Nature’s Greens Symbolize Master Healer

August 4th, 2013 | Posted by Velda in ENERGY HEALING | NATURE'S HEALING GIFTS

 nature's green symbolizes master healer

Color is Nature’s healer.  Positive healing effects of the color green for the body and the soul were recognized by St. Hildegard of Bingen (1098 – 1179), a famous medieval healer and author.  We in the Pacific Northwest are surrounded with the beauty of Nature’s greens which symbolize the master healer and the life force.

nature's green symbolizes master healer

Nature’s green can bring balance and calmness with a walk in a garden, park or a hike in a forest.  If you spend time with this master healer, it can help with nervous conditions, emotional problems, high blood pressure, heart, lungs and ulcers. nature's green symbolizes master healer

Give yourself an opportunity to receive a green smile from Nature today!

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