Smelling Oils Strengthen Energy Systems

January 23rd, 2013 | Posted by Velda in OILS

The following essential oils frequency vibration have an effect on the human energy systems that can create positive change:smelloilstostrengthenenergysystems

Carnation - Stimulates and cleanses the entire Auric Field, and strengthens the aura.

Gardenia - Prevents energy drains, strengthens the aura, helps stabilize the aura around disruptive people and situations.

Sandalwood – Purifying  & protective, strengthens aura, relieves nervous tension, stress and helps keep one grounded.

Eucalyptus - Assists breathing, relaxation, cleansing, and good for nightmares.smellingessentialoilsstrengthenenergysystems

Lemon - Cleansing, stimulates clarity of thought, used daily it helps eliminate stress from the mind and aura.

Rose - Gentle, strengthens the aura, good for shock, heartbreak, grief, depression, soothes anger, good all-rounder.

Sage - Powerful cleanser, grounding, calming, eases stress & tension, strengthens the aura and cleanses the environment.

You can decide which essential oil resonates with you by a sniff test to find the one that makes you feel better. More tomorrow on using essential oils meditation technique.  (Myra Sri’s book,  Secrets Behind Energy Fields –  Strengthen & Clear Your Entire Body Using Proven, Ancient Techniques, covers the use of essential oils for strengthening the energy systems of the body.)

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