificent. The story goes that after the Turkish invasion in 1821, the convent was destroyed, but an icon of the Virgin Mary was found in the tree. The nuns moved it into the church, but the next day it was found back in the tree. As many times as they tried to take it in, She made her way back to the Tree of Life. And so she has remained there, now entirely encompassed by the arms of the great tree (a smaller replica hangs on the branches for all to see).


The small village of Krasi, Crete, has one of the oldest trees worldwide. Due to the free running water, the area is covered with walnut trees, plane trees and all kinds of vegetation. Next to the spring in the middle of the village is this beautiful estimated 2,000 year old Plane Tree in all its glory.  The root has a circumference of 22 meters!  We circled the tree and invited others to join us celebrating nature’s miracle.

Krasi Shrine-2

This enormous tree was a huge surprise.  On one side it was another giant plane tree near the Kato Symi Mountain Shrine. I was immediately drawn to this tree but wasn’t able to spend time with it because we were here for a purpose. We were driven in pickups near the top of the mountain and allowed in through a locked gate to one of the sites we honored and performed a simple symbolic ritual such as pouring honey, wine, milk, or olive oil, as women did on the Minoan Goddess Alters. At this ritual we were also each reading a poem, written by Sappho, a female Greek lyric poet, born sometime between 630 and 612 BCE.  It wasn’t until slipping back through the raggedy wire gate that I saw the opposite side of the tree I admired.  Here was the gutted shell caused by fire, yet this tree continued to live and give life to new branches.  Wrapped inside almost the womb of this giant tree, I felt the overwhelming importance of nature’s energy for my well-being.   I LOVED HUGGING AND BEING HUGGED BY THE TREES ON CRETE!

Nature's Healing Gift-Meditation Space

 (This photo is looking out at the Cascades and Lake Sammamish)

Meditating with the outdoors helps us resonate with the healing gift of Nature.  Often being mesmerized by the healing colors of a sunrise can be viewed through a window which I find very meditating.  These experiences wake something up inside of us, and help to set our lives into a more natural rhythm. Nature lovers have discovered this secret without ever studying meditation!

Nature's Healing Gift-Meditation Space

Consider finding a quiet or secluded space, to practice the following meditation:

 Nature Meditation-Eyes Closed

1.  Find a comfortable position sitting or lying down. Begin with a few deep breaths, breathing deep into the belly and relax.  Close your eyes notice how your body feels, as well as the activity of your mind and emotions. Experience whatever is present without resisting anything or trying to change it. Do this for about a minute.

2.  Bring your awareness to the surroundings. Feel the temperature of the air on your skin, created by possibly a breeze and the sun. Listen to Nature’s symphony —birds, bees, crickets, flowing water, and leaves rustling.  For the rest of the meditation, continue to experience these feelings and sounds.

3.  As you meditate, focus on where your attention is naturally drawn.   If it is a bird’s song, notice the quality of the sound.  Don’t analyze the sound and label it with your mind — simply notice it.   Whenever your mind becomes absorbed in thoughts, easily bring it back to the sounds and sensations of being in Nature.  Enjoy this meditation for as long as you want.

Nature's Healing Gift-Meditation Space


























 Nature's Healing Gift-Aura Cleansing

The aura cleansing properties of water can also be accessed by using the following…

Water Visualization Exercise:

Nature'sHealing Gift-Aura CleansingSit comfortably in a quiet place.  Close your eyes and feel your body relax. Take a few deep, slow breaths in and out, and with each out breath feel all of the muscles in your body loosen. Pay special attention to your face, neck and shoulders.

Imagine yourself sitting under a waterfall. See the glistening water gently falling over you. How cool is the water on your skin? Smell the fresh air. Hear the water falling into the pool below. Stick your tongue out and taste the freshness of the water.

Visualize the water filled with sparkling white light. See it penetrating your entire body, cleansing every cell as it washes through you.  If there is any fear, anger, hurt, pain, grief or sadness within you, see the beautiful sparkly water cleansing it out.

Continue with this process for as long as you wish, until you see yourself completely clean and sparkling, inside and out. When you have finished, bring yourself back into the moment by taking a few deep breaths and wiggling your fingers and toes.

Make it is your intention to carry this Light with you for the rest of the day.

Nature's Healing Gift-Aura Cleanse