Vegetables/Fruits Ground Root Chaka

July 24th, 2016 | Posted by Velda in CHAKRAS | COLORS

Eating Red Grounds Root Chakra

When we are feeling ungrounded, it is the best time to look at what foods will help balance our Root Chakra.  Author Deanna M. Minich, Ph.D.,C.N. shares a great deal of knowledge about the healing vibrations of food in her book Chakra Foods for Optimum Health.  She points out that root vegetables transfer grounding energy to our body through the Root Chakra.  Much like the conditions they grow in, root vegetables help us to nestle into our internal, lower core and become connected to earth’s vibration.

Root Vegetables Ground Root Chakra

Even though the author points out that root vegetables and red meat are the most effective grounding foods, red fruits and vegetables also provide the vibrational rate needed to restore our ability to ground.   What is so amazing is that this vibration can be absorbed visually by both looking at red fruits and vegetables as well as physically consuming them.

Vegetables/Fruit Ground Root Chakra

Remember when our mothers said to us as children, “Eat Your Vegetables”.  The author writes in her book, “If you are struggling with being grounded and feeling safe, eating foods to support these functions are beneficial.”  She suggests that we incorporate Root Chakra grounding foods at every meal so that our daily, earthly existence feels complete.Vegetables/Fruits Ground Root Chakra