Meditating With Malachite

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Meditating With Malachite

Meditating with Malachite

Why consider Meditating with Malachite?   Here are a few suggestions:

1.  Malachite reveals the truth about oneself and brings to the surface that which is unknown or unseen to the conscious mind.  Some practitioners have used Malachite in meditations to get in touch with the Earth Mother.

2.  Meditating with Malachite shows you where dis-harmonies are within your mind, body and soul.   Our bodies can tell us what we need, what we are missing and what is required to do to correct the problem, but often it is hard to be able to listen to what our bodies are saying.

3.  Meditating with Malachite helps strengthen the immune system.  While meditating, hold a Malachite crystal in each hand and allow the energies to flush through your body. Visualize the energy sweeping through your blood stream cleaning out all the little germs and viruses that make us sick.  It is important when Meditating with Malachite to always work with polished stones.   Malachite is toxic in raw form and one must avoid breathing its dust.

Meditating With Malachite

Judy Hall gives us the following Malachite Meditation in her book, Life-Changing Crystals.  This meditation is a potent way to connect with the issues that are keeping you from stepping into your power. It helps resolve past issues and energetic blocks.  Malachite’s strong protective properties and wisdom make you feel safe as you gently let go of old thoughts, feelings and experiences that no longer serve you.

Judy Hall’s Malachite Meditation (What am I holding on to?)

Meditating With Malachite

 1.  Find a quiet place, and breathe gently, bring your attention into the crystal.

Keep your eyes half-open and gaze at the whorls and contours of your Malachite as you connect with the crystal’s power.  Feel its strength in your hand.  Let the energy radiate up your arms and into your heart and mind. As you focus on each whorl, let it take you inward.  Allow the bands to move you gently into contact with your deepest self. Close your eyes and relax.Meditating With Malachite

2.  When you are ready, place the crystal over your solar plexus.

Ask the crystal to let you know what you are holding onto, and what would be beneficial to release.  Acknowledge any emotions that arise, and lovingly release them.  Take your mind around your body to any areas of tension or pain, breathe gently and let them go.  Let the Malachite show you any hooks that are in your heart and gently dissolve them, filling their place with forgiveness and loving energy.Meditating With Malachite

3.  Let them go, with forgiveness in your heart.

Ask the Malachite to show you how the past is affecting your present, and how your mind and your emotions control what you manifest.  Willingly surrender all that no longer serves you – all the pain, emotions, beliefs, and expectations that have weighed you down and held you back.  Acknowledge them and let them go, with forgiveness in your heart.

4.   Step into your power.

Ask the crystal to show you the gifts hidden behind the old pain, the qualities you have developed and the resources you can draw on.  Allow yourself to know how you will use them, and how you will work with Malachite in the future to manifest your new reality.  If there is any other information from Malachite, wait quietly for the answer.  If an inner figure appears, negotiate a positive role for it.Meditating With Malachite

5.  Feel the strong protection from the Malachite wrapping around you.

Before you begin the return journey, bring your attention to the subtle bodies around your physical self, and ask the Malachite to draw off and transmute any negative energies or disharmonies that have not been released.  Finally, feel the strength of the crystal and its powerful connection to the Earth, grounding you into your physical existence, bringing you fully into the present moment.  When you feel ready, thank the Malachite, open your eyes, get up and move around.

Garnets/Vision Bds-Activate Creativity

Here is a fun exercise working with the energy of garnets and making a vision board that triggers a creative flow.  Author Judy Hall in her book, Life-Changing Crystals, gives her readers the following exercise:  Activating Your Creativity – The Vision Board.  You will need a selection of garnets (1-red, 1-orange and 5-grossular garnets), a collection of images, glue, scissors, and a piece of cardboard.

Garnet/VisionBds-Activate Creativity

 1.  The first part of this creative building exercise is to lie down in a quiet place and place the red garnet on your Root Chakra and the orange garnet on your Sacral Chakra for 15 minutes and allow these chakras fizz with energy.

Garnets/VisionBds-Activate Creativity

Garnets/VisionBds-Activiate Creativity2.  Gather as many pictures as possible of everything that you would like to see in your life—no matter how ridiculous, outrageous, and bizarre you might think they seem.  Be playful in your choices.  Cultivate optimism when you do this, and do not judge as to whether it is practical or sensible.

3.  Stick the pictures onto a large piece of cardboard, overlapping them so there are no gaps in the energy.  Put images of confident, creative people on the board, as well as items, places, situations, gifts, and goals you seek to attain in your life.  This is an excellent opportunity to invite your inner-child to come out and play with you.Garnets/VisionBds-Activiate Creativity

4.  When the board is complete, lie it down and, with your left hand, place the five Grossular Garnets in a  five-pointed star shape.   Join up the lines between the points by tracing them with your finger.  Start with #1 and trace in numerical order finishing connecting #5 to #1.  This is a manifesting layout or referred to as the caller-in of love, abundance, and healing.  It is a traditional shape for grounding your wishes.

5.  The last step is to take the garnets you placed on your chakras (red & orange), touch your forehead and then put them in the center of your vision board.  If possible, stick all the garnets in place and display the board where you can see it often.


Feminine Healing-3 Goddess Crystals

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Feminine Healing - 3 Goddess Crystals

In the index of Judy Hall’s book, The Crystal Bible-A Definitive Guide to Crystals, are listed the following three crystals as Goddess Crystals:

Feminine Healing-3Goddess Crystals

An earth-healing stone, Larimar connects to the energy of the earth goddess, helping women to reattune to their innate femininity and restoring their connection to nature.

