tuesday's healing word tranquility

Women opened the windows of my eyes and the doors of my spirit.

Had it not been for the woman-mother, the woman-sister, and the woman-friend,

I would have been sleeping among those who seek the tranquility of the world with their snoring.

Kahlil Gibran (1883 – 1931) tuesday's healing word - tranquility

There will be calmness, tranquility,

when one is free from external objects and is not perturbed.

Bruce Lee

Tuesday's healining word - tranquility

 I know exactly what I want. Everything.

Calm, peace, tranquility, freedom, fun, happiness.

If I could make all that one word,

I would – a many-syllabled word.

Johnny Depp

Tuesday's Healing Word Tranquility

Great tranquility of heart

is his who cares for neither praise nor blame.

Thomas a Kempis (1380 – 1471) Tuesday's Healing Word Tranquility