Energy Channeling with Quartz Crystal

June 24th, 2013 | Posted by Velda in GEMSTONES

energy channeling with hand & crystalEnergy channeling releases excess energy by holding a single terminated quartz crystal in one hand and placing the palm of the other hand on an area of over-excited energy. 1. Start this exercise by holding a quartz crystal in the right hand with the point of the crystal directed toward the ground. (Crystal size about 3 inches long and as small as the diameter of a thumb.)  2. Place the palm of your left hand over any area of the body that you feel tense, irritated, hot, congested, or frustrated.  3. Breathe deeply and evenly while imagining all the excess energy releasing through the crystal into the earth and away from you. I hope you will remember this exercise when overcome by harmful negative thoughts.


quartz crystal releaseing excess energyPositive thoughts when used with crystal can release a flow of healing energy towards ourselves and others. To recharge depleted energy or receive extra healing energy, reverse the above exercise. 1. Start with the pointed quartz crystal held in the right hand and aimed towards any area of concerned low energy. 2. Hold your left hand away from the body, with the palm facing upwards. 3. Breathe deeply and evenly, imagine healing energies from the universe passing from your upturned hand, through the crystal and into the designated area of the body. (You may feel warmth or tingling.)  If you would like to read more about healing properties of this amazing gemstone, please go to my search box and enter quartz crystal.




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