Mentally, it brings serenity, clarity, and constructive thought.  Emotionally, Larimar brings calmness and equilibrium.  It heals trauma to the heart and reconnects to natural playfulness and joyful childlike energy.

It stimulates the brow, heart, crown and throat chakras.  It can be placed on these chakras and any constricted joints or painful spots.  It will dissolve energy blockages and quietly draw out pain.

 Feminine Healing-3 Goddess Crystals

Isis Crystal is named aptly after the Goddess Isis because it assists in triggering self healing with inner power and strength.  Isis Crystals have a five (5) sided tear drop shape on the dominant side of the crystal face (see illustration).

This crystal is extremely useful for healing anything that is broken-body, mind, emotions, or spirit.  It can be used to integrate spiritual energies into the emotional body, bringing in more balanced and joyful emotions.  An Isis Crystal is beneficial for anyone who is facing transition, especially to the next world.

 Feminine Healing-3 Goddess Crystals

Picture Jasper is said to be the Earth Mother speaking to her children. It contains a message from the past within its pictures for those who can read it.  This stone brings to the surface hidden feelings of guilt, envy, hatred, love, and thoughts that are normally pushed aside, whether from the present or past lives.

It brings comfort and alleviates fear.  It stimulates the immune system and cleanses the kidneys.  Picture Jasper instills a sense of proportion and harmony by balancing the Base Chakra.  When using this Goddess Crystal,  the physical body regains its strength and stamina, and the spiritual energy is rekindled in the form of security and sense of one’s own power.

Que Sera-Immune Stimulator Grid

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Que Sera Immune-Stimulator Grid

This Brazilian Crystal is not named after the song, Que Sera, sang by Doris Day.  However, Que Sera does mean ‘what will be‘.  Judy Hall in her book, Life-Changing Crystals, reports this amazing healing stone is a combination of minerals with extremely high and earthy vibrations.   She writes Que Sera does it all;  it soothes, energizes, rebalances,  and restores.  It works on every cell in the body.

Que Sera Immune Stimulator Grid

 Que Sera Immune-Stimulator Grid

This grid (see illustration above) stimulates the lymphatic system to drain toxins out of the body.  If your immune system is overactive, it sedates; if it is underactive, it stimulates.  Follow directions below:

1.  First, hold the Que Sera Stone in your hand and connect to its power, feeling it radiating throughout your body.

2.  Next, to stimulate the immune system, lie down and place a Que Sera over your thymus gland (about a four inches down from your throat).

3.  Place a Clear Quartz (point downward) in the center of your forehead, and a Smoky Quartz (point down) at your feet.

4.  Place your hands in the groin crease, one on each side, and lie still for ten minutes.

BONUS —Rebalance Chakras with Que Sera

1. To rebalance the chakras it is great to have seven Que Sera stones one for each chakra.  Place a Que Sera on each chakra in turn for a minute or two, starting at the feet.

2.  You also can rebalance the chakras by using only one Que Sera stone also starting at the feet.  However, cleanse your stone between each chakra.

Activating Manifestation Chakras

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Activating Your Manifestation Chakras

Judy Hall discusses the manifestation chakras in her book, Life-Changing Crystals. These chakras are located in the center of the palms of our hands.   Fully functioning manifestation chakras help us receive energy from the universe or crystals.  Activating these chakras assists the manifestation process and enhances our ability to project energy out or to receive energy in.  Here is the author’s exercise for opening the hand chakras:

How to Open the Manifestation Chakras

Activating Manifestation Chakras1.  State your intention of opening the two manifestation chakras in your palms.  Rapidly open and close your fingers five or six times.

2.  Concentrate your attention into the center of the right palm and then into the center of the left palm.  (If you are left-handed, reverse this process and start with the left hand).  Picture the chakras opening up like petals.  The centers of your palms will become warm and energized.

3.  Bring your hands together forming a circle with the fingers almost touching.  Soon you will feel the energy of the two chakras meeting.  Imagine you have created an energy ball between palms of  your hands.  Play with this energy as if your hands were an accordion moving slowly away from each other then closer together.Activating Manifestation Chakras

4. You have now opened your manifestation chakras.   Place a crystal point on your hand (see top illustration).  Feel the energies radiating into your palm.  Turn point toward your arm and then toward your fingers.  Sense the direction of the flow of energy.  Crystal points channel energy in the direction that they face.  Rounded crystals radiate energy equally in all directions.


Rhodochrosite – Healer of Grief

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Rhodochrosite-Healer Of Grief

Rhodochrosite Healer of GriefIn Judy Hall’s book Love Crystals, chapter Breaking Past Ties-Transforming Distressing Feelings With Crystals, she writes about Rhodochrosite.  This stone is an excellent healer of grief and offers comfort and self-reliance.  Rhodochrosite is a stone for the heart and relationships, especially for people who feel unloved.

This stone helps the heart assimilate painful feelings without shutting down, and removes denial. It is recommended to wear this stone on the wrist or place over the heart or solar plexus.  I called on the positive joyous feelings of Rhodochrosite when dealing with my Mother’s recent passing.  I am so grateful for the healing energy of this stone.

Rhodochrosite Healer of Grief