large intestine acupressure point 4


Acupressure used on the Large Intestine 4 helps benefit the following issues:  HEADACHES, SINUS INFECTIONS, TOOTHACHES, REDNESS – SWELLING OF THE EYES, or SWELLING – PUFFINESS IN THE FACES.  The Large Intestine 4 can be located on the mound of flesh in the web between the thumb and index finger.


largeintestineacupressurepoint4To start using acupressure on yourself, use the diagram shown above and apply moderate to deep pressure on the tender spot (Large Intestine 4) with the thumb from the opposite hand using tiny circles as you continue to apply pressure for 2 minutes.  Remember to complete this acupressure exercise on your other hand.

Contraindications: Strong pressure should be avoided on all points during pregnancy especially Large intestine 4.  It is recommended to just lightly touch with thumb.