Animal Spirit Guide Barn OwlI feel a great fondness for Barn Owls with their magnificent heart shaped faces and the striking white under-feathering of the wings. I am honored to work with the Barn Owl medicine that heals the feminine spirit.

If Barn Owl shows up, it means:
Live life to the fullest.
Open your heart express what you love without fear.
Retreat in silence for minutes, hours, or a couple of days.
Entering a period of fulfilling needs requiring adaptability.
When needed, call on the spirits of your ancestors for help.

Call on Barn Owl when:
You’re inundated with lots of noise & need a break from it.
You feel that your emotions & intellect are out of balance.
You believe that your resources are in short supply.

animal spirit guide barn owl

 spirit animal guide barn owl Affirmations:

I open my heart and soul to the truth.
My life’s journey is illuminated before me.
I have the wisdom to seek silence.