Roadrunner - Animal Spirit Guide

I became interested in the Roadrunner after receiving a session from a trained healer in shamanism. She saw a Roadrunner when journeying for me.  It brought back fond memories of my Dad because he spoke of these desert birds with much fondness.  The Hopi & Pueblo Indians believed that the Roadrunner provided protection against evil spirits.  Steven D. Farmer, PH.D, wrote the following in his book Animal Spirit Guides:

Roadrunner - Animal Spirit GuideIf Roadrunner shows up, it means:

•  There are situations occurring in your life that require you to think on your feet, change direction quickly, and adapt to the new course – which you are quite capable of doing.

•  This is a great time to make some plans and put them into action so that you can manifest whatever it is you want.

•  Explore and experiment with different ways you can benefit yourself and others spiritually, emotionally, and physically through the use of sound.

•  Be sure to take care of yourself first before you attempt to take care of others; that way you can be completely present when you’re in service to them.

•  Be willing to laugh at yourself and not take your quirks and idiosyncrasies too seriously.Roadrunner - Animal Spirit Guide

Call on Roadrunner When:

• You’re involved in a project, task, or game that requires mental dexterity and quick reflexes.  You need some mental and intellectual stimulation that has been lacking recently.

•  You want to be more lighthearted and go with the flow so you can enjoy life more fully.  You need a good laugh.

If Roadrunner is your Power Animal:

•  You are a doer and are happiest when busily involved with a project, whether for fun or profit.  Usually you are involved in several things at once,  yet get the tasks done when you need to.

•  You’re mind is constantly at work, always thinking and analyzing.  When you try to communicate your thoughts to others, you have to remind yourself to slow down.Roadrunner - Animal Spirit Guide