'Bridge To Healing for Emotional Issues

It is time to re-visit my favorite small book with immense information and exercises for cell-level healing.   Today we will look at the  exercise for moderate emotional issues featured in Cell-Level Healing The Bridge from Soul to Cell, by Joyce Whiteley Hawkes, Ph.D.   She points out that in cases of severe emotional trauma, it is crucial to seek psychological treatment in conjunction with skilled spiritual or energy healers.

The following exercise will help moderate emotional upsets where the situation and/or person(s) troubling you shift into less staggering proportions.  The cells in your body will begin to receive messages of the return to equilibrium, and the biochemistry of high alert will return to normal.

Bridge To Healing For Emotional Issues

'Bridge to Healing' for Emotional Issues1.  Visualize bringing yourself back to a center within yourself, a calm and protected inner space where you are in touch with your spiritual resources.

2. Once centered, place yourself within the image of a personal safe place such as a garden or meadow that is protected by a gate, a wall, and if you choose guardian angels.

3.  From this safe place, imagine the person or situation you are concerned about.  Visualize spirals of clear light around them bringing blessing, harmony, and resolution.  Do not try to make 'Bridge to Healilng' for Emotional Issuesthe outcome specific, but with trust, place the event or person(s) in the hands of how you personally experience Universal Healing or Creative Force.

4.  Stay with the visualization until you feel a drop in tension, a relaxation into a less agitated or fearful state of mind.  Continue to deepen the feeling of relaxation and the associated images with the intention to reach every cell in the body.'Bridge to Healing' for Emotional Issues

5.  Now the action portion of your cells, has shifted out of rapid production of ‘fight or flight’ hormones.  This means that the communication system between cells is now also shifting out of the highly alert mode back toward normal.

6.  When you feel the exercise is complete, see yourself alone in your special inner space.  Surround yourself with glowing spirals of light.  Actively accept blessing and renewal.  Consciously depart from your inner space of safety, remembering that you can return anytime you wish.

‘Don’t Worry, Stay Happy’, your cells will thank you.