Seeing Color Purple Can Heal

March 27th, 2013 | Posted by Velda in COLORS

healing color of purple with crocus

The following poem reminds me how much seeing colors can be healing:

The Crocus

I saw a purple crocus today,

though it barely could be seen,

while all around was white,

and the landscape seemed to gleam.

I saw a purple crocus today,

the sky was bright and clear,

and yet I know it meant for me

that the spring season was near.

I saw a purple crocus today,

that protruded through the snow,

it triggered a moment of excitement,

and meant a lot for me to know.

≈ By Joseph T Renaldi

Purple promotes strength, is good for emotional problems, reducing pain, helps re-balance one’s life, is associated with imagination, and psychic inspiration.  LOVE THAT PURPLE!