Nature's healing rain energy

 We already know how the trees and plants become revitalized from a lovely rain shower.  Melissa Alvaraez writes in her book 365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency, how getting caught in a rain shower can be fun, cleansing, invigorating, and raise one’s energy.

Nature's Healing Rain Energy

When was the last time you walked or played in the Rain?  Maybe it time to return to your youth.  Find an opportunity to play in the rain.  Raise your hands up in the air,  face the sky, spin, or dance, and bathe in the rain.  Feel the energy from the rain shower, the grounding energy from the earth and playful energy from the exercise.

Maybe what is more healing for you is to be lulled by the sound followed by the unique fresh, clean fragrance after the rain.  We can choose how to connect with rain to bring our energy up or to calm us down.  

Nature's Rain healing Energy 

take stairs increase vibrational frequency

Taking stairs at home, work, and especially outdoors dramatically affect your personal vibration. In Melissa Alvarez book, 365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency, she discusses the increased frequency benefits besides physical exercise with her #276 Take The Stairs. How simple to integrate taking stairs as a useful tool to get us into an “increasing frequency” mindset at any point of the day.

Going Up: Concentrate on ways to raise your energy. Focus on being positive and as you climb consider all your options where your increased vibrational frequency is going to be useful. Is it working on a special project, being more outgoing, or reading a book? When you reach the top of the stairs, start putting your positive thoughts into action.

Going Down: Taking the stairs down can accomplish a slightly different type of energy increase. Walking downstairs, release any negativity you have accumulated, and begin re-grounding yourself with each step. Imagine that all stress and excess energy is being released from the soles of your feet into the stairs.

Take the stairs to get a workout for the mind, body, and spirit.”~ Melissa Alvarez

taking stair increases vibrational frequency