Spider Spirit Guide

September 8th, 2014 | Posted by Velda in AFFIRMATIONS | ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES

Spider Spirit Guide

Many of us shy away from spiders and the thought that they are spirit animals. To the native Americans, Grandmother Spider kept and taught the mysteries of the past and how they were affecting the future.  Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D. shares the following in his book Animal Spirit Guides:

Spider Spirit GuideIf SPIDER shows up, it means:  This is an opportunity to access your deepest wisdom and assimilate it so that it becomes a part of your daily living.  Beware of any potential traps or ruses that you’re tempted to get involved in.  Open your mind to the infinite number of possibilities that are before you, and make a choice.

Spider Spirit Guide


Call on SPIDER when:  You feel trapped and don’t see a way out.  You’ve had some negative experiences recently and you want to discern the teachings from them as quickly as possible.  You are not happy and want to make some significant changes.  You feel out of balance and want to recapture a sense of equilibrium physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Spider Spirit Animal

If SPIDER is your POWER ANIMAL:  It takes quite a bit to arouse your anger, but once that happens, your sting can hurt.  You’re in touch with and express a very powerful feminine creative force.  You have a knack for writing, with the ability to weave words together in new and creative ways, often affecting others profoundly with their magic.

Spider Spirit Guide

animal spirit guide giraffeWelcome the great powers of the giraffe into your life, because she will be a great help to you.  In the book Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer Ph.D., the author shares some of the following giraffe powers.

If a Giraffe shows up, it means: 1.  Keep your head up, have faith, trust your instincts. 2.  Reach for your goal.  3.  Don’t act too hastily in present situations. 4. Spend more social time.  5.  Be a better listener, and be clear in your communication.

Call on Giraffe when: 1. Concerned about outcome of an event. 2. You’re tense and want to be more relaxed and friendly. 3. Have defined goal in mind but hesitant to take steps toward that goal. 4. You feel stagnant and complacent and have lost sight in where you are going in life. 5. You feel too involved with the material world at the expense of your spirituality.

If Giraffe is your Power Animal: 1. You have a gift of foresight. 2. You enjoy casual socializing more than formal affairs.  3.  You are a good listener and an effective communicator.  4.  You balance spirituality and living in the material world.  5.  You will stick your neck out if something appeals to you in spite of any risks.

Affirmationsanimal spirit guide giraffe

There are no limits to the heights I can reach in life.

All the energy that comes my way is beautiful, uplifting & supportive of me.