Expressive Meditation: Shaking

This is a meditation which is shared in Pragito Dove’s book Laughter, Tears, Silence.  The meditation is done in four stages of fifteen minutes each.  If this sounds like something you want to try, please set aside an hour and complete all four stages.

Expressive Meditation: Shaking


1.  Standing comfortably, with eyes closed, just let your whole body shake, feeling the energies moving up from your feet.

2.  Let go.  Feel yourself become the shaking.

3.   Shaking is the warm-up process.  Try not to force the shaking, just allow it to happen.

4.  The best time to do this is at the end of the day.

5.  This is a great way to shake off all built up tensions, leaving you refreshed to enjoy your evening.

Expressive Meditation: ShakingSTAGE TWO:  DANCE (FIFTEEN MINUTES)

1.  Dance.

2.  Let your body move any way it wishes.

3.  The body is getting in tune “with itself” so when you sit the tensions are dissolved.

4.  At the end of the fifteen minutes of dancing the space for meditation begins to descend on you.



1.  Now either sitting or standing, be still.

2.  Relax deeply within yourself.

3.  Be aware of your breathing and witness any thoughts or emotions, with no judgment.

4.  Don’t cling or reject, simply accept what is.

5.  Allow the silence of meditation to be with you.



Expressive Meditation: Shaking



Mary Poppins' Snap MeditationI get so excited when I find something so fun to share.  This is a perfect quick way to change our attitudes when tackling after holiday chores. Author Pragito Dove has provided us with a Four-Minute Meditation in her book Laughter, Tears, Silence - Expressive Meditations to Calm Your Mind and Open Your Heart.  Start by bringing Mary Poppins into our imagination.

Four Minute Meditation: Snap! The Job’s a Game

Step one – choose a job you need to do. Notice your attitude. Is it a drag? Is it something to get through in a hurry? Step Two-Snap your fingers. Sing, skip, whistle, dance – do whatever it takes to turn this chore into a fun activity. Work or play as this is the most fun in the world.Mary Poppins' Snap Meditation

Okay, your laughing but it is a great way to get meditation into your schedule. How often can you include taking care of a chore, sing or dance as if you were the magical Mary Poppins and complete a SNAP! meditation?

Here is a bonus Four-Minute Meditation called Gather Moments of Joy.  Do you feel like you are stuck in a box? Would you like to enhance your creativity? The author points out that Mary Poppins would tell us that “Creativity is the quality that you bring to whatever activity you are doing”.


Mary Poppins'Snap Meditation

Begin Gather Moments of Joy:

Step one – remember one joyful moment from your childhood when you felt that  life was magic. Gather that moment.  Close your eyes and remember it. Step two – Now relive this moment.  Become a child again.  Run, sing, play. As you continue this practice, do it for a longer time ten, twenty, or thirty minutes. If memories are triggered of times your passion for a particular activity was cut off, re-infuse that activity into your schedule with passion now.  Your life becomes revitalized with creativity and joy.

Remember find your inner Mary Poppins – which includes spending time doing nothing, relaxing, walking in nature, or any downtime that you can fit into your day. This is how we tune into our creativity.