Nature’s Healing Photo Opportunities

October 5th, 2016 | Posted by Velda in NATURE'S HEALING GIFTS

Nature's Healing OpportunitiesSometimes we need to take advantage of nature’s healing photo opportunities that surround us 24/7.    I decided to share these nature’s healing photos taken on my morning walks.  There is a great deal written on therapeutic photography.   When we see something in nature that moves us to snap a picture with our camera, there is an intimate personal bond captured at that moment.

Nature's Healing Photo Opportunities

Do you remember watching clouds as a kid and seeing shapes? I am an active cloud watcher.  When was the last time you looked up to discover an animal, creature, or a caricature of a famous person floating in the sky?    It is like magical healing to let your inner child come out and play.    Cloud watching allows you to use your imagination and it gives you a chance to relax!

Nature's Healing Photo Opportunities

October is a wonderful month for photo healing opportunities.   Hopefully we all can take the time to benefit from nature’s fall colors by visiting our local botanical gardens and parks.  It is important to remember being in nature is healing, but also being surround by nature inspired art is also beneficial.  There have been studies proving that using this type of art in hospitals and medical facilities help patients heal faster.  I hope you are ready to grab your camera and head for nature.

Nature's Healing Photo Opportunities

I have been extremely delighted with my latest early morning walks through the neighborhood.  The phone camera came in handy when capturing the above photo where someone created Fall humor in nature for all to enjoy.  Each morning when passing this gigantic hedge, it puts a smile on my face and a warm connection to a neighbor I haven’t met.  Remember a smile is the key to unlock the door of healing love-energy, or also known as (SMILE = Start + My + Internal + Love + Engine).  Nature has love-energy photo opportunities for everyone!

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