Series #2 – Path To Enhancing Emotions

July 5th, 2018 | Posted by Velda in ENERGY HEALING

Series #2-Pat To Enhancing Emotions

Before practicing the Series #2, Exercises Enhancing Healthy Emotions, consider incorporating Inna Segal’s ‘Ten Basic Principles For Healing’, found on pages 6-9. She writes “Healing” means wholeness.  In order to heal on all levels, we must  consider all aspects that make great health possible.  Principle 1:  Commit to making your health a priority.  Principle 2:  Feel your emotions instead of keeping them buried.  Now begin the exercises by finding a quiet comfortable location and body position.  Breathe deeply for several moments.  Keep a notepad and pen nearby to write down insights that may come to you in the process.

Series #2-Path To Enhancing Emotions

1.  Say:  “Divine Healing Intelligence, I call on the pure white ray of honor to raise my opinion of myself, my life force energy, and my spirit.  Pour your  healing light into every part of me that feels, lost, broken, weak, and dispirited.  Surround me with encouragement, praise, inner knowing, and harmony.  Bring me into a holy relationship with myself so that I can truly know my heart and soul.  Thank you.”

2.  Repeat the word ‘CLEAR’ several times until you feel lighter.

3.  Focus on praise rather than criticism.  Become aware of how you are thinking. Are you criticizing or encouraging yourself and others?  Practice on building up your self-esteem.  Be kind you yourself when you make mistakes.

Series #2-Path To Enhancing Emotions

1.  Say:  “Divine Healing Intelligence, fill me with your deep magenta ray for faith.  Allow the spirit of wisdom, courage, and Divine Love to surround and uplift me.  Help me to believe in myself and to develop my ability to courageously deal with challenging situations, while still having faith that I am loved and protected.  Awaken the clearest and purest intentions in me so that I can use my gifts and abilities for the greatest good of all.  Help me to have faith and pray for Divine Intervention,  even in the darkest circumstances.   Show me on a daily basis how a little faith and kindness can move mountains and transform lives.  Thank you.”

2.  Repeat the word ‘CLEAR’ several times until you feel lighter.

3.  When we have faith, we tune into the unseen, mystical world we live in.  We believe without needing to touch or physically see the results.  There is a inner knowing that assures us that help is on its way.  When we have faith we also have courage to follow our dreams and to make them come true.  Think about what you would love to experience but have been to afraid to take a step forward.

Series #3 - Path To Enhancing Emotions

1.  Say: Divine Healing Intelligence, I call on the green-white ray of rejuvenation to clear and recharge all levels of my consciousness.  Please regenerate my flexibility, movement, and circulation to its full vitality.  Awaken my creativity, understanding, and compassion.  Allow love, healing, and abundance to flow freely into my life.  Thank You.”

2.  Repeat the word ‘CLEAR’ several times until you feel lighter.

3.  In order to bring more flexibility and movement into your life, you must be willing to move your body and become more flexible.  A great way to do that is to focus on relaxing your body and mind while allowing inspiration to flow.  Dance can help you loosen up, have fun, and free your soul.  Put on some relaxing music, stand up, and imagine that you are a wave in the middle of the ocean.  Allow yourself to get into the flow, and move as you concentrate on ease, flexibility, openness, receptivity, appreciation, acceptance, and allowance.





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