A.M.Inner Smile Exercise

This is a wonderful little jewel called ’The Inner Smile’ Exercise found in Dr. Alla Svirinskaya’s book Energy Secrets. The Ultimate Well-Being Plan.  Perform the following exercise first thing in the morning, which helps lighten up your astral body, the body of your emotions:

A.M. Inner Smile Exercise

1.   As you awake, turn over on back, with arms and legs relaxed and long.  Take a deep breath and slowly exhale the stale night air.  Repeat 3 times.

2.  Now move the toes on the right foot a few times—lift the big toe up slightly while the other toes dip slightly. Repeat with left foot.

3.  Move to your fingers and hands. Take the tip of the left thumb and lightly shake it.  Repeat with right thumb.

4.  Smile to yourself—it turns your whole morning and day into a celebration, while still in bed!

5.  Take a deep breath, first fill the lungs and then the stomach.  Hold your breath, then exhale from the stomach then the lungs. Continue the deep breathing but, in place of holding your breath, smile. So inhale, pause and smile, then exhale. Make your smile wide and sincere.  Eyes relaxed (imagine looking at a sky full of stars).

Morning Inner Smile Exercise

6.  Continue smiling and visualize the color pink.  Breathe in very deeply so the color fills your whole body.  Pink is the energy of love, which takes over all your body.  Every cell is radiating the color pink.

7.  It is helpful to include the following affirmation while keeping the smile: “What I have lost I do not regret. The way into the future is free.  I am a new liberated person.”  The author recommends repeating the affirmation convincingly and energetically five to ten times.

Morning Inner Smile Exercise




 Water Facet Energy Balancing Exercise

Would you have ever guessed that balancing energy can be as easy as standing at your kitchen sink? Author Alla Svirinskaya writes about healing with water in her book Energy Secrets The Ultimate Well-Being Plan. She explains how we can learn to use water for balancing energy which will both purify and boost our energy levels.  Her following exercise is also good for removing negative energy:

Water Exercise to Balance Energy

Water Faucet Energy BalancingBegin with a large glass of natural spring water.

Sit quietly while you slowly drink it.

Feel the water pouring down inside of you.

Feel the coolness and wetness of the water when it enters the stomach.

Imagine the feeling as it passes through your body.

Now turn on the cold-water tap.

Stand in front of it with your back straight.Water Faucet Energy Balancing

Stretch out your hands towards the cold-water stream.

Turn your palms so they are facing each other around the stream.

Ensure the water flows down in-between your palms without touching them.

All the time, perform this exercise very slowly.

Water Faucet Energy Balancing

The sense of coolness changes to rejuvenation.

Let this empowerment spread through your body.

With increased sense of vitality and purity you can end the exercise.

Thank the water for the balanced energy it has given you.