ho'oponopono peacemaking meditation

Ho’oponopono, pronounced “hoh oh pohno pohno is a Huna process that brings balance and harmony to one’s life.  It can be practiced anywhere and many ways.  This ancient healing practice was part of the long extended lomilomi training.  However, modern simplified versions are now being taught in workshops to make this exercise journey of healing and peacemaking more assessable.

Ho’oponopono healing is based on the following four statements:

ho'ponopono peacemaking meditation

The following Peacemaking Meditation is modeled after Vicki Howie’s “Heal Your Heart Chakra Using Ho’oponopono”, which you can hear on chakraboosters.com:

1. Begin lying down, rest left hand comfortably on the second chakra and the right hand on your heart. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth and relax into a normal breathing pattern.

2. Bring attention to someone you are feeling some disconnection or discord with and place them in a beautiful place and start sending out love to this person. Visualize your heart being connected to their heart with a magnificent rainbow of colors.

3. Visualize this rainbow of colors carrying the following words back and forth to the two hearts connected. Start saying these words slowly to yourself: “I am sorry…Please forgive me…I love you…Thank you”

As you repeat these four statements, healing begins from within for yourself and the other person. Continue to repeat these statements as a mantra for as long as you feel it is needed.  This is another excellent bedtime meditation.

ho'ponopono peacemaking meditation

Mahalo (mah-hollow) THANK YOU HAWAI’I



Hawaiian Sunrise Chant

November 7th, 2013 | Posted by Velda in ENERGY HEALING | SOUND,CHANTS,MANTRAS

hawaiian sunrise chantSignificance of Oli (Chants) in Hawaiian Society is that the vibration of the word has the same frequency as what is being spoken of at the deepest level of the chant. The ancient languages including Hawaiian, Indian (Sanskrit), Greek, Latin, and Hebrew all have this effect. English does not. When chanting, we can expand our neurology and attune it to spirit & our consciousness. The following is a simple Hawaiian chant practiced before sunrise:

hawaiian sunrise chant

E Ala E

~  By Pualani Kanahele

E ala e    (Awaken/Arise)

Ka la i kahikina     (The sun in the east)

I ka moana    (From the ocean)

Ka moana hohonu    (The ocean deep)

Pi’i ka lewa    (Climbing to the heaven)

Ka lewa nu’u    (The heaven highest)

I kahikina   (In the east)

Aia ka la.  (There is the sun)

E ala e!   (Awaken!)

Key to pronouncing Hawaiian vowels as in Spanish:

(a as in father, e as in prey, i as in pita, o as in mote, u as in duty)

making a space-clearing rattle

Space Clearing techniques have been used throughout history to create greater harmony and balance. The sound of a rattle can clear negative energy transmuting it into positive and vibrant energy.  In Tess Whitehurst book The Good Energy Book she gives us the following instructions on making an effective space-clearing rattle.  You will need:

space-clearing rattle for balance & harmony1 large saltshaker with handle (Can be found on Amazon)

2 small handfuls of dry white beans

2 small handfuls dry black beans

1 clove garlic (or use eight whole pieces of allspice, anise, or cloves)

sunlight or white sage (first purify empty shaker by placing in sunlight or white sage smoke 1-2 minutes)

Take a small handful of the white beans in the right hand cradled in the left.  Visualize the beans glowing and pulsating with a bright white light. Mentally empower them with the intention to help purify the space and bring in balance and harmony. Follow by doing the same empowerment with small handful of black beans, then garlic if used cut up into 8 pieces or other recommended spices, and then the remainder of the white beans, and black beans. Close the lid, with the rattle in both hands hold it up to your heart to align with your energy and blessingSpace Clearning Rattle for Balance & Harmony.




You can start space-clearing a room and move in a counterclockwise direction while loudly shaking your rattle. Pay special attention to corners and anywhere energy might be stuck.  Replace both the beans, garlic or spices periodically to keep the energy the rattle fresh.  Get ready, get set, go, start rattling!

six healing sounds balance internal organs

The following Six Healing Sounds bring balance and healthy energy to the six main internal organs. Chant sounds seated or lying down. Visualize inhaling fresh energy through the nose and exhaling old energy out the mouth as directed below:

  1. Lungs: The lung sound transforms fear into courage. Inhale and with a long slow exhalation, make the sound “SSSSSSSSSSSS” (like the sound of steam from a radiator). Repeat two more times.
  2. Kidneys: The kidneys sound transforms the emotional energy into gentleness and generosity. Inhale and with a slow exhalation produce the sound “WOOOOOOO” as if blowing out a candle.  Repeat two more times.
  3. Liver: The liver sound transforms the emotional energy into kindnessInhale and with a slow exhalation produce the sound “SHHHHHHHHHH.” Repeat two more times.
  4. Heart: The heart sound transforms the emotional energy into love and joy. Inhale and with a slow exhalation produce the sound “HAWWWWWWWW.”  Repeat twice more.
  5. Spleen: The spleen sound transforms the emotional energy into openness. Inhale and with a slow exhalation produce the sound “WHOOOOOOOO” from the throat like the sound of an owl.  Repeat two more times.
  6. Triple Burner: This sound will balance all the energies activated by the other sounds and help relax the body fully. Inhale and exhale slowly as your produce the sound “HEEEEEEEE.”  Repeat two more times.



nature's healing gift - babbling brook“The babbling brook would loose it’s song if you removed the rocks.” ~ Unknown

Being near a babbling brook soothes and heals as we listen to the lovely bubbly, gurgling sound.  It has been proven that the continuous murmuring sound of water flowing over stones is very relaxing.

