Nature’s Healing Gift-Appreciate It’s Beauty

July 13th, 2014 | Posted by Velda in NATURE'S HEALING GIFTS

Aloha everyone. During this week while I am on the Big Island taking classes, my blog will be sharing Hawaiian mythology, beauty, and healing energy. ENJOY!

Nature's Healing - Appreciate The Beauty

A Hawaiian love story

All around Big Island we see a somewhat unattractive plant with beautiful red flowers on it. It is the red Pua Lehua or Ohi’a Blossom, which is the official island flower. The story of the plant and flower is the tragic love story of the handsome young man Ohi’a and his beautiful young wife Lehua.

According to Hawaiian mythology the goddess of fire, Pele, wanted Ohi’a for herself, but when she saw that Ohi’a only had eyes for Lehua, she became furious and turned him into an ugly tree. Lehua cried and begged her to turn her into a tree also, so she could be with her husband. But Pele refused.

However, the other gods took pity on Lehua and turned her into a beautiful red flower and placed it on the tree. From that day on the Ohi’a tree has blossomed with red Lehua flowers. The story goes that if you pluck a flower from the tree, it will rain like the tears of Lehua, who can still not bear to be apart from her husband.

Nature's Healing Gift-Appreciate the Beauty

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