Goddess of Willpower – Romi Kumu

April 16th, 2016 | Posted by Velda in GODDESS WISDOM

Goddess of Willpower-Romi KumuRomi Kumu is the Goddess of willpower and was a major goddess to the Baransama people. Her main following would be people from South America. It is believed that she is the Great Mother and that she created the world and everything in it. This includes the Underworld.

This South American Goddess of Creation is strongly connected to the Rainforest and Tigers. Her sacred stone is the bloodstone, which is the symbol of the warrior. Which suits her well considering she is a strong, powerful,  and aggressive goddess.

You need to feel the strength you have within and use that power to materialize that which you want.  Feel Powerful!  When you can look at your own needs and desires for happiness,  you will discover that you can better bring change and happiness to the people you love and to yourself.  Your happiness is not exclusive of theirs.  You will embark on a journey of self discovery.Goddes of Willpower - Romi Kumu

Romi Kumu’s Ritual, Get Your Way! is found in Amy Zerner & Monte Farber’s book Goddess, Guide Me:

1.  To get your way, tie a red scarf around your head or wear the color red in some way.

2.  Light a red candle to represent the fiery nature of your desires and a pungent stick of incense to carry your words through the air to all the world.

3.  Make a fan by folding a rectangle of red paper over and under several times.  On the folds of this fan write these words:  Strength of heart, strength of will, can my dearest dreams fulfill.  Fasten the fan with a paper clip and firmly wave it through the incense smoke to intensify the aroma. Say the words you have written on aloud one time for each fold in your fan.Goddess of Willpower - Romi Kumu

4.  Place fan under your pillow to empower strength of will.  Try “lucid dreaming” as you fall asleep.  Remember  that it is your dream, and you can will it to turn out the way you want.  This is reinforcing the fact that you have  the power to control your life.
















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