When have you spent time by a babbling brook?  Try this exercise with me now. It requires the amazing ability to recall and use your childhood imagination.  Here is where the fun starts: 1. Stroll into this magnificent photo and find the stone you want to sit on. 2. Relax take in the beauty surrounding you and listen to the healing sounds. 3. If you wish accept a refreshing gift by dangling your feet in the cool mountain water.

I hope this encourages you to find a babbling brook or roaring stream to visit soon.


Voice Toning-healing instrumentvoice toning-healing instrument

The voice has a tremendous ability to be an instrument for healing. It is a powerful tool for relaxing, improving sleep patterns, releasing stress, and bringing balance/harmony to the body. Ted Andrews is a pioneer in the field of healing with sounds. In his book Sacred Sounds: Magic & Healing Through Words & Music he explains “the method of opening by the vowels can be better understood if we realize that breath penetrates deeply into the region concerned, according to our thoughts. The breath takes the energy of prana and combines it with the vowel tones and together they open specific inner regions of the body or consciousness.”

HEALING VOWEL SOUNDS (featured in Ted Andrew’s book)
Vowel – Area of Body Opened by its Sounding
U – Pelvis, hips, legs, feet, and lower body in general.
O – Lower trunk, abdomen area from solar plexus to groin.
A – Chest cavity, heart, and the body as a whole.
E – Throat, upper chest, back of the skull and head regions.

More on toning with vowel sounds see Healing with Chakra Toning Vowels, and Vowel Sounds Balance Chakras.

Toning exercise for pain & tensionToning Exercise for Body Pain & Tension

1.  Stand with feet about shoulder width apart and body relaxed.  May sit at the edge of chair with back straight.  Feel free to stand up and move around as you feel the energy.

2.  Inhale through your nose and draw the breath down to the abdomen.  Exhale through your mouth, making a low moan, or whatever comes naturally.  Consciously breathe into wherever you feel pain or tension.  Give a sound to the feeling.

3.  Begin by toning as low as you can and slowly raise the pitch until you find a tone that resonates with the pain.

4.  Repeat at least ten times.  I recommend the book The Healing Power of Sound by Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D.

toning exercise for body pain & tension

healing sounds of birds singing

Have you taken the time to listen to the healing sounds of birds singing? I am one that loves waking up very early to the sounds of  birds chirping and singing.  It is always a mystery why the beautiful singers are always hidden in the trees, while the crows walk around having no fear even when they are joined by humans traipsing around them.  They continue cawing and squawking to each other.  If you have patience and join in on their conversations, they might even talk with you. These large noisy black birds almost overshadow the singers in the trees, but I have become fascinated and very found of the crows. We learn from them that we can let our voices be heard.  Thank you our fine feathered friends for all the healing sounds you share with us.

 nature's healing sounds




mantra om mane padme hum

This beautiful mantra ‘Om Mane Padme Hum’ has been used for centuries. The Tibetans pronounce the mantra as ‘Om Mani Peme Hung.’  The best way to learn this mantra is to repeat it slowly first ‘Om  Mani   Peme  Hung.’  Then when ready begin repeating the mantra many times ‘Ommanipemehung, Ommanipemehung, Ommanipemehung……’

flowerar for mantDilgo Khyentse Rinpoche (1910-1991) wrote in Heart Treasure of the Enlightened Ones the following interpretations and teachings of this  powerful mantra: 

Om – helps you achieve perfection in the practice of generosity.

Ma - helps perfect the practice of pure ethics.

Ni - helps achieve perfection in practice of tolerance and patience.

Pa – helps to achieve perfection of perseverance.

Me – helps achieve perfection in the practice of concentration.

Hum – helps achieve perfection in the practice of wisdom.




It is a powerful technique to resonate and balance your chakras using the chakra vowel sounds.  It is recommended that chanting the vowel sounds should be practiced in a comfortable posture sitting in a chair or on the floor.   Keep your spine as straight as possible, allowing the energy to flow in your body more freely. This is a great daily exercise exploring the harmonics presented in the vowels.  Make these sounds in a gentle voice not straining while focusing your energy and intent on balancing each chakra.  Don’t worry about the pitch or note, just let your voice resonate with your body.  This pitch will change according to your mood, diet, activities, etc. on a daily basis.  There is no set frequency.


Start by breathing in deeply, expanding your lower stomach as you inhale.  Focus your awareness on each of the chakras as you are working on them.  You may wish to add color visualization with each chakra.  Start with the Root Chakra (Red) - Sound OO or UUH, as in ‘cup’; Sacral Chakra (Orange) – Sound OH or OOO, as in ‘you’; Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow) -Sound  AW or OH, as in ‘go’; Heart Chakra (Green) -Sound AH, as in ‘ma’; Throat Chakra (Blue) – Sound IH OR EYE,  as in ‘my’; Brow or Third Eye Chakra (Indigo) – Sound IH or AYE, as in ‘say’;  and Crown Chakra (Violet or White) – Sound EE or EEE, as in ‘me’Please note that for most of the Chakras I have included several ways their sounds our listed ie: the Root Chakra illustration shows Sound OO many places it will be shown as UUH.