Standing In The Forest Meditation

November 13th, 2014 | Posted by Velda in MEDITATIONS & MUDRAS

Standing In The Forest Meditation

This meditation is based on imitating the characteristics of a tree.  When you walk through a forest of trees do you consider how the trees stand still and upright, with their roots running deep into the ground?  Do you feel the synergy between the plants and animals? Would you like to be one with the trees?  I invite you to practice the following meditation in the moonlight or sunrays to experience more FOREST  AWARENESS:

Standing In The Forest Meditation

1.   During forest meditation, focus on becoming one with the natural world.

2.  Stand absolutely still and maintain that posture for as long as possible.

3.  Visualize the mystical and magical qualities of the forest.

4.  Listen for the harmonizing sounds of the neighboring animals.

5.  When ready to emerge from the forest, take a deep breath and continue walking.

6.  Hopefully you saw, felt, and heard more by standing still and being one with the trees.

*This was adapted from Meditation Healing Book and Card Pack Energize Your Mind and Restore Your Body, by Christopher Titmuss

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