Nature's Healing Gifts Spider Webs

You can put aside the spider EKK today!  Because this is about being overwhelmed by the female web-spinning spiders’ beautiful artistry of  webs they spin. I have always been intrigued with the sheer elegance of these masterpieces. However, here are a few spider web facts I wasn’t aware of: 1.  The spider spins two types of silk for each web. 2. The silk is made of proteins, and is both stronger and more flexible than steel of the same weight. 3. Many medical research centers study the microstructure of this silk, as it has the potential to be used in protective gear like bulletproof vests, and even artificial tendons

Nature's Healing Gift Spider Webs

Also in ancient European medicine, spider webs were used on wounds to discourage infection, promote healing and reduce bleeding. I hope you can give serious thought to thank and honor the amazing web-spinning female artist the next time you gaze upon one of her Nature’s Healing Masterpieces.

Nature's Healing Gift Spider Web